Maud, Grevinna von Rosen-Engberg

Biographical information

RolesCompeted in Olympic Games
Full nameMaud Ella Clara Lillian•von Rosen-Engberg
Used nameMaud, Grevinna•von Rosen-Engberg
Born2 August 1902 in Julita, Katrineholm, Södermanland (SWE)
Died13 December 1988 in Eslöv, Skåne (SWE)
Title(s)Grevinna (Countess)
NOC Sweden


Countess Maud von Rosen-Engberg was the mother of the equestrienne Maud von Rosen, the sister of Clarence von Rosen, Jr., and the daughter of IOC member Clarence, Count von Rosen, who was considered “The Father of Modern Olympic Equestrian Competition”. Her mother was a member of the noble Swedish family von Blixen-Finecke. Countess Maud was a sculptor, participating in the 1932 Los Angeles Art Competitions. She was a private student of the famous sculptor Carl Milles, and won recognition with a solo exhibition in London in 1931.

In the United States, she became well known as an artist during the time of her first husband Count Gustaf Fredrik rich Hans Göran von Rosen’s work as a military attaché at the Swedish embassy in Washington. She later made a trip through Persia, partly on horseback. Her book about this trip was published in Sweden in 1935 and in 1937 in English under the title Insh ‘Allah! Persïan Pilgrimage. Horses and riders were also her favorite subjects as a sculptor. Her works include an “Equestrian Statuette”, which was one of entries at the 1932 art competition as shown in the Los Angeles art catalog.


Games Discipline (Sport) / Event NOC / Team Pos Medal As
1932 Summer Olympics Art Competitions SWE Maud, Grevinna von Rosen-Engberg
Sculpturing, Statues, Open (Olympic) AC
Sculpturing, Unknown Event, Open (Olympic) AC
Sculpturing, Unknown Event, Open (Olympic) AC

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