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Parallel Giant Slalom, Women

Date22 – 24 February 2018
LocationPhoenix Snow Park, Mountain Cluster, Bongpyeong
Participants31 from 14 countries
Course SetterBernd KrugAUT
DetailsGates: 27
Length: 595 m
Start Altitude: 848 m
Vertical Drop: 155 m

An intriguing event all about speed, the women’s parallel giant slalom competition at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games was held on 24 February at the Bogwang Phoenix Park. The shorter parallel slalom race from Sochi 2014 was dropped to add in the big air to the Olympic programme.

The granddaughter of two-time Olympic medalist ice hockey player Jan Klapáč, snowboarder Ester Ledecká from Czech Republic had long dominated the parallel giant slalom (PGS) world, winning gold at the World Championships in 2015 and 2017. A two-sport athlete, prior to the PGS in PyeongChang, Ledecka competed in alpine skiing’s super-G where she came out of nowhere on borrowed ski’s from Mikaela Shiffrin’s to win an unexpected Olympic title by 0.01 seconds in one of the most insane races in Olympic history. The two-time World snowboarding champion shocked the alpine ski world and with one Olympic gold medal already around her neck, Ledecká was still the odds-on favourite for the parallel giant slalom title in 2018.

Also podium threats were the Sochi 2014 parallel slalom champion Austrian Julia Dujmovits, Sochi bronze medalist Russia’s Alyona Zavarzina, and two strong German World Cup performers Ramona Hofmeister and her teammate Selina Jörg.

The defending medalists from Sochi 2014 were unable to recapture medals this time around. Silver medalist Tomoka Takeuchi from Japan was just edged out by Jörg in the quarter-finals, and gold medalist Patrizia Kummer of Switzerland was unable to advance against eventual winner Ledecká. Austria’s Ina Meschik who was just off the podium in fourth in Sochi, was unable to advance against Hofmeister.

So, a week after winning alpine gold in PyeongChang, Ledecká became the first woman to win Olympic Winter Games golds in different sports in the same Games, only the third athlete to ever accomplish this, the first since 1932, and one of just five in Winter Olympics history to win a gold medal in two separate sports. She simply would have made history by just competing, as no woman had ever competed in both alpine skiing and snowboarding in the same Olympic Winter Games.

Ledecká won the Big Final by 0.46 seconds against Jörg, and Hofmeister won the Small Final by 4.07 seconds against Zavarzina, who seemed to momentarily slip in both races (against Jörg in the semi-final heat and against Hofmeister in the Small Final). The silver medal went to Jörg, and the bronze went to Hofmeister. Zavarzina came in fourth place just off the podium.

17Ester LedeckáCZEGold
216Selina JörgGERSilver
38Ramona HofmeisterGERBronze
41Alyona ZavarzinaROC
59Tomoka TakeuchiJPN
614Julie ZoggSUI
73Daniela UlbingAUT
86Ina MeschikAUT
910Carolin LangenhorstGER
1020Milena BykovaROC
1121Aleksandra KrólPOL
124Julia DujmovitsAUT
1317Ladina JennySUI
1415Yekaterina TudegeshevaROC
1511Gloria KotnikSLO
162Patrizia KummerSUI
175Michelle DekkerNED
1819Nadya OchnerITA
1913Nataliya SobolevaROC
2026Jeong Hae-RimKOR
2124Anke KarstensGER
2227Zang RuxinCHN
2323Stefanie MüllerSUI
2425Weronika BielaPOL
2531Sin Da-HyeKOR
2622Gong NaiyingCHN
2730Teodora PenchevaBUL
2818Annamari ChundakUKR
2928Karolina SztokfiszPOL
DNF12Claudia RieglerAUT
DQ29Xu XiaoxiaoCHN

Qualifying Round

Date22 February 2018 — 12:00
1Ester LedeckáCZE1:28.90Q
2Alyona ZavarzinaROC1:30.16Q
3Selina JörgGER1:30.27Q
4Carolin LangenhorstGER1:31.58Q
5Ramona HofmeisterGER1:31.98Q
6Tomoka TakeuchiJPN1:32.86Q
7Julie ZoggSUI1:32.89Q
8Daniela UlbingAUT1:33.07Q
9Milena BykovaROC1:33.09Q
10Aleksandra KrólPOL1:33.13Q
11Julia DujmovitsAUT1:33.16Q
12Ladina JennySUI1:33.19Q
13Ina MeschikAUT1:33.23Q
14Yekaterina TudegeshevaROC1:33.42Q
15Gloria KotnikSLO1:33.52Q
16Patrizia KummerSUI1:33.59Q
17Michelle DekkerNED1:33.60
18Nadya OchnerITA1:33.80
19Nataliya SobolevaROC1:33.93
20Jeong Hae-RimKOR1:34.11
21Anke KarstensGER1:34.70
22Zang RuxinCHN1:35.26
23Stefanie MüllerSUI1:35.59
24Weronika BielaPOL1:35.92
25Sin Da-HyeKOR1:36.04
26Gong NaiyingCHN1:36.36
27Teodora PenchevaBUL1:38.63
28Annamari ChundakUKR1:46.64
DQKarolina SztokfiszPOL
DNFClaudia RieglerAUT
DQXu XiaoxiaoCHN


Date24 February 2018 — 12:00
FormatWinner of each heat advance to quarter-finals.

Heat #1

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1
1Ina MeschikAUTQ
2Carolin LangenhorstGER+0.02

Heat #2

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1
1Ramona HofmeisterGERQ
DNFLadina JennySUI

Heat #3

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1
1Daniela UlbingAUTQ
2Milena BykovaROC+0.52

Heat #4

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1
1Ester LedeckáCZEQ
2Patrizia KummerSUI+0.71

Heat #5

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1
1Alyona ZavarzinaROCQ
2Gloria KotnikSLO+0.03

Heat #6

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1
1Julie ZoggSUIQ
2Aleksandra KrólPOL+0.70

Heat #7

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1
1Tomoka TakeuchiJPNQ
2Julia DujmovitsAUT+0.17

Heat #8

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1
1Selina JörgGERQ
2Yekaterina TudegeshevaROC+0.65


Date24 February 2018 — 12:30
FormatWinner of each heat advance to semi-finals, loser advance to classification round.

Heat #1

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1
1Ramona HofmeisterGERQ
2Ina MeschikAUT+0.78

Heat #2

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1
1Ester LedeckáCZEQ
2Daniela UlbingAUT+0.97

Heat #3

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1
1Alyona ZavarzinaROCQ
2Julie ZoggSUI+1.88

Heat #4

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1
1Selina JörgGERQ
2Tomoka TakeuchiJPN+0.62


Date24 February 2018 — 12:48
FormatWinner of each heat advance to final.

Heat #1

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1
1Ester LedeckáCZEQ
DNFRamona HofmeisterGER

Heat #2

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1
1Selina JörgGERQ
DNFAlyona ZavarzinaROC

Final Round

Date24 February 2018 — 12:58

Heat 1/2

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1
1Ester LedeckáCZE
2Selina JörgGER+0.46

Heat 3/4

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1
1Ramona HofmeisterGER
2Alyona ZavarzinaROC+4.07