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Literature, Dramatic Works, Open1

Date17 May – 12 August 1928
LocationStedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Participants5 from 4 countries
JudgeClarence, Greve von RosenSWE
JudgeJosé Capelo, Conde de Penha GarciaPOR
JudgeKarel Joan Lodewijk Alberdingk ThijmNED
JudgePieter Cornelis BoutensNED
JudgeRafael CabreraMEX
JudgeHerbert EulenbergGER
JudgeMarius LeblondFRA
JudgeAry LeblondFRA
JudgeJohan de MeesterNED
JudgeGiuseppe PrezzoliniITA
JudgeErnest RhysGBR

Since the submitted works could only include 20,000 words, several chapters could be submitted from recently published books. Overall, the jury had to evaluate 40 literary works by 34 authors from 10 countries.

In the category Dramatic Works no gold and bronze medals were awarded, only a silver one. This was won by Paulo maiora canamus, real name Lauro Adolfo de Bosis, for his lyric drama Icarus, an Italian meter (11 syllables), which was inspired by Charles Lindbergh’s trans-oceanic flight. The work was published in 1930 in Milano, and was also translated into English and French.

PosCompetitorNOCTranslated TitleOriginal TitleTitle in Olympic Report or Catalogue
2 Paulo maiora canamusITAIcarusIcaroIcaroSilver
AC Plus que de RaisonFRA800 Meters800 Mètres800 Mètres
ACHenri van WermeskerkenNEDOcean FlightOceaanvluchtOceaanvlucht
ACLouis GrivelSUIAt the Threshold of the GamesAu Seuil des JeuxAu Seuil des Jeux
AC VoittoutSUISporting conflictsConflits SportivesConflits Sportives