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Moguls, Men

Date14 February 2010
LocationCypress Mountain, West Vancouver
Participants30 from 10 countries
Venue detailsGradient: 28°
Length: 250 m
Start Elevation: ?
Vertical Drop: ?
Width: 18 m

Expatriate Canadian and defending Olympic champion from Australia Dale Begg-Smith was the favorite coming into the Men’s Moguls, having made a great comeback from an injury midway through the previous season. Although he was ranked #1 in the world, there were several notable challengers for Olympic gold in 2010, including Finland’s Mikko Ronkainen (2006 Olympic silver medalist) and Tapio Luusua (2009 World Championship silver medalist) and Patrick Deneen of the United States (2009 World Championship gold medalist). The placings after the qualifying round were scattered: France’s Guilbaut Colas was first, Canada’s Alexandre Bilodeau was second, Begg-Smith was fourth, Deneen was tenth, and Ronkainen was twentieth, just barely hitting the cutoff for qualification, a mark missed by Luusua.

Deneen’s crash into the gates on the landing hill and Ronkainen’s lackluster run left the top four qualifiers (which included Bryon Wilson of the United States) as the most likely podium finishers. An impressive run by Begg-Smith left him at the front of the pack, and Wilson came in right behind him, assuring the Australian a medal. Bilodeau followed next and did not disappoint his compatriots, edging out Begg-Smith’s time by 0.55 seconds, the determining factor in his being ranked in the gold medal position. When Colas completed the event with a sixth-place run, Bilodeau became the first Canadian to win an Olympic gold medal on his home turf. When he received his medal the next day, the Canadian flag was raised at a home Olympics to the top level of the flagpole for the first time on the 45th anniversary of the unveiling of Canada’s Maple Leaf Flag, as the nation celebrated Flag Day.

1Alex BilodeauCANGold
2Dale Begg-SmithAUSSilver
3Bryon WilsonUSABronze
4Vincent MarquisCAN
5Pierre-Alexandre RousseauCAN
6Guilbaut ColasFRA
7Sho EndoJPN
8Jesper BjörnlundSWE
9Nobuyuki NishiJPN
10Aleksandr SmyshlyayevRUS
11Maxime GingrasCAN
12Pierre OchsFRA
13Denis DolgodvorovRUS
14Mikko RonkainenFIN
15Michael MorseUSA
16Arttu KiramoFIN
17Yugo TsukitaJPN
18Dmitry ReykherdKAZ
=19Nate RobertsUSA
=19Patrick DeneenUSA
21Tapio LuusuaFIN
22Arnaud BurilleFRA
23Per SpettSWE
24Kai OzakiJPN
25Andrey VolkovRUS
26Lukáš VaculíkCZE
27Ramone CooperAUS
28Sergey VolkovRUS
29Dmitry BarmashovKAZ
30Anthony BennaFRA

Qualifying Round (14 February 2010 — 14:30)

Top 20 finishers advanced to final.

Judge #1 (Turns)Jim BatesUSA
Judge #2 (Turns)Reinhard KrampflGER
Judge #3 (Turns)Pipsa PohjavirtaFIN
Judge #4 (Turns)Morten SkarpaasNOR
Judge #5 (Turns)Susan VerdierCAN
Judge #6 (Air)Tina Tanaka SundequistJPN
Judge #7 (Air)Oleg KitovRUS
12Guilbaut ColasFRA25.9313.75.1123.35Q
213Alex BilodeauCAN25.4813.55.2624.22Q
312Bryon WilsonUSA25.0613.34.9524.01Q
428Dale Begg-SmithAUS25.0313.64.9124.65Q
518Jesper BjörnlundSWE24.5313.25.0025.04Q
629Maxime GingrasCAN24.3712.74.8824.06Q
714Pierre-Alexandre RousseauCAN24.3612.94.7624.25Q
819Sho EndoJPN24.3612.85.0624.69Q
911Dmitry ReykherdKAZ24.2612.85.0024.78Q
101Patrick DeneenUSA23.9713.24.1324.39Q
115Yugo TsukitaJPN23.8013.04.6025.34Q
1226Arttu KiramoFIN23.7813.04.4325.00Q
136Vincent MarquisCAN23.7112.54.5224.28Q
1427Aleksandr SmyshlyayevRUS23.6512.84.7025.43Q
158Nobuyuki NishiJPN23.5212.94.6125.74Q
1615Nate RobertsUSA23.2212.44.1124.23Q
1724Pierre OchsFRA23.1911.94.4023.85Q
1830Denis DolgodvorovRUS23.0912.14.8125.38Q
194Michael MorseUSA23.0812.84.4226.06Q
2022Mikko RonkainenFIN23.0012.64.0224.95Q
217Tapio LuusuaFIN22.8313.03.7425.57
2210Arnaud BurilleFRA22.5811.84.1924.50
233Per SpettSWE22.1012.44.4027.27
2423Kai OzakiJPN22.0711.03.9423.34
2517Andrey VolkovRUS21.9511.44.3325.28
2621Lukáš VaculíkCZE21.7812.03.7725.73
2716Ramone CooperAUS21.1111.44.1926.78
2825Sergey VolkovRUS12.225.62.2529.25
299Dmitry BarmashovKAZ11.564.12.7128.45
AC20Anthony BennaFRADNF

Final Round (14 February 2010 — 17:30)

Judge #1 (Turns)Jim BatesUSA
Judge #2 (Turns)Reinhard KrampflGER
Judge #3 (Turns)Pipsa PohjavirtaFIN
Judge #4 (Turns)Morten SkarpaasNOR
Judge #5 (Turns)Susan VerdierCAN
Judge #6 (Air)Tina Tanaka SundequistJPN
Judge #7 (Air)Oleg KitovRUS
119Alex BilodeauCAN26.7514.15.4423.17
217Dale Begg-SmithAUS26.5814.25.4323.72
318Bryon WilsonUSA26.0813.85.4624.00
48Vincent MarquisCAN25.8813.65.0423.10
514Pierre-Alexandre RousseauCAN25.8313.95.0523.88
620Guilbaut ColasFRA25.7413.94.5122.90
713Sho EndoJPN25.3813.15.2423.52
816Jesper BjörnlundSWE25.1213.54.9524.33
96Nobuyuki NishiJPN25.1113.44.8523.92
107Aleksandr SmyshlyayevRUS24.3813.24.2423.75
1115Maxime GingrasCAN24.1312.05.0323.40
124Pierre OchsFRA23.6212.94.3524.96
133Denis DolgodvorovRUS23.5912.54.9825.53
141Mikko RonkainenFIN23.5012.84.1624.59
152Michael MorseUSA23.3812.34.4724.45
169Arttu KiramoFIN22.7611.84.1023.92
1710Yugo TsukitaJPN22.7412.04.3824.98
1812Dmitry ReykherdKAZ19.2310.32.7125.28
AC5Nate RobertsUSADNF
AC11Patrick DeneenUSADNF