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Free Rifle, Three Positions, 300 metres, Men

Date27 July 1952 — 9:00
LocationMalmin Ampumarata, Malmi, Helsinki
Participants32 from 18 countries
Format300 metres. 120 shots, 40 shots prone, 40 kneeling, and 40 standing. 400 possible at each distance, 1,200 posible overall.

The Soviets emphasized rifle shooting, and introduced a new gun of their own design with the site on the left side, to prevent mirages and fogging as the gun heated up. Anatoly Bogdanov won by three points over Robert Bürchler (SUI), although Bürchler set a world record in the kneeling phase of the event with 381. In fact, Bürchler outpointed Bogdanov in both prone and kneeling, but Bogdanov’s dominance, 9 points, in the standing gave him the gold medal. It was noted that the two shot next to each other in standing, and Bürchler stood well forward, sometimes being buffeted by the muzzle blast from Bogdanov’s shots. Bogdanov had been an orphan, left behind in a railway wagon, with his name and date of birth written on a note. His surname, Russian for “given by God” was traditional for Russian orphans.

PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsStanding PointsKneeling PointsProne Points
1Anatoly BogdanovURS1,123359376388GoldOR
2Robert BürchlerSUI1,120350381389Silver
3Lev VaynshteynURS1,109355376378Bronze
4August HollensteinSUI1,108354370384
5Vilho YlönenFIN1,107351377379
6Robert SandagerUSA1,104349371384
7Holger ErbénSWE1,102347376379
8Walther FröstellSWE1,099335375389
9Pablo CagnassoARG1,092342369381
10Ambrus BaloghHUN1,082349359374
11Erling KongshaugNOR1,077342358377
12Pauli JanhonenFIN1,077348351378
13David SchiaffinoARG1,074340359375
14Jovan KratohvilYUG1,073346352375
15Uffe Schultz LarsenDEN1,067324359384
16Stjepan PrauhardtYUG1,065326362377
17Mauritz AmundsenNOR1,057330355372
18Emmett SwansonUSA1,055317371367
19Gil BoaCAN1,053322359372
20Ferenc DécseyHUN1,036336347353
21Dov Ben-DovISR1,033314349370
22Rigoberto RiveroVEN1,028330333365
23Ahmed HamdyEGY1,008303332373
24Harihar BanerjeeIND994299336359
25Humberto BriceñoVEN984270343371
26Shmuel Laviv-LubinISR973291315367
27Alberto BragaBRA962288323351
28Jack PearsonGBR955279318358
29Jocelyn BarlowGBR944266316362
30Saad El-Din El-ShorbaguiEGY941251321369
31Antônio GuimarãesBRA932281309342
32Alfredo MuryGUA885245277363