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Aerials, Men

Date21 February 1988 — 13:30
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
LocationCanada Olympic Park, Calgary (Moguls)
Participants14 from 10 countries

Freestyle aeriels was a demonstration event at the 1988 and 1992 Winter Olympics and would become a full-medal event at Lillehammer in 1994. The favorite in Calgary was Canadian Lloyd Langlois, the 1986 World Champion. Langlois would only finish third, however, upset by his teammate, Jean-Marc Rozon, who won the title, followed by France’s Didier Meda.

1Jean-Marc RozonCAN410.93
2Didier MédaFRA380.77
3Lloyd LangloisCAN377.97
4Kris FeddersenUSA376.24
5Jean-Marc BacquinFRA348.76
6Sonny SchönbächlerSUI340.95
7Tor SkeieNOR336.04
8Thomas ÜberallAUT332.87
9Éric LaboureixFRA327.59
10Marcus LovettAUS321.33
11Thomas WachtFRG290.79
12Tetsunori KudoJPN273.56
13Andrey LisitskyURS232.01
14Chris HaslockUSA181.56