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Running Target, Single Shot, Team, Men

Date 4 July 1912 — 10:00
LocationRåsunda, Solna
Participants20 from 5 countries
Format100 metres. Four-man teams. 10 shots per man with one shot per run. 50 possible per shooter, 200 possible per team.

After taking the first nine places in the double-shot running deer event on 3 July, Sweden was heavily favored in the team running deer event and they won easily. They were led by the individual winners in the two running deer events, Åke Lundeberg and Alfred Swahn. But their leading scorer in the team event was Swahn’s father, Oscar Swahn, who was 64 years, 257 days old on 4 July 1912, making him the oldest gold medalist in Olympic history. Oscar Swahn returned to the Olympics in 1920, where he won a silver medal in the team running deer event. In 1920, he won his medal aged 72 years, 279 days, making him the oldest medalist in Olympic history. Oscar Swahn was on the Swedish shooting team which was to compete at the 1924 Paris Olympics, but he fell ill shortly before those Games and did not compete. He died on 1 May 1927, a few months shy of his 80th birthday.

Oscar Swahn 43
Åke Lundeberg 39
Alf Swahn 37
Per-Olof Arvidsson 32
2United StatesUSA132Silver
Walter Winans 39
Bill Leushner 38
Bill Libbey 37
Neil McDonell 18
Nestori Toivonen 38
Iivo Väänänen 30
Axel Fredrik Londen 29
Ernst Rosenqvist 26
Peter Paternolli 34
Adolf Michel 33
Heinrich Elbogen 29
Eberhard Steinböck 19
Vasily Skrotsky 36
Dmitry Barkov 26
Harry Blaus 23
Aleksandr Dobrzhansky 23