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Kayak Singles, Slalom, Women

Date17 – 18 September 2000
LocationPenrith Whitewater Stadium, Penrith, New South Wales
Participants20 from 16 countries

The format of the K-1 slalom had changed since the previous Olympics, as now the scores of both rounds, rather than just the best one, counted and there was a qualifying round prior to the final. The defending Olympic champion, the Czech Republic’s Štěpánka Hilgertová, returned to the Games in 2000 as the reigning European and World Champion, as well as runner-up in those events in 1998 and 1997 respectively, and was a strong favorite to defend her title. Slovakia’s Elena Kaliská and France’s Brigitte Guibal were the 1998 and 1997 European and World Champions respectively, while Australia’s Danielle Woodward was the 1992 Olympic runner-up.

Kaliská, Hilgertová, and the latter’s compatriot Irena Pavelková, the 2000 European bronze medalist, finished in the top three in the qualifying round, with Guibal in fourth and Woodward in 14th. Guibal and Hilgertová were in the top two positions after the first run of the final, with France’s Anne-Lise Bardet in third. Kaliská, meanwhile, was in fifth, while Pavelková and Woodward were in eighth and tenth respectively. Hilgertová had an excellent second run that allowed her to come out on top of both the round and the final rankings, winning the gold medal and leaving Guibal, who was third in the second portion of the competition, with silver. Pavelková’s second-place finish in the second round, meanwhile, was only good enough to bring her to fifth place, and thus Bardet, fourth in the second run, took bronze.

1Štěpánka HilgertováCZEGold
2Brigitte GuibalFRASilver
3Anne-Lise BardetFRABronze
4Elena KaliskáSVK
5Irena PavelkováCZE
6Mandy PlanertGER
7Rebecca GiddensUSA
8Danielle WoodwardAUS
9Sandra FriedliSUI
10Susanne HirtGER
11Gabriela StacherováSVK
12Laura BlakemanGBR
13Margaret LangfordCAN
14María EizmendiESP
15Violetta Oblinger-PetersAUT
16Maria Cristina Giai PronITA
17Nada MaliSLO
18Eadaoin Ní ChallarainIRL
19Beata GrzesikPOL
20Florence FernandesPOR

Qualifying (17 September 2000 — 14:50-16:50)

Two runs, total points of both runs to count. Top 15 finishers advanced to the final.

Downstream gates?
Total gates?
Upstream gates?
PosOrdBoatNOCTotalRun OneRun Two
1Elena KaliskáSVK284.90141.58 (1)143.32 (2)Q
2Štěpánka HilgertováCZE285.07143.56 (2)141.51 (1)Q
3Irena PavelkováCZE290.54146.47 (3)144.07 (4)Q
4Brigitte GuibalFRA292.62147.67 (4)144.95 (5)Q
5Gabriela StacherováSVK294.93148.55 (6)146.38 (6)Q
6Rebecca GiddensUSA296.61148.48 (5)148.13 (9)Q
7Mandy PlanertGER298.39151.96 (9)146.43 (7)Q
8Susanne HirtGER298.94155.29 (11)143.65 (3)Q
9Sandra FriedliSUI306.01150.89 (8)155.12 (14)Q
10Violetta Oblinger-PetersAUT308.48149.71 (7)158.77 (16)Q
11Anne-Lise BardetFRA309.08154.90 (10)154.18 (13)Q
12María EizmendiESP311.17160.02 (14)151.15 (11)Q
13Laura BlakemanGBR311.47155.47 (12)156.00 (15)Q
14Danielle WoodwardAUS313.80161.49 (15)152.31 (12)Q
15Margaret LangfordCAN314.51163.55 (17)150.96 (10)Q
16Maria Cristina Giai PronITA321.89157.34 (13)164.55 (20)
17Nada MaliSLO325.45163.26 (16)162.19 (18)
18Eadaoin Ní ChallarainIRL331.49167.93 (18)163.56 (19)
19Beata GrzesikPOL356.38208.80 (19)147.58 (8)
20Florence FernandesPOR389.75227.65 (20)162.10 (17)

Final Round (18 September 2000 — 14:40-16:15)

Two runs, total points of both runs to count.

Downstream gates?
Total gates?
Upstream gates?
PosOrdBoatNOCTotalRun OneRun Two
1Štěpánka HilgertováCZE247.04125.21 (2)121.83 (1)
2Brigitte GuibalFRA251.88124.98 (1)126.90 (3)
3Anne-Lise BardetFRA254.77125.77 (3)129.00 (4)
4Elena KaliskáSVK255.95126.68 (5)129.27 (5)
5Irena PavelkováCZE256.11129.31 (8)126.80 (2)
6Mandy PlanertGER257.85126.03 (4)131.82 (8)
7Rebecca GiddensUSA258.69129.26 (7)129.43 (7)
8Danielle WoodwardAUS261.89132.58 (10)129.31 (6)
9Sandra FriedliSUI262.30127.79 (6)134.51 (10)
10Susanne HirtGER266.01131.08 (9)134.93 (12)
11Gabriela StacherováSVK268.63134.02 (11)134.61 (11)
12Laura BlakemanGBR273.71136.91 (12)136.80 (14)
13Margaret LangfordCAN274.14140.82 (14)133.32 (9)
14María EizmendiESP276.55136.97 (13)139.58 (15)
15Violetta Oblinger-PetersAUT282.29145.64 (15)136.65 (13)