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Épée, Individual, Men

Date17 August 2004
LocationAithousa Ksifaskias, Olympiako Syngrotima Ellenikou, Hellinikon
Participants37 from 21 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament.

Swiss fencers had been competing at the Olympic Games since the Paris Olympics of 1900 but, in all those years, had never produced an Olympic champion in the sport. Prior to 2004 Marcel Fischer’s greatest achievements had been a brace of victories in the 2003 World Cup and a fourth place finish at the Sydney Olympics but the Swiss #1 had a smooth progression through to the final where he faced another trailblazer in the shape of Wang Lei, the first Chinese male ever to reach an Olympic final. Lei had defeated 2002 World Champion Pavel Kolobkov of Russia to reach the gold medal match. The Chinese fencer was not able to repeat his semi-final form against Fischer and the native of Biel/Bienne won a historic victory for Switzerland. For his achievement Fischer was named as Switzerland’s Sportsman of the Year in 2004.

12Marcel FischerSUIGold
227Wang LeiCHNSilver
310Pavel KolobkovRUSBronze
46Éric BoisseFRA
54Fabrice JeannetFRA
69Silvio Fernández BriceñoVEN
715Soren ThompsonUSA
820Daniel StrigelGER
91Alfredo RotaITA
107Zhao GangCHN
1112Sven SchmidGER
1214Lee Sang-YeopKOR
1316Iván KovácsHUN
1421Andrés CarrilloCUB
1525Igor TurchinRUS
1629Dmytro KariuchenkoUKR
173Christoph MarikAUT
185Gábor BoczkóHUN
198Seth KelseyUSA
2011Hugues ObryFRA
2113Géza ImreHUN
2217Cody MatternUSA
2318Paris InostrozaCHI
2419Maksym KhvorostUKR
2522Jörg FiedlerGER
2623Seamus RobinsonAUS
2724Xie YongjunCHN
2826Yasser MahmoudEGY
2930Sergey KochetkovRUS
3033Ahmed NabilEGY
3134Alexandru NyisztorROU
3237Siriroj RathprasertTHA
3328Muhannad Saif El-DinEGY
3431Bohdan NikishynUKR
3532Giorgos AmpalofGRE
3635Aissam RamiMAR
3736Abderrahmane DaidjALG

Round One

Date17 August 2004 — 12:00
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round two.
MatchDate/TimeCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #117 AugMarcel Fischer (2)SUIbye
Bout #217 Aug 12:00Ahmed Nabil (33)EGY15 – 6Giorgos Ampalof (32)GRE
Bout #317 AugCody Mattern (17)USAbye
Bout #417 AugIván Kovács (16)HUNbye
Bout #517 AugSilvio Fernández Briceño (9)VENbye
Bout #617 AugXie Yongjun (24)CHNbye
Bout #717 AugYasser Mahmoud (26)EGYbye
Bout #817 AugZhao Gang (7)CHNbye
Bout #917 AugÉric Boisse (6)FRAbye
Bout #1017 Aug 12:00Siriroj Rathprasert (37)THA15 – 13Muhannad Saif El-Din (28)EGY
Bout #1117 AugAndrés Carrillo (21)CUBbye
Bout #1217 AugHugues Obry (11)FRAbye
Bout #1317 AugLee Sang-Yeop (14)KORbye
Bout #1417 AugMaksym Khvorost (19)UKRbye
Bout #1517 Aug 12:30Sergey Kochetkov (30)RUS15 – 6Aissam Rami (35)MAR
Bout #1617 AugFabrice Jeannet (4)FRAbye
Bout #1717 AugChristoph Marik (3)AUTbye
Bout #1817 Aug 12:00Dmytro Kariuchenko (29)UKR15 – 6Abderrahmane Daidj (36)ALG
Bout #1917 AugDaniel Strigel (20)GERbye
Bout #2017 AugGéza Imre (13)HUNbye
Bout #2117 AugSven Schmid (12)GERbye
Bout #2217 AugJörg Fiedler (22)GERbye
Bout #2317 AugWang Lei (27)CHNbye
Bout #2417 AugGábor Boczkó (5)HUNbye
Bout #2517 AugSeth Kelsey (8)USAbye
Bout #2617 AugIgor Turchin (25)RUSbye
Bout #2717 AugSeamus Robinson (23)AUSbye
Bout #2817 AugPavel Kolobkov (10)RUSbye
Bout #2917 AugSoren Thompson (15)USAbye
Bout #3017 AugParis Inostroza (18)CHIbye
Bout #3117 Aug 12:30Alexandru Nyisztor (34)ROU15 – 6Bohdan Nikishyn (31)UKR
Bout #3217 AugAlfredo Rota (1)ITAbye

Round Two

Date17 August 2004 — 13:00
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round three.
MatchDate/TimeCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #117 Aug 13:00Marcel Fischer (2)SUI15 – 10Ahmed Nabil (33)EGY
Bout #217 Aug 13:30Iván Kovács (16)HUN15 – 6Cody Mattern (17)USA
Bout #317 Aug 14:00Silvio Fernández Briceño (9)VEN15 – 13Xie Yongjun (24)CHN
Bout #417 Aug 14:30Zhao Gang (7)CHN15 – 9Yasser Mahmoud (26)EGY
Bout #517 Aug 13:00Éric Boisse (6)FRA15 – 9Siriroj Rathprasert (37)THA
Bout #617 Aug 13:30Andrés Carrillo (21)CUB15 – 10Hugues Obry (11)FRA
Bout #717 Aug 14:00Lee Sang-Yeop (14)KOR15 – 11Maksym Khvorost (19)UKR
Bout #817 Aug 14:30Fabrice Jeannet (4)FRA15 – 11Sergey Kochetkov (30)RUS
Bout #917 Aug 13:00Dmytro Kariuchenko (29)UKR15 – 7Christoph Marik (3)AUT
Bout #1017 Aug 13:30Daniel Strigel (20)GER15 – 13Géza Imre (13)HUN
Bout #1117 Aug 14:00Sven Schmid (12)GER15 – 12Jörg Fiedler (22)GER
Bout #1217 Aug 14:30Wang Lei (27)CHN15 – 10Gábor Boczkó (5)HUN
Bout #1317 Aug 13:00Igor Turchin (25)RUS15 – 11Seth Kelsey (8)USA
Bout #1417 Aug 13:30Pavel Kolobkov (10)RUS15 – 5Seamus Robinson (23)AUS
Bout #1517 Aug 14:00Soren Thompson (15)USA13 – 12Paris Inostroza (18)CHI
Bout #1617 Aug 14:30Alfredo Rota (1)ITA15 – 8Alexandru Nyisztor (34)ROU

Round Three

Date17 August 2004 — 15:00
FormatWinner of each match advanced to quarter-finals.
MatchDate/TimeCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #117 Aug 15:00Marcel Fischer (2)SUI15 – 7Iván Kovács (16)HUN
Bout #217 Aug 15:30Silvio Fernández Briceño (9)VEN15 – 12Zhao Gang (7)CHN
Bout #317 Aug 15:00Éric Boisse (6)FRA15 – 11Andrés Carrillo (21)CUB
Bout #417 Aug 15:30Fabrice Jeannet (4)FRA15 – 5Lee Sang-Yeop (14)KOR
Bout #517 Aug 15:00Daniel Strigel (20)GER15 – 12Dmytro Kariuchenko (29)UKR
Bout #617 Aug 15:30Wang Lei (27)CHN15 – 11Sven Schmid (12)GER
Bout #717 Aug 15:00Pavel Kolobkov (10)RUS15 – 10Igor Turchin (25)RUS
Bout #817 Aug 15:30Soren Thompson (15)USA15 – 13Alfredo Rota (1)ITA


Date17 August 2004 — 16:10
FormatWinner of each match advanced to semi-finals.
MatchDate/TimeCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #117 Aug 16:10Marcel Fischer (2)SUI15 – 13Silvio Fernández Briceño (9)VEN
Bout #217 Aug 16:10Éric Boisse (6)FRA15 – 14Fabrice Jeannet (4)FRA
Bout #317 Aug 16:10Wang Lei (27)CHN15 – 14Daniel Strigel (20)GER
Bout #417 Aug 16:10Pavel Kolobkov (10)RUS15 – 11Soren Thompson (15)USA


Date17 August 2004 — 19:25
FormatWinner of each match advanced to final.
MatchDate/TimeCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #117 Aug 19:25Marcel Fischer (2)SUI15 – 9Éric Boisse (6)FRA
Bout #217 Aug 19:55Wang Lei (27)CHN15 – 10Pavel Kolobkov (10)RUS

Final Round

Date17 August 2004 — 20:45
MatchDate/TimeCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout 1/217 Aug 21:35Marcel Fischer (2)SUI15 – 9Wang Lei (27)CHN
Bout 3/417 Aug 20:45Pavel Kolobkov (10)RUS15 – 8Éric Boisse (6)FRA