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Cross, Women

Date16 February 2010
LocationCypress Mountain, West Vancouver
Participants22 from 13 countries
Course SetterUwe BeierGER
Course BuilderJeff IhaksiCAN
DetailsFeatures: 26
Start Altitude: 1180 m
Vertical Drop: 213 m

The start of this event was delayed two hours because of heavy overnite rains. The sentimental favorite was Lindsey Jacobellis (USA), who had crashed within sight of the finishing line in 2006, while hot dogging a grab, and had to be content with the silver medal. Jacobellis had been tough since Torino, leading the World Cup in 2006-07 and 2008-09, and the Winter X Games in 2008 and 2009, with the 2007-08 World Cup going to Canada’s Maëlle Ricker. Ricker had competed in the Torino final, but crashed and had to be airlifted from the course. The sensation of the 2009 season was Norwegian Helene Olafsen, who won the 2009 World Championships and was second to Jacobellis at the 2009 Winter X Games.

Unfortunately this would also not be Jacobellis’ Games as she crashed out in the semi-final round, along with Mellie Francon (SUI), who had finished first in the qualification round, in the other semi-final heat. Jacobellis had the consolation of winning the B Final to place her fifth overall. The final itself was somewhat of a lackluster affair. After the initial exchanges, Ricker took the lead and held it fairly comfortably to the finishing line. Behind her Olafsen crashed out early in the race, as too did Olivia Nobs (SUI) two thirds of the way down the course – Nobs regained her composure to take the bronze medal behind France’s Déborah Anthonioz who finished comfortably in second place.

1Maëlle RickerCANGold
2Déborah AnthoniozFRASilver
3Olivia NobsSUIBronze
4Helene OlafsenNOR
5Lindsey JacobellisUSA
6Nelly Moënne-LoccozFRA
7Mellie FranconSUI
8Zoë GillingsGBR
9Simona MeilerSUI
10Doresia KringsAUT
11Sandra FreiSUI
12Faye GuliniUSA
13Claire ChapototFRA
14Natsuko DoiJPN
15Julie LundholdtDEN
16Maria RambergerAUT
17Raffaella BruttoITA
18Stephanie HickeyAUS
19Isabel ClarkBRA
20Dominique MaltaisCAN
21Callan Chythlook-SifsofUSA
DNFAleksandra ZhekovaBUL
DNSYuka FujimoriJPN
DNSManuela RieglerAUT

Qualifying Round

Date16 February 2010 — 13:05
FormatBest run out of two, first 16 advanced to Round One.
1Mellie FranconSUI1:24.43Q
2Lindsey JacobellisUSA1:25.41Q
3Maëlle RickerCAN1:25.45Q
4Olivia NobsSUI1:26.25Q
5Helene OlafsenNOR1:26.94Q
6Nelly Moënne-LoccozFRA1:27.31Q
7Déborah AnthoniozFRA1:27.49Q
8Zoë GillingsGBR1:27.93Q
9Simona MeilerSUI1:27.94Q
10Doresia KringsAUT1:28.98Q
11Sandra FreiSUI1:29.46Q
12Faye GuliniUSA1:30.75Q
13Claire ChapototFRA1:30.89Q
14Natsuko DoiJPN1:31.23Q
15Julie LundholdtDEN1:31.29Q
16Maria RambergerAUT1:33.08Q
17Raffaella BruttoITA1:34.12
18Stephanie HickeyAUS1:35.26
19Isabel ClarkBRA1:41.10
20Dominique MaltaisCAN1:45.56
21Callan Chythlook-SifsofUSA1:59.04
DNFAleksandra ZhekovaBUL
DNSYuka FujimoriJPN
DNSManuela RieglerAUT


Date16 February 2010 — 14:25
FormatFirst two of each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat #1

1Mellie FranconSUIQ
2Zoë GillingsGBRQ
3Simona MeilerSUI
4Maria RambergerAUT

Heat #2

1Olivia NobsSUIQ
2Helene OlafsenNORQ
3Faye GuliniUSA
4Claire ChapototFRA

Heat #3

1Maëlle RickerCANQ
2Nelly Moënne-LoccozFRAQ
3Natsuko DoiJPN
4Sandra FreiSUI

Heat #4

1Lindsey JacobellisUSAQ
2Déborah AnthoniozFRAQ
3Doresia KringsAUT
4Julie LundholdtDEN


Date16 February 2010
FormatFirst two of each heat advanced to final, losers advanced to Final B.

Heat #1

1Helene OlafsenNORQ
2Olivia NobsSUIQ
3Zoë GillingsGBR
4Mellie FranconSUI

Heat #2

1Maëlle RickerCANQ
2Déborah AnthoniozFRAQ
3Nelly Moënne-LoccozFRA
4Lindsey JacobellisUSA

Final Round

Date16 February 2010 — 12:40

Final A

1Maëlle RickerCAN
2Déborah AnthoniozFRA
3Olivia NobsSUI
4Helene OlafsenNOR

Final B

1Lindsey JacobellisUSA
2Nelly Moënne-LoccozFRA
3Mellie FranconSUI
4Zoë GillingsGBR