Manuel, Marqués de Pons

Biographical information

Full nameManuel Antonio Jose Francisco Expedit Del Corazon De Jesus y Maria•Falco Escandon
Used nameManuel, Marqués•de Pons
Born2 September 1892 in Paris VIIIe, Paris (FRA)
Died28 July 1975 in Madrid, Madrid (ESP)
Title(s)XI Marqués (Marquis) de Castel-Moncayo, IX Duque (Duke) de Montellano, X Marqués (Marquis) de Pons
NOC Spain


Very little is known of Manuel, Marquis de Pons. Three of his uncles, the Escandón brothers, played polo for Mexico at the 1900 Olympics. Marquis de Pons was made an IOC Member in July 1927, served slightly less than three years, and never attended an IOC Session during his membership.

Organization roles

Role Organization Tenure NOC As
Member International Olympic Committee 1928—1930 ESP Manuel, Marqués de Pons

Olympic family relations

Special Notes