Cornelis Baard

Biographical information

Full nameCornelis Wilhelmus Hyginus•Baard
Used nameCornelis•Baard
Born11 January 1870 in Delft, Zuid-Holland (NED)
Died26 November 1946 in Alkmaar, Noord-Holland (NED)
NOC Netherlands


Cornelis Baard was curator and head of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam from 1905 to 1936; he officially became director in 1920. He changed the museum’s focus from a historicizing attitude to one more oriented toward modern art. Thus, he can be considered the founder of the city’s collection of modern visual art and design. He introduced a dynamic exhibition policy and established contacts with important lenders. He was always on the lookout for collectors willing to lend their collections, as he had no financial means to make purchases for the museum.

In addition to the Stedelijk Museum, Baard also directed the Willet-Holthuysen Museum, the Amsterdam Historical Museum, and the Fodor Museum. After his retirement in 1936, he reorganized the Amstelkring Museum as curator. His son, art historian Henk Baard (1906-2000), was director of the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem from 1946 to 1972.


Games Sport (Discipline) / Event NOC / Team Phase Unit Role As
1928 Summer Olympics Art Competitions NED Cornelis Baard
Painting, Paintings, Open (Olympic) Final Standings Judge
Painting, Graphic Arts, Open (Olympic) Final Standings Judge
Painting, Drawings And Water Colors, Open (Olympic) Final Standings Judge