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1,500 metres, Men

Date 7 April 1896 — 16:30
LocationPanathinaiko Stadio, Athina
Participants8 from 5 countries
FormatFinal only.

The 1,500 metre race was run on 7 April. There were no heats, only a final. Eight runners started: Teddy Flack of Australia, Arthur C. Blake of the United States, Albin Lermusiaux of France, Germany’s Carl Galle, and four Greeks – Angelos Fetsis, Dimitrios Golemis, Konstantinos Karakatsanis, and Dimitrios Tombrof.

The runners stayed together for one lap, with the time at 300 metres being 52.2, at which time the four Greeks lost contact. Blake then took the lead, with 700 metres being passed in 2:08.2, but on the third lap, Lermusiaux took over. He ran 1,100 metres in 3:25.2. At the bell, Flack and Blake passed him, easily drawing away. Flack defeated Blake by five metres in 4:33.2, with Lermusiaux another 15 metres back. Carl Galle finished fourth, trailed by the four Greeks.

12Teddy FlackAUS4:33.2GoldOR
28Arthur C. BlakeUSAat 2-10 metresSilver
34Albin LermusiauxFRAat 6-15 metresBronze
4Carl GalleGER
ACAngelos FetsisGRE
ACDimitrios GolemisGRE
ACKostas KarakatsanisGRE
ACDimitri TombrofGRE
DNSGyula MalcsinerHUN
DNSGeorges de la NézièreFRA
DNSGeorge MarshallGBR
DNSNándor DániHUN


700 m2:08.2Arthur C. Blake
1100 m3:25.2Albin Lermusiaux