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1,000 metres, Women

Date21 February 1998
LocationWhite Ring, Nagano
Participants31 from 13 countries
FormatPlacements 1-8 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on points earned in earlier rounds, and time in final round skated.
Olympic Record 1:36.87 / Jeon I-Gyeong KOR / 26 February 1994

As in the 500 m, the pre-Olympic favorites were Jeon I-Gyeong (South Korea) and Yang Yang (A). Because they had both failed to make the final in that event (though Jeon won a bronze through the B Final), they were poised to do better in this competition. In the quarter-finals, Yang appeared in top shape, beating Jeon’s world record with 1:31.991. The two then raced through the second semi-final together, qualifying easily. Both of them had a teammate in the final as well, with Won Hye-Gyeong qualifying for South Korea, and Yang Yang (S) for China. These two initially traded the lead in the final, before their favored compatriots took over. Yang (A) then appeared to grab China’s first ever Winter Olympic gold, leading going into the final curve. But Jeon slipped inside her. Yang tried to hold off the Korean with her arm, but failed and crossed the line in second place. This move even cost her a medal, as the jury disqualified her. Behind Jeon, Yang (S) and Won took home the medals.

The two Yang Yangs actually have different names in Chinese characters, but they are translated to Latin script in the same way. To distinguish them, the letters L and S were initially used, referring to their ages, and not their heights or weights. As Yang Yang (A) objected to the term “large”, she started using an A, which may refer to her birth month of August, as opposed to Yang Yang (S)’s birth month of September.

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsBest Time
128Jeon I-GyeongKORGold
215Yang Yang (S)CHNSilver
330Won Hye-GyeongKORBronze
447Amy PetersonUSA
552Ikue TeshigawaraJPN
629Kim Yun-MiKOR
77Isabelle CharestCAN
814Yang Yang (A)CHN15DQ
935Ellen WiegersNED51:36.343
1050Sachi OzawaJPN51:37.493
113Evgeniya RadanovaBUL51:38.510
1233Anke Jannie LandmanNED41:32.939
1336Han Ryon-HuiPRK41:34.405
148Annie PerreaultCAN41:35.302
1551Chikage TanakaJPN41:36.570
1623Marinella CancliniITA41:38.517
1737Ho Jong-HaePRK41:38.546
1844Erin GleasonUSA21:36.965
194Daniela VlaevaBUL21:37.124
2017Susanne BuschGER21:38.379
2125Mara UrbaniITA21:39.231
2224Katia ColturiITA21:39.937
2310Tania VicentCAN21:40.923
2419Yvonne KunzeGER21:44.870
2542Yelena TikhaninaRUS11:39.242
2641Marina PylayevaRUS11:39.340
2743Nataliya SverchikovaUKR11:45.279
2848Erin PorterUSA11:52.939
291Janet DalyAUS11:59.990
DQ39Jong Ok-MyongPRK
AC13Wang ChunluCHN0DQ
DNS32Melanie de LangeNED

Round One (21 February 1998)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to quarter-finals.

Heat One (19:00)

11Ikue TeshigawaraJPN1:35.9645QOR
22Marinella CancliniITA1:35.9713Q
34Erin GleasonUSA1:36.9652
43Janet DalyAUS1:59.9901

Heat Two (19:03)

11Yang Yang (S)CHN1:35.2445QOR
22Sachi OzawaJPN1:35.2753Q
34Daniela VlaevaBUL1:37.1242
43Erin PorterUSA1:52.9391

Heat Three (19:06)

12Isabelle CharestCAN1:39.7295Q
21Chikage TanakaJPN1:39.8223Q
33Katia ColturiITA1:39.9372
DNS4Melanie de LangeNED

Heat Four (19:09)

11Kim Yun-MiKOR1:39.0425Q
24Annie PerreaultCAN1:39.1283Q
32Mara UrbaniITA1:39.2312
43Marina PylayevaRUS1:39.3401

Heat Five (19:12)

13Amy PetersonUSA1:33.5305QOR
24Han Ryon-HuiPRK1:34.4933Q
32Anke Jannie LandmanNED2:08.8192ADV
DQ1Wang ChunluCHN

Heat Six (19:15)

11Yang Yang (A)CHN1:37.0625Q
23Ellen WiegersNED1:37.7753Q
34Susanne BuschGER1:38.3792
42Yelena TikhaninaRUS1:39.2421

Heat Seven (19:18)

11Jeon I-GyeongKOR1:39.1075Q
22Evgeniya RadanovaBUL1:39.2793Q
33Tania VicentCAN1:40.9232
DQ4Jong Ok-MyongPRK

Heat Eight (19:21)

11Won Hye-GyeongKOR1:44.0055Q
24Ho Jong-HaePRK1:44.2563Q
32Yvonne KunzeGER1:44.8702
43Nataliya SverchikovaUKR1:45.2791

Quarter-Finals (21 February 1998)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One (19:50)

11Yang Yang (A)CHN1:31.9915QWR
22Kim Yun-MiKOR1:32.0973Q
35Anke Jannie LandmanNED1:32.9392
43Han Ryon-HuiPRK1:34.4051
54Annie PerreaultCAN1:35.302

Heat Two (19:53)

12Jeon I-GyeongKOR1:38.0685Q
21Ikue TeshigawaraJPN1:38.4463Q
34Evgeniya RadanovaBUL1:38.5102
43Marinella CancliniITA1:38.5171

Heat Three (19:56)

12Isabelle CharestCAN1:37.2005Q
21Yang Yang (S)CHN1:37.2523Q
33Sachi OzawaJPN1:37.4932
44Ho Jong-HaePRK1:38.5461

Heat Four (19:59)

12Won Hye-GyeongKOR1:36.2105Q
21Amy PetersonUSA1:36.2743Q
33Ellen WiegersNED1:36.3432
44Chikage TanakaJPN1:36.5701

Semi-Finals (21 February 1998)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One (20:55)

11Won Hye-GyeongKOR1:35.6065Q
24Yang Yang (S)CHN1:35.7213Q
32Isabelle CharestCAN1:35.7412QB
43Kim Yun-MiKOR1:38.4201QB

Heat Two (20:58)

11Yang Yang (A)CHN1:34.6885Q
22Jeon I-GyeongKOR1:34.7893Q
34Ikue TeshigawaraJPN1:35.2662QB
43Amy PetersonUSA1:35.6441QB

Final Round (21 February 1998 — 21:15)

B Final (21:10)

13Amy PetersonUSA1:37.348
22Ikue TeshigawaraJPN1:37.693
34Kim Yun-MiKOR1:37.777
41Isabelle CharestCAN1:37.813

A Final (21:15)

13Jeon I-GyeongKOR1:42.776
21Yang Yang (S)CHN1:43.343
32Won Hye-GyeongKOR1:43.361
DQ4Yang Yang (A)CHN