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500 metres, Women

Date19 February 1998
LocationWhite Ring, Nagano
Participants32 from 13 countries
FormatPlacements 1-8 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on points earned in earlier rounds, and time in final round skated.
Olympic Record 45.98 / Cathy Turner USA / 24 February 1994

Judging by performances since the last Olympics, South Korea’s Jeon I-Gyeong was favored for gold, having won the World Championships in 1995, 1996 and 1997, the latter event held at Nagano’s White Ring. Jeon did not win the 500 m there, the victory going to one of her chief rivals, Yang Yang (A) of China. Another feared opponent was Canada’s Isabelle Charest, who held the world record in the event, having set it at 44.867 during the 1997 World Championships.

Of these favorites, only Charest actually made the final. Yang Yang (A) was disqualified in the quarter-finals, and Jeon was outpaced in the semis. This left Charest as the overwhelming favorite, but she could not deliver. During the race, she hit her opponent Wang Chunlu’s skate, causing them both to fall. Charest was disqualified, while Wang stormed off the ice in anger, after failing to finish the race. This left only two racers, Annie Perreault, another Canadian, and Yang Yang (S). The two finished close, with Perreault securing a gold medal for Canada. Because there were only two ranked skaters in the final, the bronze medal went to the winner of the B Final. Jeon had won that race comfortably, giving her a consolation medal. It was the second time an Olympic short track medallist came from the B final, as this had earlier happened in the 1994 men’s 1000 m.

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsBest Time
18Annie PerreaultCANGold
215Yang Yang (S)CHNSilver
328Jeon I-GyeongKORBronze
427Choi Min-GyeongKOR
525Mara UrbaniITA
652Ikue TeshigawaraJPN
77Isabelle CharestCAN13DQ/44.991
813Wang ChunluCHN13DNF/45.565
951Chikage TanakaJPN846.497
1029Kim Yun-MiKOR747.337
1142Yelena TikhaninaRUS546.206
1241Marina PylayevaRUS546.220
1344Erin GleasonUSA446.425
143Evgeniya RadanovaBUL5DQ/45.977
1514Yang Yang (A)CHN5DQ/46.815
1639Jong Ok-MyongPRK3DQ/46.835
1722Barbara BaldisseraITA246.113
184Daniela VlaevaBUL246.681
1947Amy PetersonUSA246.764
2019Yvonne KunzeGER246.887
2143Nataliya SverchikovaUKR246.976
2238Hwang Ok-SilPRK246.987
2332Melanie de LangeNED248.598
2435Ellen WiegersNED256.250
2553Ayako TsubakiJPN146.950
2633Anke Jannie LandmanNED147.090
271Janet DalyAUS149.158
2848Erin PorterUSA11:04.113
2910Tania VicentCAN11:10.212
3023Marinella CancliniITA11:14.224
3117Susanne BuschGER11:30.607
DNF36Han Ryon-HuiPRK

Round One (19 February 1998)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to quarter-finals.

Heat One (19:00)

11Chikage TanakaJPN46.7865Q
24Jong Ok-MyongPRK46.8353Q
32Yvonne KunzeGER46.8872
43Erin PorterUSA1:04.1131

Heat Two (19:03)

11Jeon I-GyeongKOR48.0245Q
24Erin GleasonUSA48.7673Q
32Ellen WiegersNED56.2502
43Tania VicentCAN1:10.2121

Heat Three (19:06)

11Wang ChunluCHN45.6555QOR
22Annie PerreaultCAN45.8663Q
33Barbara BaldisseraITA46.1132
DNF4Han Ryon-HuiPRK

Heat Four (19:09)

12Ikue TeshigawaraJPN47.3545Q
21Kim Yun-MiKOR48.1843Q
33Melanie de LangeNED48.5982
44Susanne BuschGER1:30.6071

Heat Five (19:12)

11Yang Yang (A)CHN46.8155Q
22Yelena TikhaninaRUS46.9803Q
34Hwang Ok-SilPRK46.9872
43Anke Jannie LandmanNED47.0901

Heat Six (19:15)

14Evgeniya RadanovaBUL45.9775Q
22Choi Min-GyeongKOR46.1263Q
33Nataliya SverchikovaUKR46.9762
41Marinella CancliniITA1:14.2241

Heat Seven (19:18)

11Yang Yang (S)CHN46.1365Q
22Mara UrbaniITA46.2873Q
33Amy PetersonUSA46.7642
44Janet DalyAUS49.1581

Heat Eight (19:21)

11Isabelle CharestCAN46.0855Q
23Marina PylayevaRUS46.3593Q
34Daniela VlaevaBUL46.6812
42Ayako TsubakiJPN46.9501

Quarter-Finals (19 February 1998)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One (19:50)

13Choi Min-GyeongKOR46.0335Q
21Isabelle CharestCAN46.1943Q
34Yelena TikhaninaRUS46.2062
DQ2Yang Yang (A)CHN

Heat Two (19:53)

13Annie PerreaultCAN46.4215Q
21Yang Yang (S)CHN46.5783Q
32Chikage TanakaJPN56.7982ADV
DQ4Jong Ok-MyongPRK

Heat Three (19:56)

13Mara UrbaniITA46.2155Q
24Kim Yun-MiKOR46.6403Q
32Ikue TeshigawaraJPN52.6932ADV
DQ1Evgeniya RadanovaBUL

Heat Four (19:59)

11Wang ChunluCHN46.0915Q
22Jeon I-GyeongKOR46.1633Q
33Marina PylayevaRUS46.2202
44Erin GleasonUSA46.4251

Semi-Finals (19 February 1998)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One (20:55)

12Isabelle CharestCAN44.9915QOR
24Yang Yang (S)CHN45.1013Q
31Choi Min-GyeongKOR46.0002QB
43Mara UrbaniITA46.4731QB
55Chikage TanakaJPN46.497

Heat Two (20:58)

13Annie PerreaultCAN45.6125Q
21Wang ChunluCHN45.6553Q
34Ikue TeshigawaraJPN45.7362QB
42Jeon I-GyeongKOR46.1681QB
55Kim Yun-MiKOR47.337

Final Round (19 February 1998 — 21:50)

B Final (21:45)

13Jeon I-GyeongKOR46.335
21Choi Min-GyeongKOR46.504
34Mara UrbaniITA46.687
42Ikue TeshigawaraJPN46.889

A Final (21:50)

12Annie PerreaultCAN46.568
24Yang Yang (S)CHN46.627
DQ1Isabelle CharestCAN
DNF3Wang ChunluCHN