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Handball, Women

Date15 – 29 August 2004
LocationKleisto Gipedo, Olympiako Syngrotima Ellenikou, Hellinikon / Kleisto Gymnastirio Falirou, Olympiako Syngrotima Papaliakis Zonis Falirou, Faliro
Participants149 from 10 countries
FormatRound-robin pools advance teams to classification matches.

The 10 women’s teams qualified for the 2004 Olympics as follows – Greece as the host nation; the top five teams from the 2003 World Championships (France, Hungary, South Korea, Ukraine, Spain); the 2003 European Champion (Denmark); Brazil as the 2003 Pan American Games Champion; and the winners of the 2003 Asian and African Olympic Qualifying Tournaments (China, Angola, respectively).

During group play, which served to eliminate just two teams (Greece and Angola), the Ukrainians appeared as the strongest team, winning all their Group A matches. In the other group, Denmark and South Korea, together responsible for winning all Olympic gold medals between 1988 and 2000, tied for first place after a 29-29 tie. After four fairly close quarter-finals, the nations remaining were defending champions Denmark, Ukraine, World Champions France, and South Korea. After a close first half, the Danish women powered over Ukraine, beating them 29-20. The South Koreans started strongly against France, but saw the World Champions stage a comeback in the second half. The French scored 31-32 in the penultimate minute, but failed to score in the remaining time.

The final was thus a replay of the 1996 Olympic final, which the Danish women had won. South Korea, the 1988 and 1992 champion, was eager to regain the gold medal, and this made for an excellent handball match. After a 14-14 first half, the game fluctuated. Korea took a 19-16 lead, which was reversed into a 25-22 lead for the Danes with just five minutes on the clock. Jang So-Hui made it 25-25 with just a minute left, and the match went into overtime. In the first overtime, Korea opened up a lead (29-27), but Denmark came back to tie, 29-29. In the second overtime, Denmark pulled to 31-29, then saw Korea score four goals in a row (three by Mun Gyeong-Ha). The final minutes were insane. Katrine Fruelund scored two goals to tie the match in the very last minute, scoring a 7-m throw to make it 33-33. Kim Cha-Yeon then seemed to make the winning goal (34-33) with less than half a minute on the clock, but within 20 seconds, Fruelund once more tied the game at 34-all. Penalty shots had to decide the match. It was Danish goalie Karin Mortensen who would become the match winner, as she stopped two shots (those by Im O-Gyeong and Mun Pil-Hui), to win the shoot-out 4-2. It was Denmark’s third consecutive gold in the sport, although none of the players had been a member of all three winning teams. Ukraine ended their tournament with a victory over World Champions France to win their first Olympic handball medal, a bronze.

Goalkeeper1Louise Bager Nørgaard
Left Back2Rikke Skov
Left Wing3Henriette Mikkelsen
Right Back5Mette Vestergaard
Centre Back10Rikke Hørlykke
Pivot11Camilla Thomsen
Goalkeeper12Karin Mortensen
Centre Back13Lotte Kiærskou
Right Back14Trine Jensen
Left Back15Katrine Fruelund
Goalkeeper16Rikke Petersen Schmidt
Centre Back17Kristine Andersen
Pivot18Karen Brødsgaard
Left Wing19Line Daugaard
Right Wing21Josephine Touray
CoachJan Pytlick
2Republic of KoreaKORSilver
Goalkeeper1Oh Yeong-Ran
Right Wing2U Seon-Hui
Pivot4Heo Sun-Yeong
Left Wing5Lee Gong-Ju
Left Wing7Jang So-Hui
Right Wing8Kim Hyeon-Ok
Pivot9Kim Cha-Yeon
Left Back10Oh Seong-Ok
Centre Back11Heo Yeong-Suk
Goalkeeper12Mun Gyeong-Ha
Left Back13Im Oh-Gyeong
Left Back15Lee Sang-Eun
Right Back17Myeong Bok-Hui
Right Back19Choi Im-Jeong
Left Back20Mun Pil-Hui
CoachIm Yeong-Cheol
Goalkeeper1Nataliya Borysenko
Left Back3Hanna Burmistrova
Centre Back4Tetiana Shynkarenko
Right Back5Maryna Verheliuk
Right Wing6Olena Yatsenko
Centre Back7Hanna Siukalo
Left Wing8Olena Radchenko
Left Back9Olena Tsyhytsia
Pivot10Halyna Markushevska
Pivot11Liudmyla Shevchenko
Goalkeeper12Iryna Honcharova
Left Wing14Nataliya Liapina
Left Back15Anastasiya Borodina
Goalkeeper16Larysa Zaspa
Left Wing17Oksana Raikhel
CoachLeonid Ratner
Goalkeeper1Joanne Dudziak
Right Back2Sonia Cendier Ajaguin
Right Wing3Estelle Vogein
Left Back4Leïla Lejeune-Duchemann
Centre Back5Sandrine Delerce
Right Back6Mélinda Jacques
Left Back7Nodjialem Myaro
Pivot8Véronique Pecqueux-Rolland
Left Back10Sophie Herbrecht
Right Wing11Stéphanie Cano
Pivot13Isabelle Wendling
Left Back14Myriam Korfanty
Goalkeeper16Valérie Nicolas
Left Wing17Delphine Guehl
Left Wing20Raphaëlle Tervel
CoachOlivier Krumbholz
Goalkeeper1Irina Sirina
Centre Back2Bernadett Ferling
Pivot3Beáta Bohus-Megyerbíró
Right Back4Ibolya Mehlmann
Right Wing5Zsuzsanna Pálffy
Left Wing6Erika Kirsner
Right Back9Bojana Radulovics
Centre Back10Krisztina Pigniczki-Sepsi
Left Back11Ágnes Farkas
Centre Back13Anita Görbicz
Centre Back15Eszter Siti
Goalkeeper16Katalin Pálinger
Left Back17Tímea Tóth
Right Wing18Zsuzsanna Lovász-Pavlik
Pivot19Anita Kulcsár
CoachLajos Mocsai
Goalkeeper1Elizabeth López
Right Back2Soraya García
Right Wing3Susana Pareja
Left Wing5Vanesa Amorós
Right Wing6Esme López
Left Back7Maite Andreu
Pivot8Cristina Gómez
Centre Back9Marta Mangué
Pivot10Diana Box
Centre Back11Montse Puche
Left Back13Susana Fraile
Right Back14Patricia Alonso
Right Back15Isabel Ortuño
Goalkeeper16Eugenia Sánchez
Left Wing20Noelia Oncina
CoachJosé Aldeguer
Goalkeeper1 Chana
Pivot2 Dara
Left Back3Alexandra Nascimento
Centre Back4Meg Montão
Pivot5Dani Piedade
Centre Back6Fabiana Kuestner
Left Back8Ana Amorim
Centre Back9Mi Figueiredo
Left Wing10 Pará
Right Wing11 Vivi
Right Back13 Lucila
Left Back15 Chicôria
Goalkeeper16 Darly
Left Wing17 Daly
Left Back19 Aline
CoachArnaldo Cunha Júnior
8People's Republic of ChinaCHN
Goalkeeper1Fan Jie
Centre Back2Zhai Chao
Pivot3Liu Yun
Centre Back5Li Bing
Left Wing8Zhang Li
Right Back9Wang Min
Left Back10Wang Shasha
Pivot11Chen Ji
Left Wing13Wu Yanan
Right Back14Liu Xiaomei
Right Wing15Sun Laimiao
Goalkeeper16Yu Geli
Right Wing17Lei Sufen
Left Back19Li Weiwei
Zhang Zhiqing DNS
CoachHuang Songhu
Goalkeeper1Odeth Tavares
Left Back3Ilda Bengue
Centre Back4Belina Lariça
Right Wing5Filomena Trindade
Pivot6Rosa Amaral
Left Wing7Maria Inês Jololo
Right Back8Nair Almeida
Pivot9Lili Webba-Torres
Left Wing10Isabel Fernandes
Centre Back11Luísa Kiala
Goalkeeper12Neyde Barbosa
Right Wing14Dionisia Pio
Pivot15Anica Neto
Goalkeeper16Mária Pedro
Right Back18Elzira Tavares
CoachArmando Kulau
Pivot2Anna Psatha
Pivot3Eleni Poimenidou
Left Wing5Eleni Potari
Left Back7Georgia Dorotheou
Right Wing8Pengy Vemi
Left Back9Ioanna Fotiadou
Centre Back10Vasiliki Skara
Right Back11Grigoria Gkolia
Goalkeeper12Elena Nikoli
Left Back15Tatiana Sousa
Goalkeeper16Rita Mavrogeni
Right Wing17Anna Patsiou
Right Back18Michaela Michalopoulou
Centre Back19Stella Gioupi
Left Wing20Viki Theodoridou
CoachSokratis Vakalis

Preliminary Round

Date15 – 23 August 2004

Group A

Date15 – 23 August 2004
FormatRound-robin pools.
3People's Republic of ChinaCHN2024106-90
Match #115 Aug 14:30HungaryHUN28 – 24People's Republic of ChinaCHN
Match #215 Aug 16:30BrazilBRA29 – 21GreeceGRE
Match #317 Aug 14:30UkraineUKR26 – 21People's Republic of ChinaCHN
Match #417 Aug 16:30HungaryHUN33 – 20GreeceGRE
Match #519 Aug 16:30People's Republic of ChinaCHN33 – 13GreeceGRE
Match #619 Aug 19:30UkraineUKR21 – 19BrazilBRA
Match #721 Aug 16:30UkraineUKR29 – 20GreeceGRE
Match #821 Aug 21:30HungaryHUN35 – 26BrazilBRA
Match #923 Aug 16:30People's Republic of ChinaCHN28 – 23BrazilBRA
Match #1023 Aug 19:30UkraineUKR23 – 22HungaryHUN

Group B

Date15 – 23 August 2004
FormatRound-robin pools.
1Republic of KoreaKOR3107135-103
Match #115 Aug 19:30AngolaANG24 – 24SpainESPtie
Match #215 Aug 21:30DenmarkDEN35 – 26FranceFRA
Match #317 Aug 19:30DenmarkDEN29 – 29Republic of KoreaKORtie
Match #417 Aug 21:30FranceFRA27 – 20SpainESP
Match #519 Aug 14:30Republic of KoreaKOR40 – 30AngolaANG
Match #619 Aug 21:30DenmarkDEN23 – 21SpainESP
Match #721 Aug 14:30FranceFRA29 – 21AngolaANG
Match #821 Aug 19:30Republic of KoreaKOR36 – 21SpainESP
Match #923 Aug 14:30Republic of KoreaKOR30 – 23FranceFRA
Match #1023 Aug 21:30DenmarkDEN38 – 22AngolaANG


Date26 August 2004
Match #126 Aug 14:30UkraineUKR25 – 23SpainESP
Match #226 Aug 16:30FranceFRA25 – 23HungaryHUN
Match #326 Aug 19:30Republic of KoreaKOR26 – 24BrazilBRA
Match #426 Aug 21:30DenmarkDEN32 – 28People's Republic of ChinaCHN

Classification Round 5-8

Date28 August 2004
FormatClassification matches.
Match #128 Aug 9:30SpainESP27 – 23People's Republic of ChinaCHN
Match #228 Aug 11:30HungaryHUN36 – 31BrazilBRA


Date27 August 2004
Match #127 Aug 19:30Republic of KoreaKOR32 – 31FranceFRA
Match #227 Aug 21:30DenmarkDEN29 – 20UkraineUKR

Final Round

Date26 – 29 August 2004
FormatMedal round.
Match 1/229 Aug 10:45DenmarkDEN38 – 36Republic of KoreaKORAfter Extra Time and Penalty Shots
Match 3/428 Aug 16:30UkraineUKR21 – 18FranceFRA
Match 5/629 Aug 14:30HungaryHUN38 – 29SpainESP
Match 7/829 Aug 8:30BrazilBRA26 – 25People's Republic of ChinaCHN
Match 9/1026 Aug 12:30AngolaANG38 – 23GreeceGRE