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Trap, Men

Date15 – 17 July 1900 — 9:00
LocationLe Stand de l'Île Séguin, Billancourt
Participants31 from 5 countries
Format20 shots.

The details of the 1900 trap shooting are not well known. The first and second places came down to a shoot-off between a Frenchman, Roger de Barbarin, and Belgium’s René Guyot, who tied at 17 each. De Barbarin won 13-12 in the shoot-off. Third went to Justinien, Count Clary, a French shooter who also scored 17, but is not listed in the shoot-off in the newspapers of the time, for some reason. Count Clary later served on the IOC from 1919-33. David Wallechinsky in The Complete Book of the Olympics, notes that de Barbarin was described as a man with “a piercing gaze and a delicate black moustache”.

While the other seven shooting events of the Paris Olympics also doubled as the World Championships, this was not the case for the trap shooting.This was to be the first and only time, the World Championships were held concurrently with the Olympics and the Olympic Champions also became World Champions. It was the fourth staging of the World Championships, having previously been held in Lyon (France) in 1897, Turin (Italy) 1898 and Loosduinen 1899 which, since 1923 has been a district of Den Haag (Netherlands). But, this did not apply to trap, which was not seen at the World Championships until Stockholm in 1929.

1Roger de BarbarinFRA1713Gold
2René GuyotBEL1712Silver
3Justinien, Comte ClaryFRA171Bronze
4César BettexSUI16
5 HilaretFRA15
6Édouard GeynetFRA13
=7Sidney MerlinGBR12
=7André, Baron de SchonenFRA12
=7Jules CharpentierFRA12
=7Charles, Baron de JaubertFRA12
=7Joseph LabbéFRA12
=7 SionFRA12
=13Amédée AubryFRA11
=13George PlaginoROU11
=15Maurice BucquetFRA9
=15Léon MoreauxFRA9
=15 ReverdinFRA9
18Jacques NivièreFRA
19Gaston LegrandFRA
20G. AdorSUI
21André MercierFRA
22Roger NivièreFRA
23Paul de MontholonFRA
24 de Saint-JamesFRA
25 SoucaretFRA
26Pierre PerrierFRA
27Georges BrosselinFRA
28Achille DarnisFRA
29N. GuyotFRA
30 PourchainauxFRA
31 AnjouFRA