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Doubles, Mixed

Date17 – 24 August 1920
LocationRoyal Beerschot Tennis & Hockey Club, Antwerpen
Participants32 from 7 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament.

In mixed doubles, Suzanne Lenglen teamed with Max Décugis to win the title with the loss of only one set. Decugis had also won bronze in the men’s doubles, teaming with Pierre Albarran. For Max Décugis it was the end of the most distinguished Olympic tennis career ever. It began in 1900 when the Olympics were held in his hometown of Paris and he won a silver medal in the doubles. He did not travel to St. Louis in 1904, but he competed at the Olympic tennis events in 1906, winning a gold medal in all three events, singles, doubles, and mixed. Decugis entered the Olympic tennis events in both 1908 and 1912, but he did not compete in 1912 and although he entered in 1908, he withdrew. His 1920 medals closed his Olympic tennis career with six medals, four of them gold, both of which are Olympic records. At the 1924 Olympic tennis event in Paris, the last held as a medal sport prior to 1988, he was an honored spectator. Between 1902 and 1920, Décugis won 33 titles (8 singles, 11 doubles, 14 mixed) at the French Championships, in those days closed to French players. He reached the semi-finals of the All-Comers Singles at Wimbledon in 1911-12 and won the Wimbledon doubles title in 1911 with André Gobert.

1Suzanne Lenglen / Max DecugisFRAGold
2Kitty McKane / Max WoosnamGBRSilver
3Milada Skrbková / Ladislav ŽemlaTCHBronze
4Amory Hansen / Erik TegnerDEN
=5Marguerite Chaudoir / Albert LammensBEL
=5Marie Storms / Stéphane HalotBEL
=5Lily Strömberg / Sune MalmströmSWE
=8Anne de Borman / Jean WasherBEL
=8Jeanne Vaussard / Jean-François BlanchyFRA
=8Geraldine Beamish / Alfred BeamishGBR
=8Élisabeth d'Ayen / Pierre HirschFRA
=8Marthe Dupont / René LalouxBEL
=8Rosetta Gagliardi / Cesare ColomboITA
=14Winifred McNair / Noel TurnbullGBR
=14Sigrid Fick / Albert LindqvistSWE
=14Dorothy Holman / Gordon LoweGBR
DNSCaro Dahl / Conrad LangaardNOR
DNSMargareta Lindberg / Olle AnderssonSWE
DNSGiulia Perelli / Mino, Conte Balbi Di RobeccoITA
DNSPanchita Subarina / José Manuel AlonsoESP
DNSLilí Rózpide / José María AlonsoESP

Round One

Date17 – 18 August 1920
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round two.
Match #1Hansen / TegnerDENbye
Match #2de Borman / WasherBELbye
Match #3Strömberg / MalmströmSWEbye
Match #4Lindberg / AnderssonSWEbye
Match #5Vaussard / BlanchyFRAbye
Match #6Chaudoir / LammensBELSubarina / AlonsoESPwalkover
Match #7Lenglen / DecugisFRARózpide / AlonsoESPwalkover
Match #817 AugBeamish / BeamishGBR4-6, 6-4, 7-5McNair / TurnbullGBR
Match #9d'Ayen / HirschFRA6-4, 6-2Fick / LindqvistSWE
Match #1018 AugMcKane / WoosnamGBR7-5, 8-6Holman / LoweGBR
Match #11Perelli / Balbi Di RobeccoITAbye
Match #12Dahl / LangaardNORbye
Match #13Dupont / LalouxBELbye
Match #14Skrbková / ŽemlaTCHbye
Match #15Gagliardi / ColomboITAbye
Match #16Storms / HalotBELbye

Round Two

Date17 – 20 August 1920
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #117 AugHansen / TegnerDEN4-6, 8-6, 6-3de Borman / WasherBEL
Match #2Strömberg / MalmströmSWELindberg / AnderssonSWEwalkover
Match #317 AugChaudoir / LammensBEL4-6, 7-5, 6-3Vaussard / BlanchyFRA
Match #4Lenglen / DecugisFRA6-2, 6-0Beamish / BeamishGBR
Match #5McKane / WoosnamGBR6-4, 6-2d'Ayen / HirschFRA
Match #6Dahl / LangaardNORPerelli / Balbi Di RobeccoITAwalkover
Match #718 AugSkrbková / ŽemlaTCH7-5, 6-4Dupont / LalouxBEL
Match #8Storms / HalotBEL8-6, 6-3Gagliardi / ColomboITA


FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #1Hansen / TegnerDEN0-6, 6-1, 6-2Strömberg / MalmströmSWE
Match #2Lenglen / DecugisFRA3-6, 6-1, 6-1Chaudoir / LammensBEL
Match #3McKane / WoosnamGBRDahl / LangaardNORwalkover
Match #4Skrbková / ŽemlaTCH7-5, 6-3Storms / HalotBEL


FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final.
Match #1Lenglen / DecugisFRA6-0, 6-1Hansen / TegnerDEN
Match #2McKane / WoosnamGBR9-7, 6-3Skrbková / ŽemlaTCH

Final Round

Date24 August 1920
Match 1/224 AugLenglen / DecugisFRA6-4, 6-2McKane / WoosnamGBR
Match 3/424 AugSkrbková / ŽemlaTCH8-6, 6-4Hansen / TegnerDEN