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Literature, Dramatic Works, Open1

Date1 – 16 August 1936
LocationAusstellungsgelände Halle VI, Kaiserdamm, Berlin
Participants6 from 4 countries
JudgeRudolf HenzAUT
JudgeCharly ClercSUI
JudgeHanns JohstGER
JudgeHeinz WismannGER
JudgeWerner BeumelburgGER
JudgeRichard EuringerGER
JudgeGeorg SchmückleGER

Only four entries were submitted for this category. Although we know which countries they came from (2 from Austria, 1 from Czechoslovakia and 1 from Switzerland), it is unknown which entries they were exactly. The jury decided not to award any medal to these four works, leaving this event without a prize.

PosCatalogue NumberCompetitorNOCTranslated TitleOriginal TitleTitle in Olympic Report or Catalogue
ACHeinrich Rienössl / Hans NadererAUTThe National HeroDer NationalheldDer Nationalheld
ACHubertus von BeyerAUTThe Sacrifice of ThemistoclesDas Opfer des ThemistoklesDas Opfer des Themistokles
ACTeofil MarschalkóHUNAgonAgonAgon
ACLouis GrivelSUIOdyssey of the TwentiethOdyssée du VingtièmeOdyssée du Vingtième
ACRichard AugstenTCHEternal OlympiaEwiges Olympia (Vecná Olympie)Ewiges Olympia