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Music, Instrumental And Chamber, Open1

Date17 May – 12 August 1928
LocationStedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Participants5 from 3 countries
JudgeWillem MengelbergNED
JudgeKasimierz, Prince LubomirskiPOL
JudgeGustave DoretSUI
JudgeSem DresdenNED
JudgeZdzisław JachimeckiPOL
JudgeMario LabrocaITA
JudgeGabriel PiernéFRA
JudgeWillem PijperNED
JudgeMax von SchillingsGER
JudgeJustinien, Comte ClaryFRA

The judges did not have many choices, as the Official Report lists 22 pieces of music that were entered, from 15 artists in 9 countries. Because the jury was not satisfied with most of the submitted works, it acted consistently and awarded only a bronze medal for orchestral music but no other award. There must have been a preliminary judging in Amsterdam because the Official Report noted that not all jurors had to arrive due to the low quality of the works. As explained in the category Compositions For Orchestra no medals were awarded as the jury was not satisfied with the submissions. No prominent musicians took part.

PosCompetitorNOCTranslated TitleOriginal TitleTitle in Olympic Report or Catalogue
AC SijomaBELOlympic MarchMarche OlympiqueMarche Olympique
ACMarius UlfrstadNORHolmenkollen DayLe Jour d'Holmenkollen
ACMarius UlfrstadNORRegattaRégate
ACMarius UlfrstadNORThe BoxerLe Boxeur
ACSimon FreySUISportingSportingSporting
ACRoger MoretSUIOn the Verge of the GamesAu Seuil des JeuxAu Seuil des Jeux
AC IXe Olympiade AmsterdamSUIMarch of the Gods of OlympusMarche des Dieux de l'OlympeMarche des Dieux de l'Olympe