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400 metres Individual Medley, Women

Date24 – 25 July 2021
LocationOlympic Aquatics Centre, 2-1, 2chome, Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tatsumi-no-Mori Seaside Park, Tokyo, Japan
Participants17 from 13 countries

Hungary’s Katinka Hosszú had dominated this event since 2016, winning every major international title. However, she did not have any of the top times in 2021, was now 32-years-old, and had recently split with her husband and coach, Shane Tusup. The leaders of the year list were the Americans from the US Olympic Trials, Emma Weyant and Hali Flickinger. Japan’s Yui Ohashi was the bronze medallist at the 2019 World Championships and was expected to contend for a medal.

With the late withdrawal of Canadian Sydney Pickrem, only 17 swimmers started the preliminary round, which was led by Weyant in 4:33.55, almost two seconds ahead of Great Britain’s Aimee Willmott, with Ohashi third and Hosszú qualifying only seventh.

In the final Hosszú had the early lead on the backstroke leg but was soon overtaken by Flickinger and Ohashi. Ohashi took the lead for good on the breaststroke portion of the race, followed by Weyant, and they would hold on to finish 1-2, as Flickinger came in third, two seconds back of Weyant.

Hosszú trailed in fifth and that would be her best finish in any event in Tokyo. Ohashi would return in a few days to win the IM double by taking the 200 IM. Flickinger would later add another bronze medal in the 200 butterfly.

1Yui OhashiJPN4:35.71 (1 h2)4:32.08 (1)Gold
2Emma WeyantUSA4:33.55 (1 h3)4:32.76 (2)Silver
3Hali FlickingerUSA4:35.98 (2 h2)4:34.90 (3)Bronze
4Mireia BelmonteESP4:35.88 (3 h3)4:35.13 (4)
5Katinka HosszúHUN4:36.01 (4 h3)4:35.98 (5)
6Viktória Mihályvári-FarkasHUN4:35.99 (3 h2)4:37.75 (6)
7Aimee WillmottGBR4:35.28 (2 h3)4:38.30 (7)
8Ilaria CusinatoITA4:37.37 (4 h2)4:40.65 (8)
9Sara FranceschiITA4:39.93 (5 h3)
10Anja CrevarSRB4:40.50 (6 h3)
11Yu YitingCHN4:41.64 (5 h2)
12Ageha TanigawaJPN4:41.76 (7 h3)
13Fantine LesaffreFRA4:41.98 (8 h3)
14Tess CiepluchaCAN4:44.54 (6 h2)
15Katja FainSLO4:44.66 (1 h1)
16Azzahra PermatahaniINA4:54.54 (2 h1)
17Virginia BardachARG5:01.98 (3 h1)
DNSSydney PickremCAN– (DNS h2)

Round One (24 July 2021 — 20:05)

15Emma WeyantUSA4:33.55Q
26Aimee WillmottGBR4:35.28Q
34Yui OhashiJPN4:35.71Q
43Mireia BelmonteESP4:35.88Q
55Hali FlickingerUSA4:35.98Q
66Viktória Mihályvári-FarkasHUN4:35.99Q
74Katinka HosszúHUN4:36.01Q
87Ilaria CusinatoITA4:37.37Q
92Sara FranceschiITA4:39.93
101Anja CrevarSRB4:40.50
111Yu YitingCHN4:41.64
128Ageha TanigawaJPN4:41.76
137Fantine LesaffreFRA4:41.98
142Tess CiepluchaCAN4:44.54
155Katja FainSLO4:44.66
163Azzahra PermatahaniINA4:54.54
174Virginia BardachARG5:01.98
DNS3Sydney PickremCAN

Heat One (20:05)

15Katja FainSLO4:44.660.71
23Azzahra PermatahaniINA4:54.540.69
34Virginia BardachARG5:01.980.75

Heat Two (20:10)

14Yui OhashiJPN4:35.710.69Q
25Hali FlickingerUSA4:35.980.72Q
36Viktória Mihályvári-FarkasHUN4:35.990.72Q
47Ilaria CusinatoITA4:37.370.73Q
51Yu YitingCHN4:41.640.64
62Tess CiepluchaCAN4:44.540.75
DNS3Sydney PickremCAN

Heat Three (20:15)

15Emma WeyantUSA4:33.550.78Q
26Aimee WillmottGBR4:35.280.73Q
33Mireia BelmonteESP4:35.880.65Q
44Katinka HosszúHUN4:36.010.81Q
52Sara FranceschiITA4:39.930.73
61Anja CrevarSRB4:40.500.65
78Ageha TanigawaJPN4:41.760.59
87Fantine LesaffreFRA4:41.980.76

Final (25 July 2021 — 11:12)

13Yui OhashiJPN4:32.080.69
24Emma WeyantUSA4:32.760.79
32Hali FlickingerUSA4:34.900.71
46Mireia BelmonteESP4:35.130.64
51Katinka HosszúHUN4:35.980.70
67Viktória Mihályvári-FarkasHUN4:37.750.71
75Aimee WillmottGBR4:38.300.77
88Ilaria CusinatoITA4:40.650.71