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3 × 5 kilometres Relay, Women

Date16 February 1968
Participants24 from 8 countries
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: 100 m
Maximum Climb: 65 m
Total Climbing: 170 m

After placing 2-3-6 in the 5 km event, the defending champion Soviet Union was favored to win the relay three days later. Their strongest opponents seemed to be Sweden with double Olympic champion Toini Gustafsson as their strongest card. In 1964, the Norwegian ladies were considered too weak, and Norway did not even enter a team for the women’s relay. However, at the 1966 World Championships in Oslo the Norwegian girls had surprised the home crowd by taking a very popular silver medal behind the Soviets after a close battle with Sweden.

On the first leg, Norway’s Inger Aufles surprised everybody by leaving her closest rivals Finland, Soviet and Poland around 25 seconds behind, with Sweden in fifth position another 14 seconds behind. Toini Gustafsson skied an excellent second leg for Sweden with the fastest leg-time of the day, but Norway’s Babben Enger-Damon, considered as the weak point on the Norwegian team, fought bravely and sent Berit Mørdre out on the anchor leg with a 15 seconds lead ahead of Sweden, the Soviets in third place another 20 seconds behind. Mørdre skied the fastest anchor leg of the day, and the Norwegians won a surprising gold with a comfortable margin, 21 seconds ahead of Sweden and with Soviet Union another 22 seconds behind in bronze position.

12NorwayNOR57:30.0– (–)Gold
Lead-Off2-1Inger Aufles 19:08.019:08.0 (1)
2nd Leg2-2Babben Enger-Damon 19:19.538:27.5 (1)
Anchor2-3Berit Mørdre-Lammedal 19:02.557:30.0 (1)
23SwedenSWE57:51.0– (–)Silver
Lead-Off3-1Britt Strandberg 19:46.719:46.7 (5)
2nd Leg3-2Toini Gustafsson 18:56.738:43.4 (2)
Anchor3-3Barbro Martinsson 19:07.657:51.0 (2)
31Soviet UnionURS58:13.6– (–)Bronze
Lead-Off1-1Alevtina Kolchina 19:32.819:32.8 (3)
2nd Leg1-2Rita Achkina 19:31.239:04.0 (3)
Anchor1-3Galina Kulakova 19:09.658:13.6 (3)
45FinlandFIN58:45.1– (–)
Lead-Off5-1Senja Pusula 19:32.419:32.4 (2)
2nd Leg5-2Marjatta Muttilainen-Olkkonen 19:51.639:24.0 (4)
Anchor5-3Marjatta Kajosmaa 19:21.158:45.1 (4)
57PolandPOL59:04.7– (–)
Lead-Off7-1Weronika Budny 19:33.819:33.8 (4)
2nd Leg7-2Józefa Czerniawska-Pęksa 19:59.139:32.9 (6)
Anchor7-3Stefania Biegun 19:31.859:04.7 (5)
64East GermanyGDR59:33.9– (–)
Lead-Off4-1Renate Köhler-Fischer 20:01.620:01.6 (6)
2nd Leg4-2Gudrun Schmidt 19:27.339:28.9 (5)
Anchor4-3Christine Nestler 20:05.059:33.9 (6)
78West GermanyFRG1-01:49.3– (–)
Lead-Off8-1Michaela Endler 20:11.420:11.4 (7)
2nd Leg8-2Barbara Barthel 21:14.241:25.6 (7)
Anchor8-3Monika Mrklas 20:23.71-01:49.3 (7)
86BulgariaBUL1-05:35.7– (–)
Lead-Off6-1Velichka Pandeva 21:50.421:50.4 (8)
2nd Leg6-2Nadezhda Vasileva 21:07.542:57.9 (8)
Anchor6-3Tsvetana Sotirova 22:37.81-05:35.7 (8)