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Sculpturing, Medals And Reliefs, Open

Date30 July – 14 August 1932
LocationLos Angeles Museum of History, Science and Art, Los Angeles, California
Participants27 from 12 countries
JudgeHaig PatigianUSA
JudgeCarl MillesSWE
JudgeLloyd RollinsUSA
JudgeHenry HeringUSA
JudgeSalvatore Cartaino ScarpittaUSA

Overall, 144 participants from 16 countries with 300 exhibits participated in the sculpture competition. There were two groups of entries: Reliefs and Medals and Sculptors Works (free-standing figures). The jury for sculpture consisted of the people Haig Patigian (1876-1950), San Francisco; Lloyd Rollins (1890-1970), San Francisco; Henry Hering (1874-1949), New York; and Salvatore Cartaino Scarpitta (1887-1948), Hollywood; all well-known sculptors and art historians in the United States. Also on the jury was the Swedish sculptor Carl Milles (1875-1955).

The gold medal was presented to Polish medalist Józef Klukowski for his Sport Sculpture II. He also won a silver medal for Soccer player at the 1936 Art Competitions in Berlin. In 1944 he was killed during transport between concentration camps, when he was being moved from Mauthausen to Bergen-Belsen. His badge was presented to the champion Polish ski jumper Stanisław Marusarz the same year, whose father preserved it after World War II. At an exhibition at the Museum of Sport and Tourism at Warszawa in 2000-01 the badge was re-discovered, as Marusarz’ trophies were displayed.

US silver medal winner Frederick MacMonnies ( Lindbergh Medal ) later married Alice Jones, sister of tennis players Marion and Georgina Jones who took part in the 1900 Paris Games.

The bronze medal was won by Canadian Tait McKenzie, the only art Olympian to take part in five Olympic Games 1912-48. His Shield of the Athletes was only one of 44 works he submitted to the Los Angeles Art Competitions. He was a Canadian-born American, who after World War I specialized in the care and rehabilitation of severely wounded soldiers, and earned honors in the Canadian and American Scout Movement. During his medical studies at McGill University in Montréal, McKenzie was known as a versatile athlete.

PosCat NrArtist(s)NOCTranslated TitleOriginal TitleTitle in Olympic Report or Catalogue
1620Józef KlukowskiPOLSport Sculpture II (Coronation of an athlete)Wieńczenie zawodnikaSport Sculpture IIGold
21056Frederick MacMonniesUSALindbergh MedalLindbergh MedalLindbergh Medal (Lent by Society of Medalists)Silver
380Tait McKenzieCANShield of the AthletesShield of the Athletes"The Shield of the Athletes"Bronze
AC4Edwin GrienauerAUTMedal of the Austrian Automobile ClubMedaille des Österreichischen Automobil ClubMedaille des Oesterr. Automobil Club
AC5Edwin GrienauerAUTEckart-Bund medalEckart-Bund MedailleEckart-Bund Medaille
AC6Edwin GrienauerAUTNike (pentathlon medal)Nike (Fünfkampf-Medaille)Nike, Fünfkampf-Medaille
AC7Edwin GrienauerAUTNeptune (water sports medal)Neptun (Wassersport-Medaille)Neptun, Wassersport-Medaille
AC8Edwin GrienauerAUTSprinter in the final spurtSprinter im EndspurtSprinter im Endspurt
AC9Edwin GrienauerAUTEuropean Championship Medal in Women's Figure SkatingEuropameisterschafts-Medaille im Kunstlauf für DamenEuropameisterschafts-Medaille im Kunstlauf für Damen
AC10Edwin GrienauerAUTBadge for certified ski instructorsAbzeichen für staatlich geprüfte SkilehrerAbzeichen für staatlich geprüfte Skilehrer
AC11Edwin GrienauerAUTRowers (sports medal)Ruderer (Sport-Medaille)Ruderer, Sport-Medaille
AC54Victor DemanetBELPrix Piccard-Kipfer (Medals)Médaille Prix Piccard-KipferPr. Piccard-Kipfer (Medals)
AC56Valère De MoerBELInsigniaInsignesInsigns (in frame)
AC57Valère De MoerBELMetal gobletCoupe metalCoupe metal
AC58Valère De MoerBELRadiator mascot IBouchon radiateurBouchon radiateur
AC59Valère De MoerBELRadiator mascot IIBouchon radiateurBouchon radiateur
AC94Tait McKenzieCANThe Joy of EffortThe Joy of Effort"The Joy of Effort"
AC95Tait McKenzieCANThe PuntThe Punt"The Punt"
AC96Tait McKenzieCANThe Line PlayThe Line Play"The Line Play"
AC120Tait McKenzieCANMedals and Medallions (21)Medals and Medallions (21)Medals and Medallions (21)
AC122Tait McKenzieCANBrothers of the WindBrothers of the Wind"Brothers of the Wind"
AC142Jan KavanTCHHigh JumpSkok vysokýHigh Jump
AC151Antonín OdehnalTCHMedal: To the WinnerMedaili ministerstva zdravotnictví a tělesné výchovy - Za vítězstvíMedal: To the Winner
AC152Antonín OdehnalTCHMedal: For MeritsMedaili ministerstva zdravotnictví a tělesné výchovy - ZáslužnáMedal: For Merits
AC153Antonín OdehnalTCHMedals: ReversMedaili ministerstva zdravotnictví a tělesné výchovyMedals: Revers
AC186Hugo LiisbergDENThe HuntersJægerenThe Hunters
AC264David EvansGBRFootball PanelFootball PanelFootball Panel (plaster)
AC313Abel LafleurFRAFootball PlaqueFootball PlaquetteFootball Plaguette
AC382Rudolf BosseltGERConstitution Day Medal 1931Verfassungstagplakette 1931Verfassungstagplakette, 1931
AC384Oskar GloecklerGERFencing medalFechterplaketteFechterplakette
AC385Oskar GloecklerGERBoxerBoxerBoxer
AC386Oskar GloecklerGERTrack and FieldLeichtathletikLeichtathletik
AC387Theodor von GosenGERGerman Games Medal, Breslau 1930Kampfspielmedaille Breslau 1930Kampfspielmedaille Breslau 1930
AC390Max LaeugerGERCeramic bowlKeramikschaleKeramikschale
AC391Max LaeugerGERHigh reliefHochreliefHochrelief
AC393Theodor PilartzGERConstitution Medal 1930Verfassungsplakette 1930Verfassungsplakette 1930
AC394Otto PlaczekGERSport Medal I (obverse and reverse)Sportmedaille I (Vorder- und Rückseite)Sport Medal I (obverse and reverse)
AC395Otto PlaczekGERSport-prizeSportpreisSport-prize
AC396Otto PlaczekGERSport Medal II (obverse and reverse)Sportmedaille II (Vorder- und Rückseite)Sport Medal II (obverse and reverse)
AC397Waldemar RaemischGERMedal (for the Olympic Congress Berlin 1930)Medaille (Plakette für den Olympischen Kongress Berlin 1930)Medaille (Plakette für den Olympischen Kongress Berlin 1930)
AC399Hans SchwegerleGERHonorary Award of the Reich's GovernmentEhrenpreis der ReichsregierungEhrenpreis der Reichsregierung
AC405Josef WackerleGERConstitution Medal 1929Verfassungsplakette 1929Verfassungsplakette 1929
AC452Chris van der HoefNEDOlympic MedalOlympic Medal
AC453Chris van der HoefNEDAviation MedalAviation Medal
AC454Chris van der HoefNEDAviation MedalAviation Medal
AC482Miltiades MannoHUNMilitary Sport Competition MedalHadsereg SportéremMilitary Sport Competition Medal
AC483Miltiades MannoHUNMedal of the National Sporting News for the Best SportsmanMedal of the National Sporting News for the Best Sportsman
AC484Miltiades MannoHUNFor the Jubilee of the Hungarian Football FederationMagyar Labdarúgók Szövetségének 25 éves jubileumára készült emlékplakettFor the Jubilee of the Hungarian Football Federation
AC485Miltiades MannoHUNCollege Sport MedalCollege Sport Medal
AC486Miltiades MannoHUNMedal of Professional FootballistsMedal of Professional Footballists
AC619Józef KlukowskiPOLSport Sculpture ISport Sculpture I
AC1035Laura Gardin FraserUSASportsman MedalSportsman MedalSportsman Medal
AC1041Chaim GrossUSAAcrobatsAcrobats (Acrobat Dancers, Acrobat Performers)Acrobats
AC1058Hermon Atkins MacNeilUSAHopi MedalHopi Prayer for RainHopi Medal (Lent by Society of Medalists)
HC1046Henry HeringUSAChampionship Medal for GolfChampionship Medal of the Scarsdale Golf and Country ClubChampionship Medal for Golf
HC1054Julio KilenyiUSAOlympic Commemorative MedalOlympic Commemorative MedalOlympic Commemorative Medal