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100 metres, Handicap, Men

Date19 July 1900
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
LocationCroix Catelan, Bois de Boulogne, Paris
Participants32 from 9 countries

There were 32 starters who competed in 15 round one heats that advanced the winners to five semi-final heats. The winners of the semi-final heats started the final. The low handicap man in the final was Indian/British runner Norman Pritchard, who was off a handicap of only 3.0 metres. American Edmund Minahan, however, started at 6.0 metres and it was too much for Pritchard to overcome as Minahan won the final, followed by US runner Bill Holland.

Edmund “Cotton” Minahan had attended Georgetown University and was highly unusual for an Olympian in this era, as he was the first Olympic athlete to later play major league baseball, playing one season as a pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds in 1907, although he only played two games.

1Edmund MinahanUSA
2Bill HollandUSA
3Norman PritchardIND
4Thaddeus McClainUSA
AC r3/3Ernő SchubertHUN
2 h1 r2/3Stan RowleyAUS
2 h2 r2/3H. LébertFRA
2 h3 r2/3Pál KoppánHUN
2 h4 r2/3Clark LeibleeUSA
2 h5 r2/3 BessingFRA
3 h1 r2/3Zoltán SpeidlHUN
3 h2 r2/3T. MazaudFRA
3 h3 r2/3Isaac WestergrenSWE
3 h4 r2/3T. BayardFRA
3 h5 r2/3L. HélyFRA
2 h1 r1/3 PingaudFRA
2 h2 r1/3 FonténillesFRA
2 h4 r1/3Albert WerkmüllerGER
2 h5 r1/3Ernst SchultzDEN
2 h6 r1/3Max KahnBEL
2 h8 r1/3H. GeigerFRA
2 h10 r1/3 LecomteFRA
2 h12 r1/3James JamesonUSA
2 h13 r1/3Meyer PrinsteinUSA
2 h14 r1/3Johannes GandilDEN
2 h15 r1/3Julius KeylGER
3 h1 r1/3 ChaducFRA
3 h2 r1/3Kurt DoerryGER
3 h5 r1/3Adolphe KlingelhoeferFRA
3 h8 r1/3Fernand HalbartBEL
3 h10 r1/3 HulinFRA
3 h15 r1/3 LacosteFRA

Round One (19 July 1900 — 14:00)

Winners of each heat advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One

1H. LébertFRA11.06.5 mQ
2 PingaudFRA8.0 m
3 ChaducFRA11.0 m

Heat Two

1Pál KoppánHUN11.28.0 mQ
2 FonténillesFRA12.5 m
3Kurt DoerryGER5.0 m

Heat Three

1Isaac WestergrenSWEwalkover13.5 mQ

Heat Four

1T. BayardFRA1114.0 mQ
2Albert WerkmüllerGER6.5 m

Heat Five

1Ernő SchubertHUN11.28.5 mQ
2Ernst SchultzDEN7.0 m
3Adolphe KlingelhoeferFRA5.5 m

Heat Six

1Stan RowleyAUS11.61.5 mQ
2Max KahnBEL5.5 m

Heat Seven

1 BessingFRAwalkover9.0 mQ

Heat Eight

1Zoltán SpeidlHUN11.49.5 mQ
2H. GeigerFRA7.0 m
3Fernand HalbartBEL6.0 m

Heat Nine

1L. HélyFRAwalkover6.0 mQ

Heat Ten

1Norman PritchardIND11.23.0 mQ
2 LecomteFRA11.0 m
3 HulinFRA7.0 m

Heat Eleven

1T. MazaudFRAwalkover9.5 mQ

Heat Twelve

1Thaddeus McClainUSA11.63.5 mQ
2James JamesonUSA6.0 m

Heat Thirteen

1Edmund MinahanUSA116.0 mQ
2Meyer PrinsteinUSA3.5 m

Heat Fourteen

1Bill HollandUSA10.84.0 mQ
2Johannes GandilDEN6.0 m

Heat Fifteen

1Clark LeibleeUSA114.5 mQ
2Julius KeylGER6.0 m
3 LacosteFRA12.0 m

Semi-Finals (19 July 1900)

Winners of each heat advanced to the final.

Heat One

1Edmund MinahanUSA10.66.0 mQ
2Stan RowleyAUSat 1 metre1.5 m
3Zoltán SpeidlHUN9.5 m

Heat Two

1Thaddeus McClainUSA11.03.5 mQ
2H. LébertFRAat 2 metres6.5 m
3T. MazaudFRA9.5 m

Heat Three

1Bill HollandUSA10.24.0 mQ
2Pál KoppánHUNat 1.5 metres8.0 m
3Isaac WestergrenSWE13.5 m

Heat Four

1Ernő SchubertHUN10.68.5 mQ
2Clark LeibleeUSAat 2 metres4.5 m
3T. BayardFRA14.0 m

Heat Five

1Norman PritchardIND11.03.0 mQ
2 BessingFRAeasy win9.0 m
3L. HélyFRA6.0 m

Final Round (19 July 1900)

1Edmund MinahanUSA10.86.0 m
2Bill HollandUSA4.0 m
3Norman PritchardIND3.0 m
4Thaddeus McClainUSA3.5 m
ACErnő SchubertHUNDNF8.5 m1