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Pairs, Mixed

Date14 – 15 February 2010
LocationPacific Coliseum, Vancouver
Participants40 from 12 countries
FormatTotal of points from short program and free skating.

This was predicted to be a close contest, and so it proved. After the short program, the bronze medallists from 2006, China’s Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo held a slender lead of 0.7 points over the reigning World Champions Aljona Sawtchenko and Robin Szolkowy (GER), with reigning European Champions Yuko Kavaguti and Aleksandr Smirnov (RUS) a further 1.8 points behind. In the free skate, the Russians’ performance contained a number of errors that relegated them to fourth place. The German pair also skated a program with errors and eventually finished with the bronze medal. The outstanding free skate performance was done by China’s Pang Qing and Tong Jian, former world champions who moved up from fourth place to take the silver medal. The leaders after the short program, Shen and Zhao, skated well enough to take the gold medal, posting the second highest score of the free programme. This was the first time since 1960 that a Russian or Soviet pair had not won the gold medal in this event, and was the first ever gold medal in figure skating for China. Two medalists, Sawchenko and Kavaguti, did not compete for their native countries, as Sawchenko was Ukrainian and Kavaguti (Kawaguchi) was Japanese.

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsShort ProgramFree Skating
1Shen Xue / Zhao HongboCHN216.5776.66 (1)139.91 (2)Gold
2Pang Qing / Tong JianCHN213.3171.50 (4)141.81 (1)Silver
3Aljona Sawtchenko / Robin SzolkowyGER210.6075.96 (2)134.64 (3)Bronze
4Yuko Kavaguti / Aleksandr SmirnovRUS194.7774.16 (3)120.61 (7)
5Zhang Dan / Zhang HaoCHN194.3471.28 (5)123.06 (4)
6Jessica Dubé / Bryce DavisonCAN187.1165.36 (6)121.75 (6)
7Mariya Mukhortova / Maksim TrankovRUS185.7963.44 (8)122.35 (5)
8Tetiana Volosozhar / Stanislav MorozovUKR181.7862.14 (9)119.64 (8)
9Anabelle Langlois / Cody HayCAN179.9764.20 (7)115.77 (9)
10Amanda Evora / Mark LadwigUSA171.9257.86 (10)114.06 (10)
11Vera Bazarova / Yury LarionovRUS163.5056.54 (12)106.96 (11)
12Nicole Della Monica / Yannick KoconITA161.6056.82 (11)104.78 (13)
13Caydee Denney / Jeremy BarrettUSA158.3353.26 (14)105.07 (12)
14Vanessa James / Yannick BonheurFRA145.1051.16 (15)93.94 (14)
15Anaïs Morand / Antoine DorsazSUI144.4255.34 (13)89.08 (17)
16Stacey Kemp / David KingGBR139.9448.28 (16)91.66 (16)
17Maylin Hausch / Daniel WendeGER138.7445.46 (17)93.28 (15)
18Joanna Sulej / Mateusz ChruścińskiPOL125.8239.30 (20)86.52 (18)
19Maria Sergejeva / Ilja GlebovEST124.9042.18 (18)82.72 (19)
20Kateryna Kostenko / Roman TalanUKR120.9839.54 (19)81.44 (20)

Short Program (14 February 2010 — 16:30)

Judge #1Wang YuminCHN
Judge #2Iryna MedvedevaUKR
Judge #3Karen ArcherGBR
Judge #4Andrea DerbyCAN
Judge #5Aleksandr KoganRUS
Judge #6Taffy HollidayUSA
Judge #7Heinz-Ulrich WaltherGER
Judge #8Markus GermannSUI
Judge #9Florence VuylstekerFRA
PosNrSkaterNOCPointsTech. ElementsProgr. ComponentsDeductions
11Shen Xue / Zhao HongboCHN76.6642.4234.240.00
220Aljona Sawtchenko / Robin SzolkowyGER75.9642.2433.720.00
316Yuko Kavaguti / Aleksandr SmirnovRUS74.1640.9233.240.00
418Pang Qing / Tong JianCHN71.5039.9032.601.00
519Zhang Dan / Zhang HaoCHN71.2841.0830.200.00
617Jessica Dubé / Bryce DavisonCAN65.3636.1630.201.00
79Anabelle Langlois / Cody HayCAN64.2037.6026.600.00
814Mariya Mukhortova / Maksim TrankovRUS63.4434.2430.201.00
915Tetiana Volosozhar / Stanislav MorozovUKR62.1434.6227.520.00
108Amanda Evora / Mark LadwigUSA57.8633.1024.760.00
1111Nicole Della Monica / Yannick KoconITA56.8231.9024.920.00
127Vera Bazarova / Yury LarionovRUS56.5431.7424.800.00
1313Anaïs Morand / Antoine DorsazSUI55.3432.7022.640.00
144Caydee Denney / Jeremy BarrettUSA53.2629.8623.400.00
156Vanessa James / Yannick BonheurFRA51.1628.5622.600.00
1612Stacey Kemp / David KingGBR48.2827.7220.560.00
175Maylin Hausch / Daniel WendeGER45.4623.5421.920.00
182Maria Sergejeva / Ilja GlebovEST42.1823.7019.481.00
1910Kateryna Kostenko / Roman TalanUKR39.5421.7418.801.00
203Joanna Sulej / Mateusz ChruścińskiPOL39.3023.2618.042.00

Free Skating (15 February 2010 — 17:00)

Judge #1Anna SierockaPOL
Judge #2Nikolai SalnikovEST
Judge #3Franco BeniniITA
Judge #4Albert ZaydmanISR
Judge #5Heinz-Ulrich WaltherGER
Judge #6Iryna MedvedevaUKR
Judge #7Andrea DerbyCAN
Judge #8Taffy HollidayUSA
Judge #9Markus GermannSUI
PosNrSkaterNOCPointsTech. ElementsProgr. ComponentsDeductions
119Pang Qing / Tong JianCHN141.8170.5371.280.00
220Shen Xue / Zhao HongboCHN139.9167.5172.400.00
318Aljona Sawtchenko / Robin SzolkowyGER134.6465.0870.561.00
414Zhang Dan / Zhang HaoCHN123.0665.4258.641.00
515Mariya Mukhortova / Maksim TrankovRUS122.3561.2762.081.00
616Jessica Dubé / Bryce DavisonCAN121.7560.9961.761.00
717Yuko Kavaguti / Aleksandr SmirnovRUS120.6157.1364.481.00
811Tetiana Volosozhar / Stanislav MorozovUKR119.6464.6456.001.00
913Anabelle Langlois / Cody HayCAN115.7760.4556.321.00
109Amanda Evora / Mark LadwigUSA114.0662.0652.000.00
1110Vera Bazarova / Yury LarionovRUS106.9657.7250.241.00
128Caydee Denney / Jeremy BarrettUSA105.0756.2748.800.00
1312Nicole Della Monica / Yannick KoconITA104.7854.3451.441.00
146Vanessa James / Yannick BonheurFRA93.9448.3445.600.00
151Maylin Hausch / Daniel WendeGER93.2851.0843.201.00
165Stacey Kemp / David KingGBR91.6649.9041.760.00
177Anaïs Morand / Antoine DorsazSUI89.0848.4442.642.00
184Joanna Sulej / Mateusz ChruścińskiPOL86.5249.4438.081.00
193Maria Sergejeva / Ilja GlebovEST82.7243.9238.800.00
202Kateryna Kostenko / Roman TalanUKR81.4445.5235.920.00