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Heavyweight, Greco-Roman (>87 kilograms), Men

Date3 – 6 August 1948 — 10:00-13:30-18:00-23:30 (all days)
LocationEmpress Hall, Earls Court Exhibition Centre, Kensington, London
Participants9 from 9 countries
FormatElimination by bad points. Win by fall = 0 points; win by decision = 1 point; loss by 2-1 decision = 2 points; loss by 3-0 decision = 3 points; loss by fall = 3 points. Three judges gave decisions, thus all decisions were either 2-1 or 3-0. Five bad points eliminated a wrestler.

The heavy favorite should have been the Estonian Soviet Johannes Kotkas, who was the 1938-39 European Champion, representing Estonia, and won again in 1947 for the Soviet Union. Kotkas could not compete, however, as the Soviet Union did not enter the Olympics until 1952, and Estonia was no longer an independent nation, but he would return in 1952 and win the gold medal in this class at Helsinki. In Kotkas’ absence, the gold medal went to Turkey’s Ahmet Kireççi, who had won a bronze medal in middleweight freestyle at the 1936 Olympics. Kireççi won the gold with a final round unanimous decision over Italy’s Guido Fantoni, who took the bronze behind Sweden’s Tor Nilsson. Nilsson had lost to Kireççi by fall in 15:48 of the second round.

PosCompetitor(s)NOCREBad Points
1Ahmet KireççiTURGold
2Tor NilssonSWESilver
3Guido FantoniITABronze
4Taisto KangasniemiFIN
5József TarányiHUN
6Moritz InderbitzinSUI
ACErnesto NoyaARGEliminated r2/56
ACLen PidduckGBREliminated r2/56
ACJosef RůžičkaTCHWithdrew r2/50

Round One (3 August 1948)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
=1Taisto KangasniemiFIN0
=1Guido FantoniITA0
=1Tor NilssonSWE0
=1Josef RůžičkaTCH0withdrew
=1Ahmet KireççiTUR0
=6Ernesto NoyaARG3
=6Len PidduckGBR3
=6József TarányiHUN3
=6Moritz InderbitzinSUI3

Match #1 Josef RůžičkaTCH
fall (13:27)
József TarányiHUN
Match #2 Taisto KangasniemiFIN
fall (4:59)
Ernesto NoyaARG
Match #3 Tor NilssonSWE
fall (4:41)
Len PidduckGBR
Match #4 Ahmet KireççiTUR
fall (13:51)
Moritz InderbitzinSUI
Match #5 Guido FantoniITA bye

Round Two (4 August 1948)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
1Ahmet KireççiTUR0
2Guido FantoniITA1
3Taisto KangasniemiFIN2
=4József TarányiHUN3
=4Tor NilssonSWE3
6Moritz InderbitzinSUI4
=7Ernesto NoyaARG6eliminated
=7Len PidduckGBR6eliminated

Match #1 Guido FantoniITA
decision (2-1)
Taisto KangasniemiFIN
Match #2 József TarányiHUN
fall (4:49)
Ernesto NoyaARG
Match #3 Moritz InderbitzinSUI
decision (3-0)
Len PidduckGBR
Match #4 Ahmet KireççiTUR
fall (15:48)
Tor NilssonSWE

Round Three (5 August 1948)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
=1Guido FantoniITA1
=1Ahmet KireççiTUR1
3Tor NilssonSWE3
4Taisto KangasniemiFIN5eliminated
5József TarányiHUN6eliminated
6Moritz InderbitzinSUI7eliminated

Match #1 Guido FantoniITA
fall (6:06)
József TarányiHUN
Match #2 Ahmet KireççiTUR
decision (3-0)
Taisto KangasniemiFIN
Match #3 Tor NilssonSWE
fall (2:54)
Moritz InderbitzinSUI

Round Four (5 August 1948)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
1Ahmet KireççiTUR1
2Tor NilssonSWE3
3Guido FantoniITA4

Match #1 Tor NilssonSWE
fall (13:12)
Guido FantoniITA
Match #2 Ahmet KireççiTUR bye

Final Round (6 August 1948)

Match #1 Ahmet KireççiTUR
decision (3-0)
Guido FantoniITA
Match #2 Tor NilssonSWE bye