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500 metres, Women

Date24 February 1994
LocationOL-Amfi, Hamar
Participants30 from 15 countries
FormatPlacements 1-8 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on points earned in earlier rounds, and time in final round skated.
Olympic Record 47.00 / Marinella Canclini ITA / 18 February 1992

After her title in 1992, former bar singer Cathy Turner had returned to show business, skating in the Ice Capades revue. She was fired soon and picked up the sport again 7 months before the Games. Meanwhile, her rivals had continued normally. China’s Zhang Yanmei improved the World Record during the 1993 World Championships in Beijing, although the distance was eventually won by the overall World Champion, Nathalie Lambert.

Turner already had a reputation for being an aggressive skater - “competitive” in her own words - and she displayed this again at the Lillehammer Games. In the quarter-finals, Turner bumped several times into Lambert, sending her into the boards and out of contention. While Lambert named Turner “the dirtiest woman on skates”, the American continued unabashedly. She survived a fall in the semis (for which Isabelle Charest was disqualified), and made it into the final. Zhang led the decider with two laps to go, when Turner made a move to pass her. In doing so, she clearly touched the Chinese woman, who claimed Turner had grabbed her. But the referees had not seen anything, and the result was allowed to stand, much to the chagrin of Zhang. Already angered by their disqualification during the relay, she stomped away from the victory ceremony as soon as the U.S. national anthem had finished, throwing away her flowers in anger.

The IOC was not pleased with Zhang’s display, for which the Chinese later apologized. However, most of the other skaters seemed to agree with Zhang, as a Belgian proposal to allow referees to see television replays at the upcoming World Championships was quickly signed by all team leaders, except for the Americans. Some opponents took it even further, sending Turner hate mail through the Olympic Village messaging system.

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsBest Time
1147Cathy TurnerUSAGold
2114Zhang YanmeiCHNSilver
3145Amy PetersonUSABronze
4132Won Hye-GyeongKOR
5130Kim So-HuiKOR
6111Wang XiulanCHN
=7112Yang Yang (S)CHN947.25
=7106Isabelle CharestCAN947.25
9126Ayako TsubakiJPN747.51
10108Sylvie DaigleCAN755.59
11122Marinella CancliniITA61:28.77
12101Karen KahAUS547.90
13116Sandrine DaudetFRA547.97
14109Nathalie LambertCAN41:05.45
15128Jeon I-GyeongKOR41:09.56
16141Marina PylayevaRUS3DQ
17142Yelena TikhaninaRUS247.79
18124Katia MosconiITA247.90
19136Anke Jannie LandmanNED248.36
20143Viktoriya TroitskayaRUS248.59
21127Yelena SinitsinaKAZ250.36
22118Laure DrouetFRA250.47
23104Evgeniya RadanovaBUL250.67
24121Barbara BaldisseraITA21:19.96
25120Debbie PalmerGBR147.93
26133Penèlope di LellaNED148.44
27102Bea PintensBEL149.59
28115Valérie BarizzaFRA150.30
29138Cindy MeyerRSA11:17.18
30103Sofie PintensBEL0DQ

Round One (24 February 1994 — ca. 19:00)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to quarter-finals.

Heat One

13Wang XiulanCHN47.325Q
21Nathalie LambertCAN47.383Q
32Evgeniya RadanovaBUL50.672

Heat Two

11Cathy TurnerUSA46.225QOR
24Won Hye-GyeongKOR48.083Q
33Anke Jannie LandmanNED48.362
42Bea PintensBEL49.591

Heat Three

14Sylvie DaigleCAN46.985Q
21Jeon I-GyeongKOR47.143Q
33Yelena TikhaninaRUS47.792
42Debbie PalmerGBR47.931

Heat Four

12Isabelle CharestCAN46.925Q
21Sandrine DaudetFRA49.063Q
34Barbara BaldisseraITA1:19.962
DQ3Sofie PintensBEL

Heat Five

12Ayako TsubakiJPN48.495Q
21Karen KahAUS48.563Q
34Viktoriya TroitskayaRUS48.592
43Valérie BarizzaFRA50.301

Heat Six

11Marinella CancliniITA47.195Q
23Kim So-HuiKOR47.773Q
32Yelena SinitsinaKAZ50.362

Heat Seven

14Yang Yang (S)CHN47.235Q
21Marina PylayevaRUS47.473Q
33Katia MosconiITA47.902
42Penèlope di LellaNED48.441

Heat Eight

13Amy PetersonUSA47.025Q
21Zhang YanmeiCHN47.353Q
34Laure DrouetFRA50.472
42Cindy MeyerRSA1:17.181

Quarter-Finals (24 February 1994 — ca. 20:00)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One

=11Isabelle CharestCAN47.255Q
=12Yang Yang (S)CHN47.255Q
34Karen KahAUS47.902
43Jeon I-GyeongKOR1:09.561

Heat Two

11Amy PetersonUSA46.595Q
23Zhang YanmeiCHN46.643Q
34Sandrine DaudetFRA47.972
42Marinella CancliniITA1:28.771

Heat Three

14Kim So-HuiKOR46.975Q
21Cathy TurnerUSA47.243Q
32Ayako TsubakiJPN47.512
43Nathalie LambertCAN1:05.451

Heat Four

12Wang XiulanCHN48.405Q
24Won Hye-GyeongKOR48.873Q
31Sylvie DaigleCAN55.592
DQ3Marina PylayevaRUS

Semi-Finals (24 February 1994 — ca. 20:30)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One

14Zhang YanmeiCHN46.015QOR
21Amy PetersonUSA46.283Q
33Kim So-HuiKOR46.362QB
DQ2Yang Yang (S)CHN

Heat Two

13Cathy TurnerUSA47.545Q
24Won Hye-GyeongKOR47.633Q
31Wang XiulanCHN48.002QB
DQ2Isabelle CharestCAN

Final Round (24 February 1994 — ca. 22:00)

B Final (ca. 22:00)

11Kim So-HuiKOR49.01
22Wang XiulanCHN49.03

A Final (ca. 22:00)

13Cathy TurnerUSA45.98OR
21Zhang YanmeiCHN46.44
32Amy PetersonUSA46.76
44Won Hye-GyeongKOR47.63