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Painting, Drawings And Water Colors, Open

Date17 May – 12 August 1928
LocationStedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Participants54 from 12 countries
JudgeJosé Capelo, Conde de Penha GarciaPOR
JudgeEdmond Aman-JeanFRA
JudgeAlbert Eugene GallatinUSA
JudgeAksel JørgensenDEN
JudgeHeinrich NauenGER
JudgeWilly SluiterNED
JudgeHendrik WolterNED
JudgeClarence, Greve von RosenSWE
JudgeCornelis BaardNED

The Official Report lists 450 paintings, drawings and graphic works, but those details do not match with the Art Exhibition catalog. There were 49 artists from 12 countries in the paintings category.

The gold medal winner in the sub-category Drawings And Water Colors was Luxembourger Jean Jacoby, who, with two gold medals in total, is the most successful artist in the history of the Olympic Games. At Amsterdam, he was awarded the gold medal for his drawing Rugby. Art historian Birga Schwarzer wrote about this drawing, )The evasive maneuver of a player is generated by the tension in diverging diagonals arising from the running motion of the left player and the stemming movement of the right player.)

The silver medal went to French Alexandre Virot for Gestes de Football (Fottball gestures), a work whose existence cannot be confirmed. The bronze medal was won by Polish Władysław Skoczylas for Diane. He submitted eight works in total (four woodcuts, three watercolors, a drawing). His woodcuts were characterized by medieval themes.

PosCatalogue NumberCompetitorNOCTranslated TitleOriginal TitleTitle in Olympic Report or Catalogue
1425Jean JacobyLUXRugbyRugbyRugby, (d.)Gold
2256a-kAlex VirotFRAFootball GesturesGestes de football (10 dessins)Gestes de football (10 dessins)Silver
3549-552Władysław SkoczylasPOL549: The Archer II (standing), 550: The Archer I (kneeling), 551: The Deer of St. Hubert, 552: Diane549: Łucznik (klęczący), 550: Łucznik (stojący), 551: Jeleń św. Huberta, 552: Diana549: L'archer II. (aq.), 550: L'ârcher I. (aq.), 551: Le cerf de St. Hubert, (aq.), 552: Diane, (aq).Bronze
AC6Erich BüttnerGERTennis Competition at HeringsdorfTennisplatzConcours de tennis à Heringsdorf. (d.)
AC7Erich BüttnerGERTennis Competition in GrunewaldTennisturnier im GrunewaldConcours de tennis à Grunewald, (d.) 1
AC11bOtto DillGERHorse-RacePferderennenCourse de chevaux (d.)
AC19Ludwig von HofmannGERTwo RowersRudererDeux rameurs, (d.)
AC20Ludwig von HofmannGERPolo Player IIPolospieler IIJoueurs de Polo, (d.)
AC21Ludwig von HofmannGERHorsemen by the seaReiter am MeerCavaliers au bord de la mer. (appartient au Musée National de Berlin).
AC22Ludwig von HofmannGERBathers on the ShoreBadende am UferBaigneurs
AC23Ludwig von HofmannGERPolo Player IPolospieler IJoueurs de Polo, (d.)
AC26Willy JaeckelGERBoxingBoxkampfBoxeurs, (pastelle).
AC99Artur BrusenbauchAUTThe RestRuhenLe Repos (d.)
AC104Erwin LangAUTFencers / The FightersDie Fechter / Die KämpferEscrimeurs (d.)
AC105Erwin LangAUTFemale RunnerLäuferinCoureuse (d.)
AC128a-lWillia MenzelBELSporting SilhouettesSilhouettes sportivesSilhouettes Sportives, (d.)
AC129Alfred SchuermansBELRhythmic DanceLa danse rythmiqueLa danse rythmique, (d.)
AC162William AldrichUSAThe Leeward BuoyLa Bouée sous le vent, (aq.)
AC163William AldrichUSAThe Jury's CanoeLe Canot du Jury, (aq.)
AC164William AldrichUSAStartLe Départ, (aq.)
AC248Lucienne Pageot-RousseauxFRAJumpSautSaut
AC249Lucienne Pageot-RousseauxFRAHarmonic gymnasticsGymnastique harmoniqueGymnastique harmonique
AC250Lucienne Pageot-RousseauxFRAHarmonic gymnasticsGymnastique harmoniqueGymnastique harmonique
AC251Lucienne Pageot-RousseauxFRAHarmonic gymnasticsGymnastique harmoniqueGymnastique harmonique
AC252Lucienne Pageot-RousseauxFRAHarmonic gymnasticsGymnastique harmoniqueGymnastique harmonique
AC253Lucienne Pageot-RousseauxFRAHarmonic gymnasticsGymnastique harmoniqueGymnastique harmonique
AC254Lucienne Pageot-RousseauxFRAHarmonic gymnasticsGymnastique harmoniqueGymnastique harmonique
AC255Lucienne Pageot-RousseauxFRAHarmonic gymnasticsGymnastique harmoniqueGymnastique harmonique
AC299Maxwell AyrtonGBRThe Great FrostLa grande gelée
AC299aHenry BatemanGBRAfter you!Après vous!
AC299bHenry BatemanGBRThe vacant placeL'endroit vacant
AC300Lewis BaumerGBRIllustrations for "Punch”, Types of SkiersIllustrations pour "Punch". Types de Skieurs.
AC301Lewis BaumerGBRIllustrations for "Punch”, Types of SkiersIllustrations pour "Punch". Types de Skieurs.
AC302Lewis BaumerGBRIllustrations for "Punch”, Skating TeachersIllustrations pour "Punch", Professeurs de Patinage.
AC308Lionel EdwardsGBRThe Hunt, The Fernie, LeicestershireLa Chasse, The Fernie, Leicestershire
AC309Lionel EdwardsGBROver the Obstacles, IrelandPar dessus les obstacles, Irlande
AC310Lionel EdwardsGBRFishing, ScotlandPêche à la Ligne, Écosse
AC311David GhilchikGBRThe Ethics of Tennis DressThe Ethics of Tennis Dress, Dessin pour "Punch"
AC312David GhilchikGBRThe Pillion Girl Next StepThe Pillion Girl: Next StepThe Pillion Girl Next Step, Dessin pour "Punch"
AC313David GhilchikGBRFinal TouchesFinal TouchesFinal Touches, Dessin pour "Punch"
AC314David GhilchikGBRBrighter TennisBrighter Tennis, Dessin pour "Punch"
AC314aFrank GillettGBRAgainst the HorizonContre l'horizon
AC314bFrank GillettGBRThe FinalLa finale
AC315Reginald HigginsGBRSkiingSkiing
AC316Reginald HigginsGBRPoloPolo
AC317Reginald HigginsGBRLawntennisLawntennis
AC318Reginald HigginsGBRShootingShooting
AC319Cecil KingGBRGravesend RegattasLes régates de Gravesend
AC342Tom PurvisGBRThe Female DiverLa Plongeuse (Dessin pour une Affiche)
AC343Tom PurvisGBRThe AdventuressThe AdventuressL'Aventurière (Dessin pour une Affiche)
AC344Tom PurvisGBR"Golf""Golf" (Dessin pour une Affiche)
AC345Tom PurvisGBRThe Rest, TennisLe Repos, Tennis. (Dessin pour une Affiche)
AC346Tom PurvisGBRSummer sunSummer sunSoleil d’Eté (Dessin pour une Affiche)
AC348Frank ReynoldsGBRThe Psychological MomentLe Moment Psychologique
AC349Frank ReynoldsGBRChristmas PresentsLes Cadeaux de Noël
AC350Cecil Ross BurnettGBRBoxersBoxeurs
AC354E. H. ShepardGBRHere and ThereHere and ThereIci et Là-bas. Illustration pour "Punch".
AC356Charles SimpsonGBRFinal of the 1927 "Grand National"The Grand National, 1927Finale du "Grand National" de 1927
AC357Charles SimpsonGBRThe PackThe Bramham Moor Dog Pack After a Hard DayLa meute
AC358Charles SimpsonGBRThe HuntsmanLe "Huntsman"
AC362George StampaGBRIllustration for "Punch”Illustration pour "Punch"
AC363George StampaGBRIllustration for "Punch”Illustration pour "Punch"
ACAnton van AnrooyGBRDesign for a Poster, Marathon Tower of the Amsterdam StadiumOlympic Games, Amsterdam , 1928Dessin pour une affiche, Tour de Marathon au Stade d Amsterdam
AC365Leonard WalkerGBRHorse RaceCourse de Chevaux (projet de panneau en verre).
AC368Tibor GergelyHUNBoxerBoxeur, (d.)
AC369Tibor GergelyHUNFencerEscrimeur, (d.)
AC370aTibor GergelyHUNIce Hockey IHockey sur glace I. (d.)
AC370bTibor GergelyHUNIce Hockey IIHockey sur glace II. (d.)
AC389Kathleen BridleIRLBoys BoxingGarçons boxants (d.)
AC390Lilian DavidsonIRLAt the RacesAux courses (aq.)
AC394Harry KernoffIRLThe BoxerThe BoxerLe boxeur (d.)
AC396Edward Louis LawrensonIRLThe DiveLe plongeon (aq.)
AC398Stella SteynIRLOn the IceSur la Glace (aq.)
AC415Friedrich BaurLATFor the VictoryPour la victoire. (aq.)
AC416Friedrich BaurLATCalm Sea Mer calme. (aq.)
AC417Friedrich BaurLATYachtingYachting. (aq.)
AC418Friedrich BaurLATReturnRetour. (d.)
AC426Jean JacobyLUXThe Long JumperSaut en longeurLe Saut en longueur, (d.)
AC427Jean JacobyLUXTennisTennisTennis, (d.)
AC428Jean JacobyLUXBoxersBoxeBoxeurs, (aq.)
AC453Cees BoldingNEDFootballer PlayersVoetballersJoueurs de football, (d.)
AC454Cees BoldingNEDGoalkeeperDoelverdedigerGardien de but. (d.)
AC455David Bueno de MesquitaNEDCoach„Coach”, (d.)
AC456David Bueno de MesquitaNEDNautical AdventureAventure nautique, (d.)
AC461Geert GraussNEDPublic BathBain public, (d.)
AC462Geert GraussNEDAthlete RestingAthlète en repos, (d.)
AC465Bertha van HasseltNEDMiss. F. K. in Fencing CostumeSchermsterMlle. F. K. en Costume d'Escrime. (d.)
AC466Felix HessNEDOlympic Games as seen by „Jantje”Jeux Olympiques vus par „Jantje”. (d.)
AC484Willy SluiterNEDTennis Player (M. Tilden)Joueur de Tennis (M. Tilden). (d.)
AC485Willy SluiterNEDTennis Player (M. Shimizu)Joueur de Tennis (M. Schimidzen). (d.)
AC486Willy SluiterNEDWinter SportSport d'Hiver. (d.)
AC487Willy SluiterNEDFootball CartoonVoetballers co(a)lisieCaricature de Football, (d.)
AC488Willy SluiterNEDTennis CartoonMixed double bij tennissenCaricature de Tennis, (d).
AC489bJan SluijtersNEDAthleteAthlète, (d.)
AC490Jelle TroelstraNEDRugbyRugby, (d.)
AC497Jaap WeyandNEDProject for a Stained Glass WindowProjet de vitrail (d.)
AC508Michał BorucińskiPOLFalconerSokolnikFauconnier (aq.) (Collection d'Art de l'Etat Polonais).
AC516Zygmunt KamińskiPOLPoland at the IX Olympiad (poster project)Apollo z koniemLa Pologne à la IXme Olympiade; (projet d’une affiche). (Appartient au Comité Olympique Polonais).
AC522Stanisław NoakowskiPOLTriumphal archArc de triomphe, (d.)
AC523Stanisław NoakowskiPOLVictory GatePorte de la victoire, (d.)
AC524Stanisław NoakowskiPOLEntrance to CircusEntrée du Cirque, (d.)
AC525Stanisław NoakowskiPOLRoman amphitheaterAmphithéâtre romain, (d.)
AC526Stanisław NoakowskiPOLRoman arenaArène romaine, (d.)
AC527Stanisław NoakowskiPOLTournament at the time of the RenaissanceTournoi à l'époque de la renaissance, (d.)
AC528Stanisław NoakowskiPOLTournament in the Middle AgesTournoi au moyen âge. (d.)
AC529Stanisław NoakowskiPOLFragment of the architecture of the Roman circusFragment d'architecture du cirque romain, (d.)
AC530Stanisław NoakowskiPOLStadium entranceEntrée de Stade, (d.)
AC531Stanisław NoakowskiPOLBeginning of the gamesCommencement des jeux, (d.)
AC532Stanisław NoakowskiPOLEntrance gate to a stadiumPorte d'entrée d'un Stade, (d.)
AC533Stanisław NoakowskiPOLGeneral view of a stadiumVue générale d'un stade, (d.)
AC534Stanisław NoakowskiPOLFragment of an amphitheaterFragment d'un amphithéâtre, (d.)
AC535aStanisław NoakowskiPOLInterior of a circus IIntérieur d'un cirque I. (d.)
AC535bStanisław NoakowskiPOLInterior of a circus IIIntérieur d'un cirque II. (d.)
AC536Stanisław NoakowskiPOLTriumphal arch at the stadiumArc de triomphe au stade, (d.)
AC537Stanisław NoakowskiPOLInside a stadium Intérieur d'un stade, (d.)
AC538Stanisław NoakowskiPOLA big feast at the stadiumUne grande fête au stade, (d.)
AC540Wacław PiotrowskiPOLPortrait of Miss KonopackaPortret Haliny KonopackiejPortrait de Mlle. Konopacka. (d.)
AC598aLouis Bonniot de FleuracFRACochetCochetCochet
AC598bLouis Bonniot de FleuracFRALacosteLacosteLacoste
AC598cLouis Bonniot de FleuracFRABorotraBorotraBorotra
AC602Josué GaboriaudFRARugby (8 drawings)Rugby (8 dessins)Rugby (8 dessins)
AC607Hélène JuilleratFRATennis MatchPartie de tennisPartie de tennis
AC622Maurice PellerierFRACostes and Le Brix Making a CurveCostes et Le Brix en virageCostes et Le Brix en virage
AC623Maurice PellerierFRAReturn to AmsterdamRetour d'AmsterdamRetour d'Amsterdam
AC624Maurice PellerierFRAOver the ChannelAu dessus de la MancheAu dessus de la Manche
AC631aGeorges ScottFRAMountain SoldierChasseur AlpinisteChasseur Alpiniste
AC631bGeorges ScottFRAFantasiaFantasiaFantasia