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Dueling Pistol Au Commandement, 25 metres, Men

Date25 April 1906
LocationSkopeftirion, Kallithea
Participants22 from 7 countries
Format25 metres. 30 shots. 150 possible.

The match au commandement was the forerunner of the rapid-fire pistol event. The shooters held the pistol at their side, as the range officer asked if they were ready. When they said, “Yes,” the range officer then counted out, “Fire, one, two, three.” The shooter was required to get the shot off before the count of three. In Athina the target was the silhouette of a human dressed in a frock-coat with the bulls-eye located in mid-thorax. The event was only contested at the Olympics in 1906. The title went to Greek shooter Konstantinos Skarlatos, who also competed at the 1912 Olympics, but this was his only Olympic medal. Skarlatos hit the most targets, 29 of 30, and was well ahead on score, 133 to 115 for second- and third-placed Swedes Hübner von Holst and Vilhelm Carlberg.

PosCompetitorNOCTargets HitPoints
1Konstantinos SkarlatosGRE29133Gold
2Hübner von HolstSWE27115Silver
3Vilhelm CarlbergSWE26115Bronze
4Gerald MerlinGBR26111
5Sándor, Gróf Török de SzendrőHUN25104
6Léon MoreauxFRA23104
7Sidney MerlinGBR23103
8Ludwig TernajgoAUT23103
9Georgios PetropoulosGRE2395
10Maurice FaureFRA2298
11Hermann MartinFRA2295
12Maurice LecoqFRA2189
13Eric CarlbergSWE2093
14Alexandros TheofilakisGRE2089
15Charles ClapierFRA2078
16Heinrich HintermannAUT1975
17Alfr. FotiadisGRE1864
18Raoul, Comte de BoigneFRA1770
19Konstantinos VoutieridisGRE1766
20Georges FouconnierFRA1668
DNFGeorgios OrfanidisGRE
DNFCesare LiverzianiITA