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Domenico Purificato

Biographical information

TypeCompeted in Olympic Games
Full nameDomenico•Purificato
Used nameDomenico•Purificato
Born14 March 1915 in Fondi, Latina (ITA)
Died6 November 1984 in Roma, Roma (ITA)
NOC(s) Italy


The painting of Italian Domenico Purificati, as well as his life, was marked by a strong love of his land. In his early career he joined the painting movement called “Roman School,” which was started by many important Italian artists. A multifaceted artist, Purificato was editor of the magazine CINEMA from 1940-43, and was one of the earliest critics of the regime. After the war, he was the protagonist of neo-realism in Roma, inspired by subjects taken from reality. He immortalized common people in his paintings, figures and rustic scenes of everyday life, with soft colors and pastels. He also dealt with fiction, non-fiction, theater and television.


Games Discipline (Sport) Event Status Team Pos Details
1948 Summer Olympics Art Competitions Painting, Unknown Event, Open Olympic AC Representing Italy