Olympians Who Competed Posthumously (23)


This category mainly applies to Olympic art contests where works were submitted in advance of the Games. The artist may have died before the Games took place, although In some cases entries were submitted by family members after the death of the artist.

Some other competitions, such as in Alpinism, were decided by jury decision based on achievements during the previous Olympiad and the medal winners may have died in the intervening years.

Athlete Nation(s) Sport(s) Era Notes
George Bellows USA ART 1932
Karl Borschke AUT ART 1936—1948
Glenn Coleman USA ART 1932
Alois Dryák TCH ART 1932
Jozuë Dupon BEL ART 1936
Thomas Eakins USA ART 1932
Frank Gillett GBR ART 1928
Philip Hale USA ART 1932
Otto Hofner AUT ART 1932—1948
Winslow Homer USA ART 1932
Ulrich Hübner GER ART 1932
Tait McKenzie CAN ART 1912—1948
Luc Albert Moreau FRA ART 1948
Charles Rumsey USA ART 1928
Toni Schmid GER APN 1932
Antarge Sherpa IND APN 1924
Lhakpa Sherpa IND APN 1924
Narbu Sherpa IND APN 1924
Pasang Sherpa IND APN 1924
Pembra Sherpa IND APN 1924
Sange Sherpa IND APN 1924
Temba Sherpa IND APN 1924
Ladislav Toman TCH ART 1936