Józef Klukowski

Biographical information

Medals OG
Gold 1
Silver 1
Bronze 0
Total 2
TypeCompeted in Olympic Games
Full nameJózef•Klukowski
Used nameJózef•Klukowski
Born2 January 1894 in Repelka (BLR)
Died29 April 1945 in Sandbostel, Niedersachsen (GER)
NOC Poland


Polish sculptor Józef Klukowski won a gold medal for his Sport Sculpture II at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics in the category of medals and reliefs within the art competitions, and also won a silver medal in 1936 for his relief Football Match. The 42 cm high Egyptian Relief Sport Sculpture II showed an awards ceremony on the front, and on the left and the right, as well as on the back reliefs of a discus thrower, a shot putter and a football player. It was presented to ski jumper Stanisław Marusarz as the sportsman of the year in Poland in 1938. Marusarz’s father saved the trophy through World War II, and it was re-discovered in 2000-01 at an exhibition in the Museum of Sport and Tourism in Warszawa, as Marusarz’ trophies were presented.

In Polish sources, the title is Wieńczenie zawodnika (Coronation of an athlete). A cubist-style cup with silver-plated and patinated bronze also dates from 1932. Bas-reliefs of boxers, discus throwers, shot putters and rugby players are attached to the sides. According to the inscription, it was awarded as the European Fencing Cup in Warsaw in 1934. The dimensions are 34 x 20 x 16 cm. It is unknown whether it is actually the Sport Sculpture I. Four years later Klukowski was awarded the silver medal for a bas-relief made of stone with the title Piłka Nożna or Piłkarze (Football players). In the art catalog, in which it is depicted, it says Ball (Piłka) as well as Football match.

Klukowski was a sculptor, painter and graphic artist and studied in Warszawa and Paris. His main interests were sports and animal motifs. As a sculptor, he worked primarily in granite. He took part in the Warszawa Uprising in 1944 and was killed on a transport from the Sachsenhausen concentration camp while being moved to Bergen-Belsen.


Games Discipline (Sport) / Event NOC / Team Pos Medal As
1932 Summer Olympics Art Competitions POL Józef Klukowski
Sculpturing, Medals And Reliefs, Open (Olympic) 1 Gold
Sculpturing, Medals And Reliefs, Open (Olympic) AC
1936 Summer Olympics Art Competitions POL Józef Klukowski
Painting, Unknown Event, Open (Olympic) AC
Sculpturing, Reliefs, Open (Olympic) 2 Silver

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DOB also seen as: 13.10.1894 in http://www.olimpijski.pl/Media/files/edukacja/materialy/olimpionik1_9.pdf