Eisbären Berlin, Berlin (GER)

Affiliation ID 87
Full name Eishockeyclub Eisbären Berlin
Short name Eisbären Berlin
Place Berlin (GER)
Sports IHO/SSK

Known as EHC Dynamo Berlin (1990–1994). Before becoming independent in 1990 they were part of the SC Dynamo Berlin (East Germany).

Athletes (21)

Monique Angermüller GER SSK Olympics 2010—2014
Chad Biafore ITA IHO Olympics 1998
Mario Brunetta ITA IHO Olympics 1998
Florian Busch GER IHO Olympics 2006
Mario Chitarroni ITA IHO Olympics 1998—2006
Morgan Ellis CAN IHO Olympics 2022
Sven Felski GER IHO Olympics 2006—2010
Monique Garbrecht-Enfeldt GER SSK Olympics 1992—2002
Nicholas Jensen DEN IHO Olympics 2022
Bente Kraus GER SSK Olympics 2014
Michael Künzel GER SSK Olympics 1998—2002
Rob Leask GER IHO Olympics 2006
Jonas Müller GER IHO Olympics 2018—2022
T. J. Mulock GER IHO Olympics 2010
Mathias Niederberger GER IHO Olympics 2022
Frans Nielsen DEN IHO Olympics/Other 2022
Marcel Noebels GER IHO Olympics 2018—2022
Claudia Pechstein GER SSK Olympics/Other 1992—2022
Leo Pföderl GER IHO Olympics 2018—2022
André Rankel GER IHO Olympics 2010
Stefan Ustorf GER IHO Olympics 1994—2006