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Individual, Men

Date16 – 19 August 2008
LocationGuojia Tiyuguan, Beijing Aolinpike Gongyuan, Beijing
Participants16 from 13 countries

At the 2007 World Championships, Chinese trampolinists had gone 1-2 – with Ye Shuai winning the gold medal over Dong Dong. Dong Dong competed in Beijing and was joined by Lu Chunlong, who had not yet competed at a World Championship. But Lu, who had won three of the five World Cup meets in 2008, led the qualifying, and then won the gold medal with a finals performance that edged out Canadian Jason Burnett, who performed a very high difficulty routine, with Dong Dong taking the bronze medal. The defending champion, Yury Nikitin (UKR), placed fifth. The 2004 bronze medalist, Henrik Stehlik (GER), was eliminated in the qualification after supposedly having missed the target area. Video of the event showed this was incorrect, but replays are not allowed to review decisions, and he was eliminated despite a protest.

1Lu ChunlongCHN72.4 (1)41.0 (1)Gold
2Jason BurnettCAN69.7 (7)40.7 (2)Silver
3Dong DongCHN71.7 (2)40.6 (3)Bronze
4Tetsuya SotomuraJPN70.3 (5)39.8 (4)
5Yuriy NikitinUKR70.7 (4)39.8 (5)
6Dmitry UshakovRUS71.5 (3)38.8 (6)
7Aleksandr RusakovRUS69.9 (6)38.5 (7)
8Mikalai KazakBLR69.7 (8)38.1 (8)
9 r1/2Yasuhiro UeyamaJPN69.2 (9)
10 r1/2Peter JensenDEN69.2 (10)
11 r1/2Diogo GanchinhoPOR69.1 (11)
12 r1/2Grégoire PennesFRA68.7 (12)
13 r1/2Ben WildenAUS67.1 (13)
14 r1/2Flavio CannoneITA66.5 (14)
15 r1/2Chris EstradaUSA65.9 (15)
16 r1/2Henrik StehlikGER64.6 (16)

Qualifying Round

Date16 August 2008 — 12:14
FormatTop eight finishers advanced to the final.
Judge #1Waldemar OkoniewskiPOL
Judge #2Babette van WeteringNED
Judge #3Martin Andreas ThorssonSWE
Judge #4Sergei EpelbaumISR
Judge #5Miguel VicenteESP
Difficulty Judge #1Brett AustineAUS
Difficulty Judge #2Arlette Limouzy ep GarciaFRA
PosCompetitorNOCPointsRoutine #1Routine #2
1Lu ChunlongCHN72.431.2 (1)41.2 (=1)Q
2Dong DongCHN71.731.0 (2)40.7 (=3)Q
3Dmitry UshakovRUS71.530.8 (4)40.7 (=3)Q
4Yuriy NikitinUKR70.730.6 (5)40.1 (6)Q
5Tetsuya SotomuraJPN70.329.6 (12)40.7 (=3)Q
6Aleksandr RusakovRUS69.929.9 (=9)40.0 (7)Q
7Jason BurnettCAN69.728.5 (=14)41.2 (=1)Q1
8Mikalai KazakBLR69.730.3 (7)39.4 (8)Q
9Yasuhiro UeyamaJPN69.229.9 (=9)39.3 (=9)2
10Peter JensenDEN69.230.5 (6)38.7 (=12)
11Diogo GanchinhoPOR69.129.8 (11)39.3 (=9)
12Grégoire PennesFRA68.730.0 (8)38.7 (=12)
13Ben WildenAUS67.128.1 (16)39.0 (11)
14Flavio CannoneITA66.529.0 (13)37.5 (14)
15Chris EstradaUSA65.928.5 (=14)37.4 (15)
16Henrik StehlikGER64.630.9 (3)33.7 (16)

Final Round

Date19 August 2008 — 20:25
Judge #1Miguel VicenteESP
Judge #2Martin Andreas ThorssonSWE
Judge #3Babette van WeteringNED
Judge #4Waldemar OkoniewskiPOL
Judge #5Arlette Limouzy ep GarciaFRA
Difficulty Judge #1Brett AustineAUS
Difficulty Judge #2Joeri De JongheBEL
PosCompetitorNOCPointsJudge 1 PointsJudge 2 PointsJudge 3 PointsJudge 4 PointsJudge 5 PointsExecution PointsDifficulty
1Lu ChunlongCHN41.
2Jason BurnettCAN40.
3Dong DongCHN40.
4Tetsuya SotomuraJPN39.
5Yuriy NikitinUKR39.
6Dmitry UshakovRUS38.
7Aleksandr RusakovRUS38.
8Mikalai KazakBLR38.