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Decathlon, Men

Date19 – 20 October 1964
LocationKokuritsu Kyogijo, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Participants22 from 14 countries
FormatScoring by 1962 point tables.

The United States had won all the Olympic decathlons since 1928, but in 1964 they had no leading contender. The early favorite was C. K. Yang who had won the 1960 silver medal behind Rafer Johnson. But the event was in turmoil in 1964. In 1962, the pole vault was being converted to a fiberglass pole and the new heights achieved made pole vault points well out of proportion to the other events. Yang was a top pole vaulter and at the 1963 Mt. Sac Relays he shattered the world record with 9,121 points, breaking the record after only nine events, and clearing 4.84 [15-10½) in the vault in the process. Yang would later clear 5 metres [16-4¾) in the vault. The problem with the vault led officials to change the scoring tables the year before the Tokyo Olympics, which took away much of Yang’s dominance over the field. After that change, there was no clear favorite in Tokyo. Vasily Kuznetsov of the USSR had won the European Championships in 1954, 1958, and 1962, and had won bronze medals in both 1956 and 1960. But he was 32-years-old in 1964, and not at his best. At Tokyo, the gold medal went to the German Willi Holdorf, who had been German champion in 1960, 1961, and 1963. Yang was injured at Tokyo and was a well-beaten fifth, with Kuznetsov back in seventh.

PosNrAthleteNOCPointsPoints (1985 Hand Tables)100 metresLong JumpShot PutHigh Jump400 metres110 metres HurdlesDiscus ThrowPole VaultJavelin Throw1,500 metres
1263Willi HoldorfGER7887772610.77.0014.951.8448.
2701Rein AunURS7842767710.97.2213.821.9348.815.944.194.2059.064:22.3Silver
3264Hans-Joachim WaldeGER7809766611.07.2114.451.9649.515.343.154.1062.904:37.0Bronze
4767Paul HermanUSA7787765111.26.9713.891.8749.
5628Yang C. K.TPE7650753911.06.8013.231.8149.014.739.594.6068.154:48.4
6262Horst BeyerGER7647748811.27.0214.321.9049.815.245.173.8058.174:23.6
7700Vasily KuznetsovURS7569745410.96.9814.061.7049.514.943.814.4067.875:02.5
8699Mikhail StorozhenkoURS7464730711.07.2216.371.8453.615.043.204.0059.105:00.7
9763Russ HodgeUSA7325713011.06.7514.931.7549.616.044.643.7050.214:24.9
10766Dick EmbergerUSA7292712611.26.7211.801.9049.114.935.323.7057.544:19.3
1161Bill GairdnerCAN7147698911.26.4013.381.7049.215.442.913.4059.724:24.5
12307Valbjörn ÞorlákssonISL7135695811.16.4313.101.8150.115.639.704.4056.195:00.61
13365Franco SarITA7054688811.36.3113.601.7552.214.847.464.2053.595:08.4
14407Alois BüchelLIE6849662911.36.8112.161.8149.717.537.194.0044.904:28.6
15837Shosuke SuzukiJPN6838665411.16.5311.351.7050.816.535.244.2551.884:28.1
1663Gerry MoroCAN6716654011.66.2012.621.7052.016.840.904.6046.634:38.8
17393Koech KipropKEN6707655611.76.5010.551.8752.815.133.074.0555.544:41.6
18432Dramane SeremeMLI5917580411.16.5111.031.6051.216.429.242.6048.464:51.5
DNF587Werner DuttweilerSUI11.36.9413.801.9350.515.932.66
DNF771Héctor ThomasVEN10.77.0012.421.7551.416.738.43
DNF455Eef KamerbeekNED11.36.5614.401.7052.0
DNF629Wu Ah-MinTPE11.75.9010.67
DNS334Samir VincentIRQ