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1,000 metres, Women

Date26 February 1994
LocationOL-Amfi, Hamar
Participants30 from 15 countries
FormatPlacements 1-8 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on points earned in earlier rounds, and time in final round skated.

Despite the controversial 500 m, Cathy Turner continued as usual. In the first round, she bumped into Russian skater Tikhonova, but the move was allowed by the referees. She appeared to make it to the final, winning her heat, but was then disqualified for having cut corners. Turner was furious, claiming the referees had been after her following her alleged misbehaviour in the 500 m final.

Turner’s exit still left most of the favourites in contention. World Champion and World Record holder Nathalie Lambert qualified for the final, as did 500 m silver medallist Zhang. Two South Koreans made it to the last round: Jeon I-Gyeong, runner-up at the 1993 World Championships, and Kim So-Hui. Even Chinese skater Yang Yang [S] made it to the final, being promoted after an opponent’s move in the semis had caused her to fall. Veteran skater Lambert started the last lap in first place, but was then passed by the younger Chun, who held on for the victory.

When asked for the reasons behind the South Korean short track successes, the 18-year-old Chun cited the tough training regimen, with 6 hours of training a day, 3 on Sundays. Chun did not tell reporters that Korean training methods also involved coaches hitting or kicking skaters who under-performed.

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsBest Time
1128Jeon I-GyeongKORGold
2109Nathalie LambertCANSilver
3130Kim So-HuiKORBronze
4114Zhang YanmeiCHN
5112Yang Yang (S)CHN
6106Isabelle CharestCAN
7108Sylvie DaigleCAN10DQ
8147Cathy TurnerUSA6DQ
9132Won Hye-GyeongKOR71:39.03
10126Ayako TsubakiJPN71:39.12
11101Karen KahAUS61:39.93
12141Marina PylayevaRUS61:42.15
13145Amy PetersonUSA51:39.51
14111Wang XiulanCHN51:40.58
15122Marinella CancliniITA41:39.20
16116Sandrine DaudetFRA41:40.83
17103Sofie PintensBEL21:41.12
18124Katia MosconiITA21:41.51
19102Bea PintensBEL21:43.16
20120Debbie PalmerGBR21:44.72
21104Evgeniya RadanovaBUL21:45.67
22123Katia ColturiITA21:46.89
23138Cindy MeyerRSA21:47.85
24142Yelena TikhaninaRUS21:53.92
25118Laure DrouetFRA11:41.21
26133Penèlope di LellaNED11:47.54
27115Valérie BarizzaFRA11:52.30
28136Anke Jannie LandmanNED11:58.09
29143Viktoriya TroitskayaRUS11:59.84
DQ127Yelena SinitsinaKAZ

Round One (26 February 1994 — ca. 19:00)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to quarter-finals.

Heat One

13Sylvie DaigleCAN1:41.885QOR
21Sandrine DaudetFRA1:41.913Q
32Evgeniya RadanovaBUL1:45.672
44Viktoriya TroitskayaRUS1:59.841

Heat Two

14Isabelle CharestCAN1:39.555QOR
21Zhang YanmeiCHN1:39.723Q
33Katia MosconiITA1:41.512
DQ2Yelena SinitsinaKAZ

Heat Three

11Kim So-HuiKOR1:43.765Q
23Amy PetersonUSA1:45.383Q
34Katia ColturiITA1:46.892
42Penèlope di LellaNED1:47.541

Heat Four

11Marina PylayevaRUS1:44.385Q
24Yang Yang (S)CHN1:46.533Q
32Cindy MeyerRSA1:47.852
43Anke Jannie LandmanNED1:58.091

Heat Five

12Ayako TsubakiJPN1:39.615Q
21Marinella CancliniITA1:39.743Q
33Sofie PintensBEL1:41.122
44Laure DrouetFRA1:41.211

Heat Six

12Karen KahAUS1:41.645Q
21Cathy TurnerUSA1:47.033Q
33Yelena TikhaninaRUS1:53.922

Heat Seven

14Won Hye-GyeongKOR1:42.755Q
22Wang XiulanCHN1:43.713Q
31Debbie PalmerGBR1:44.722
43Valérie BarizzaFRA1:52.301

Heat Eight

11Nathalie LambertCAN1:40.455Q
23Jeon I-GyeongKOR1:40.493Q
32Bea PintensBEL1:43.162

Quarter-Finals (26 February 1994 — ca. 20:00)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One

1Nathalie LambertCAN1:38.755QOR
2Yang Yang (S)CHN1:38.963Q
3Won Hye-GyeongKOR1:39.032
4Marinella CancliniITA1:39.201

Heat Two

1Isabelle CharestCAN1:40.295Q
2Jeon I-GyeongKOR1:40.303Q
3Wang XiulanCHN1:40.582
4Marina PylayevaRUS1:42.151

Heat Three

1Kim So-HuiKOR1:38.615QOR
2Cathy TurnerUSA1:38.983Q
3Ayako TsubakiJPN1:39.122
4Sandrine DaudetFRA1:40.831

Heat Four

1Sylvie DaigleCAN1:38.825Q
2Zhang YanmeiCHN1:39.023Q
3Amy PetersonUSA1:39.512
4Karen KahAUS1:39.931

Semi-Finals (26 February 1994 — ca. 21:00)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One

1Kim So-HuiKOR1:37.175QOR
2Zhang YanmeiCHN1:37.263Q
3Isabelle CharestCAN1:37.892QB
DQCathy TurnerUSA

Heat Two

1Nathalie LambertCAN1:38.825Q
2Jeon I-GyeongKOR1:55.073Q
3Yang Yang (S)CHN2:12.062ADV
DQSylvie DaigleCAN

Final Round (26 February 1994 — ca. 22:00)

B Final (ca. 22:00)

1Isabelle CharestCAN1:37.49

A Final (ca. 22:00)

1Jeon I-GyeongKOR1:36.87OR
2Nathalie LambertCAN1:36.97
3Kim So-HuiKOR1:37.09
4Zhang YanmeiCHN1:37.80
5Yang Yang (S)CHN1:47.10