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Singles, Women

Date19 – 20 February 2014
LocationDvorets Zimnego Sporta Aisberg, Coastal Cluster, Adler
Participants30 from 20 countries
FormatTotal of points from short program and free skating.

Yu-Na Kim was the defending champion and considered the favorite but she was in an unusual position. She had rarely lost since Vancouver but after winning the 2013 World Championship, took a sabbatical and came to Sochi somewhat untested of late. If she did not win, the Russian crowd looked to 15-year-old hyper-flexible wunderkind Yuliya Lipnitskaya, who had recently won the European Championship and Skate Canada and had wowed the crowd with her performance during the team trophy competition in Sochi. Japan’s Mao Asada, the 2010 silver medalist, was also given consideration for the Olympic title.

In the short program, Kim showed she had little rust from the lay-off, skating ethereally, so much so that one Olympic writer tweeted, “Her skating would have made a lumberjack cry.” She led, but barely over Russia’s little known Adelina Sotnikova, with Italy’s Carolina Kostner, the 2012 World Champion but a veteran looking for her first Olympic medal, in third. Lipnitskaya struggled in the short and was only in fifth place, while Asada skated terribly for her, placing 16th, and ending her medal hopes.

Sotnikova had been runner-up at the 2013 and 2014 European Championships, and had been 2011 World Junior Champion, but had never skated at the World Championships or Olympics, and the gold medal seemed to be conceded to Kim. In the free skate she performed last and again skated beautifully, with no major flaws. But Sotnikova won the free skate and defeated Kim for the gold medal, by a fairly comfortable margin, presumably based on greater difficulty in her free skate, which included a triple Lutz-triple toe loop and a double axel-triple toe loop combination. Kostner took the bronze medal. Asada redeemed herself with a beautiful free skate that moved her up to sixth place overall.

After the competition there was some minor controversy about the judging, with fans and some experts claiming the result was flawed because of Russian bias. It appeared to die out quickly but then one month after the Olympics ended, the Korean Skating Federation protested the result to the International Skating Union (ISU), claiming prejudice on the judging panel, which had several judges from former Soviet republics.

Kim retired from Olympic-style competition after the Olympics ended. Lipnitskaya finished in fifth place, behind American Gracie Gold. For the first time since 1936 at the Olympics, no American man or woman won a medal in singles competition.

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsShort ProgramFree Skating
1Adelina SotnikovaRUS224.5974.64 (2)149.95 (1)Gold
2Yu-Na KimKOR219.1174.92 (1)144.19 (2)Silver
3Carolina KostnerITA216.7374.12 (3)142.61 (4)Bronze
4Gracie GoldUSA205.5368.63 (4)136.90 (5)
5Yuliya LipnitskayaRUS200.5765.23 (5)135.34 (6)
6Mao AsadaJPN198.2255.51 (16)142.71 (3)
7Ashley WagnerUSA193.2065.21 (6)127.99 (7)
8Akiko SuzukiJPN186.3260.97 (8)125.35 (8)
9Polina EdmundsUSA183.2561.04 (7)122.21 (9)
10Maé-Bérénice MeitéFRA174.5358.63 (9)115.90 (11)
11Valentina MarcheiITA173.3357.02 (12)116.31 (10)
12Kanako MurakamiJPN170.9855.60 (15)115.38 (12)
13Kaetlyn OsmondCAN168.9856.18 (13)112.80 (13)
14Li ZijunCHN168.3057.55 (11)110.75 (14)
15Zhang KexinCHN154.2155.80 (14)98.41 (15)
16Kim Hae-JinKOR149.4854.37 (18)95.11 (17)
17Gabrielle DalemanCAN148.4452.61 (19)95.83 (16)
18Nathalie WeinzierlGER147.3657.63 (10)89.73 (21)
19Elene GedevanishviliGEO147.1554.70 (17)92.45 (20)
20Brooklee HanAUS143.8449.32 (22)94.52 (18)
21Park So-YeonKOR142.9749.14 (23)93.83 (19)
22Elizaveta UkolovaCZE136.4251.87 (20)84.55 (23)
23Anne Line GjersemNOR134.5448.56 (24)85.98 (22)
24Nicole RajičováSVK125.0049.80 (21)75.20 (24)
25 r1/2Jenna McCorkellGBR48.3448.34 (25)
26 r1/2Kerstin FrankAUT48.0048.00 (26)
27 r1/2Viktoria HelgessonSWE47.8447.84 (27)
28 r1/2Nataliya PopovaUKR47.4247.42 (28)
29 r1/2Jelena GlebovaEST46.1946.19 (29)
30 r1/2Isadora WilliamsBRA40.3740.37 (30)

Short Program (19 February 2014 — 19:07)

Judge #1Rob RosenbluthUSA
Judge #2Karen HowardCAN
Judge #3Franco BeniniITA
Judge #4Birgit FöllGER
Judge #5Diana StevensGBR
Judge #6Nobuhiko YoshiokaJPN
Judge #7Katarina HenrikssonSWE
Judge #8Adriana DomanskáSVK
Judge #9Koh Song-HeeKOR
PosNrSkaterNOCPointsTech. ElementsProgr. ComponentsDeductions
117Yu-Na KimKOR74.9239.0335.890.00Q
229Adelina SotnikovaRUS74.6439.0935.550.00Q
326Carolina KostnerITA74.1237.4936.630.00Q
422Gracie GoldUSA68.6336.5532.080.00Q
525Yuliya LipnitskayaRUS65.2333.1533.081.00Q
627Ashley WagnerUSA65.2131.4333.780.00Q
712Polina EdmundsUSA61.0432.9828.060.00Q
824Akiko SuzukiJPN60.9728.7132.260.00Q
928Maé-Bérénice MeitéFRA58.6330.8327.800.00Q
1018Nathalie WeinzierlGER57.6331.9425.690.00Q
1123Li ZijunCHN57.5530.0127.540.00Q
1221Valentina MarcheiITA57.0227.5229.500.00Q
138Kaetlyn OsmondCAN56.1827.5128.670.00Q
147Zhang KexinCHN55.8032.6823.120.00Q
1520Kanako MurakamiJPN55.6026.7228.880.00Q
1630Mao AsadaJPN55.5122.6333.881.00Q
1716Elene GedevanishviliGEO54.7027.5127.190.00Q
1811Kim Hae-JinKOR54.3729.2325.140.00Q
193Gabrielle DalemanCAN52.6128.0724.540.00Q
2014Elizaveta UkolovaCZE51.8729.7222.150.00Q
2113Nicole RajičováSVK49.8026.6323.170.00Q
229Brooklee HanAUS49.3226.3722.950.00Q
232Park So-YeonKOR49.1425.3523.790.00Q
2415Anne Line GjersemNOR48.5626.1322.430.00Q
255Jenna McCorkellGBR48.3425.3423.000.00
266Kerstin FrankAUT48.0026.6421.360.00
2719Viktoria HelgessonSWE47.8421.8327.011.00
284Nataliya PopovaUKR47.4224.3023.120.00
291Jelena GlebovaEST46.1922.5923.600.00
3010Isadora WilliamsBRA40.3718.9321.440.00

Free Skating (20 February 2014 — 19:07)

Judge #1Birgit FöllGER
Judge #2Yuriy BalkovUKR
Judge #3Franco BeniniITA
Judge #4Zanna KulikEST
Judge #5Nobuhiko YoshiokaJPN
Judge #6Alla ShekhovtsovaRUS
Judge #7Helene CucuphatFRA
Judge #8Karen HowardCAN
Judge #9Adriana DomanskáSVK
PosNrSkaterNOCPointsTech. ElementsProgr. ComponentsDeductions
121Adelina SotnikovaRUS149.9575.5474.410.00
224Yu-Na KimKOR144.1969.6974.500.00
312Mao AsadaJPN142.7173.0369.680.00
420Carolina KostnerITA142.6168.8473.770.00
522Gracie GoldUSA136.9069.5768.331.00
619Yuliya LipnitskayaRUS135.3466.2870.061.00
723Ashley WagnerUSA127.9961.0766.920.00
815Akiko SuzukiJPN125.3560.5765.781.00
917Polina EdmundsUSA122.2163.0260.191.00
1016Valentina MarcheiITA116.3155.5660.750.00
1114Maé-Bérénice MeitéFRA115.9060.8656.041.00
1210Kanako MurakamiJPN115.3856.9658.420.00
137Kaetlyn OsmondCAN112.8055.9757.831.00
1413Li ZijunCHN110.7555.7954.960.00
1511Zhang KexinCHN98.4149.8448.570.00
163Gabrielle DalemanCAN95.8348.4047.430.00
179Kim Hae-JinKOR95.1145.2550.861.00
182Brooklee HanAUS94.5248.7146.811.00
191Park So-YeonKOR93.8348.7246.111.00
208Elene GedevanishviliGEO92.4539.8553.601.00
2118Nathalie WeinzierlGER89.7338.4752.261.00
225Anne Line GjersemNOR85.9841.2444.740.00
234Elizaveta UkolovaCZE84.5542.9443.612.00
246Nicole RajičováSVK75.2030.3945.811.00