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Sculpturing, Statues, Open

Date30 July – 14 August 1932
LocationLos Angeles Museum of History, Science and Art, Los Angeles, California
Participants82 from 17 countries
JudgeHaig PatigianUSA
JudgeCarl MillesSWE
JudgeLloyd RollinsUSA
JudgeHenry HeringUSA
JudgeSalvatore Cartaino ScarpittaUSA

Overall, 144 participants from 16 countries with 300 exhibits participated in the sculpture competition. There were two groups of entries: Reliefs and Medals and Sculptors Works (free-standing figures). The jury for sculpture consisted of the people Haig Patigan (1876-1950), San Francisco; Lloyd La Page Rollins (1890-1970), San Francisco; Henry Hering (1874-1949), New York; and Salvatore Cartaino “SC” Scarpitta (1887-1948), Hollywood; all well-known sculptors and art historians in the United States. Also on the jury was the Swedish sculptor Carl Milles (1875-1955).

US sculptor Mahonri Mackintosh Young produced his amazing statue The Knockdown. A viewer can almost sense the blow the boxer lying on the ground has received. The work is now exhibited in the Art Museum of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Young also submitted 15 other works. Hungarian silver medalist Miltiades Manno was an Olympic rower in the coxed eights at the 1912 Stockholm Games. His statue Wrestling was only one of 27 exhibits he submitted. The bronze medal went to Czech artist Jakub Obrovský and his Odysseus, today placed in the garden of the Palais Sternberg in Praha.

Seven more artists received Honorable Mentions for their works. It is also not known how the works were evaluated. Some works are referred to as “hors concours” in the Official Report, and there is no further explanation for this category.

PosCat NrArtist(s)NOCTranslated TitleOriginal TitleTitle in Olympic Report or Catalogue
11084Mahonri Mackintosh YoungUSAThe KnockdownThe KnockdownThe KnockdownGold
2480Miltiades MannoHUNWrestling (Greco-Roman)BirkózókWrestling (Greco-Roman)Silver
3149Jakub ObrovskýTCHOdysseusOdysseusOdyseusBronze
HM182Gerhard HenningDENModern WomanModerne pigeModern Woman
HM381Rudolf BellingGERThe Boxer, Max Schmeling (bronze)Der Boxer, Max Schmeling (Bronze)The Boxer, Max Schmeling (bronze)
HM517Ercole DreiITAFootball PlayersGiuocatori di calcio/CalciatoriFootball Players
HM618Antoni KenarPOLThe Hockey PlayerHokeista/HokejThe Hockey Player (bronze)
HM659Carl FagerbergSWESkaterSkridskoåkareSkater
HM1026Hunt DiederichUSAPoloPoloPolo
HM1077Dudley TalcottUSAThe WrestlerThe WrestlerThe Wrestler
AC1Josef BockAUTFemale surferWellenreiterinWellenreiterin
AC2Anton EndstorferAUTFemale relay runnerStafettenläuferinStafettenläuferin
AC3Anton EndstorferAUTFemale ball throwerBallwerferinBallwerferin
AC12Otto HofnerAUTBoxerBoxerBoxer (Unikat)
AC13Oskar ThiedeAUTRunnerLäuferLäufer
AC14Oskar ThiedeAUTDiscus throwerDiskuswerferDiskuswerfer
AC53Victor DemanetBELPerch ShootingTir à la perchePerch Shooting
AC60Arthur DominiqueBELPoloPoloPolo
AC61Arthur DominiqueBELGreyhound runningLevrier courantLevrier courant
AC62Suzanne Silvercruys FarnamBELThe Winner(Le vainqueur)The Winner
AC63Suzanne Silvercruys FarnamBELRunner FinishingRunner Finishing
AC64Suzanne Silvercruys FarnamBELDiscus Thrower(Lanceur de disque)Discus Thrower
AC65Suzanne Silvercruys FarnamBELShot(Le tir)Shot
AC66Suzanne Silvercruys FarnamBELHurdle(La haie)Hurdle
AC67Suzanne Silvercruys FarnamBELBoxer(Boxeur)Boxer
AC68Suzanne Silvercruys FarnamBELRower(Rameur)Rower
AC81Tait McKenzieCANFour Masks of Facial ExpressionFour Masks of Facial ExpressionFour Masks of Facial Expression
AC82Tait McKenzieCANThe AthleteThe Athlete"The Athlete"
AC83Tait McKenzieCANThe Pole VaulterThe Pole Vaulter"The Pole Vaulter"
AC84Tait McKenzieCANThe Javelin CastThe Javelin Cast"The Javelin Cast"
AC85Tait McKenzieCANThe Flying SphereThe Flying Sphere"The Flying Sphere"
AC86Tait McKenzieCANThe CompetitorThe Competitor"The Competitor"
AC87Tait McKenzieCANThe Relay RunnerThe Relay Runner"The Relay Runner"
AC88Tait McKenzieCANThe Modern Discus ThrowerThe Modern Discus Thrower"The Modern Discus Thrower"
AC89Tait McKenzieCANThe Plunger IThe Plunger I"The Plunger"
AC90Tait McKenzieCANThe Ice BirdThe Ice Bird"The Ice Bird"
AC91Tait McKenzieCANThe Supple JugglerThe Supple Juggler"The Supple Juggler"
AC92Tait McKenzieCANThe SprinterThe Sprinter"The Sprinter"
AC93Tait McKenzieCANThe Onslaught - Football GroupThe Onslaught - Football Group"The Onslaught" - Football Group
AC97Tait McKenzieCANThe Triumph of FlightThe Triumph of Flight"The Triumph of Flight"
AC98Tait McKenzieCANThe Plunger IIThe Plunger II"The Plunger"
AC99Tait McKenzieCANWatching Pole VaultWatching Pole Vault"Watching Pole Vault"
AC100Tait McKenzieCANShot Putter PreparingShot Putter Preparing"Shot Putter Preparing"
AC101Tait McKenzieCANShot Putter RestingShot Putter Resting"Shot Putter Resting"
AC102Tait McKenzieCANShot Putter ReadyShot Putter Ready"Shot Putter Ready"
AC103Tait McKenzieCANShot Putter The HopShot Putter The Hop"Shot Putter, The Hop"
AC104Tait McKenzieCANHigh Jumper Cleaning ShoeHigh Jumper Cleaning Shoe"High Jumper, Cleaning Shoe"
AC105Tait McKenzieCANPair of Knife RestsPair of Knife RestsPair of Knife Rests
AC106Tait McKenzieCANThe TackleThe Tackle"The Tackle"
AC107Tait McKenzieCANWoundedWounded"Wounded"
AC108Tait McKenzieCANThe Modern Discus Thrower (sketch)The Modern Discus Thrower (sketch)"The Modern Discus Thrower" (sketch)
AC109Tait McKenzieCANThe Double TackleThe Double Tackle"The Double Tackle"
AC110Tait McKenzieCANThe Doorknocker AcrobatThe Doorknocker Acrobat"The Doorknocker Acrobat"
AC111Tait McKenzieCANRelay No. 1 (sketch)Relay No. 1 (sketch)"Relay No. 1" (sketch)
AC112Tait McKenzieCANRelay No. 2 (sketch)Relay No. 2 (sketch)"Relay No. 2" (sketch)
AC113Tait McKenzieCANWindedWinded"Winded"
AC114Tait McKenzieCANThe WinnerThe Winner"The Winner"
AC115Tait McKenzieCANThe ChampionThe Champion"The Champion"
AC116Tait McKenzieCANThe ContortionistThe Contortionist"The Contortionist"
AC117Tait McKenzieCANWhy Not (No. 1)Why Not (No. 1)"Why Not" (No. 1)
AC118Tait McKenzieCANWhy Not (No. 2)Why Not (No. 2)"Why Not" (No. 2)
AC119Tait McKenzieCANThe Upright Discus ThrowerThe Upright Discus Thrower"The Upright Discus Thrower"
AC121Tait McKenzieCANPair of Candle Sticks (silver plated)Pair of Candle Sticks (silver plated)Pair of Candle Sticks (silver plated)
AC123Tait McKenzieCANThe EightThe Eight"The Eight"
AC138Josef DrahoňovskýTCHGlass Cup for Sokol CongressPohár pro sokolský sletGlass Cup for Sokol Congress
AC139Josef DrahoňovskýTCHCup with ArchersPohár s lukostřelciCup with Archers
AC140Josef DrahoňovskýTCHVase with ArchersVáza s lukostřelciVase with Archers
AC144Josef MařatkaTCHAthleteAtletAthlete
AC145Josef MařatkaTCHMarathon RunnerMaratónec / Maratonský běžecMarathon Runner
AC146Josef MařatkaTCHThe ShieldSe štítem nebo na štítěThe Shield
AC147Josef MařatkaTCHRhythmical DanceRytmický tanecRhythmical Dance
AC148Josef MařatkaTCHGreek DanceŘecký tanecGreek Dance
AC150Jakub ObrovskýTCHVolleyballDívka hrající volejbal (Dívka s míčem)Volley Ball
AC154Olda ŽákTCHBoxerBoxerBoxer (glass)
AC178Thyra BoldsenDENGenius of GymnasticsTerpsichore/Melody of LifeGenius of Gymnastics
AC179Thyra BoldsenDENThe StartLøberske ved StartstedetThe Start
AC181Einar Utzon-FrankDENThe ArcherThe Archer
AC265Jess Lawson PeaceyGBRYouths WrestlingYouths WrestlingYouths Wrestling (plaster)
AC309Louis BotinellyFRAFootball playerFootballeurFootballeur
AC310François ClémencinFRADiane HuntressDiane ChasseresseDiane Chasseresse
AC312Édouard FraisseFRAAthleteAthlèteAthlète
AC315Georges MalissardFRAPoloPoloPolo
AC316Marcel MérignarguesFRABoxerBoxeurBoxeur
AC318Paul Moreau-VauthierFRAFisherman with cast netPécheur a l'epervierPécheur a l'epervier
AC319Paul Moreau-VauthierFRAToreadorToreadorToreador
AC320Suzanne MuzanneFRARhythmic DanceDanse RhythmiqueDanse Rhythmique
AC380Adam AntesGERFlightFlugFlug
AC388Paul GrusonGERVictoria on the globeViktoria auf der WeltkugelViktoria auf der Weltkugel
AC389Paul GrusonGERGroup of wrestlersRingergruppeRingergruppe
AC392Gerhard MarcksGERGroup of boxersBoxergruppeBoxergruppe
AC398Otto SchnitzerGER42 Little Sporting Figures (Sculptures)42 Little Sporting (figures) Sculptures
AC400Renée SintenisGERThe Polo PlayerDer PolospielerThe Polo Player (bronze)
AC400Constantin StarckGERFemale Golfers AGolfspielerinnen AGolfspielerinnen A
AC401Constantin StarckGERFemale Golfers BGolfspielerinnen BGolfspielerinnen B
AC403Josef ThorakAUTSport Girl of 1932Sport-Mädchen von 1932Sport Girl of 1932 (bronze)
AC404Josef ThorakAUTPortrait of Max SchmelingPortrait von Max SchmelingPortrait of Max Schmeling (bronze)
AC449Toon DupuisNEDBoxerBokser in RustBoxer (bronze)
AC450Toon DupuisNEDStone-CasterStone Caster (bronze)
AC451Marian GobiusNEDHalf-timeHalf-timeHalf-time
AC555Yoshioki HasegawaJPNThrowing the Discus円盤投"Throwing the Discus"
AC556Jitsuzo HinagoJPNRugbyラグビー"Rugby"
AC560Seibo KitamuraJPNThe Repose (Boxing)"The Repose" (The Boxing)
AC586Michel JungblutLUXGoalkeeperGoalkeeper (Standing)
AC616Alfons KarnyPOLThe First Training (Girl with skipping rope)Pierwszy trening (Dziewczynkę ze skakanką)First Training (bronze)
AC617Antoni KenarPOLArcher (Sagittarius)StrzelecShooting (bronze)
AC621Franciszek MasiakPOLCup (silver)Cup (silver)
AC622Olga NiewskaPOLThe RunnerBiegaczThe Runner (bronze)
AC623Franciszek StrynkiewiczPOLReposeOdpoczynekRepose (bronze)
AC652Stig BlombergSWETwo SistersTvå systrarTwo Sisters
AC653Stig BlombergSWEWrestlerWrestler
AC655Conrad CarlmanSWEDiscus ThrowerDiskuskastarenDiscus Thrower
AC656Carl EldhSWEThe DanceDansenThe Dance
AC657Carl EldhSWESitting GirlSittande FlickaSitting Girl
AC658Carl ElmbergSWEThe Untamed HorseThe Untamed Horse
AC660Arvid KällströmSWEThe TriumpherThe Triumpher
AC662John LundqvistSWESailor SkatingSailor Skating
AC663Alice NordinSWE"Mr. G." (Gustav V. King of Sweden, Tennisplayer)"Mr G", Gustav V, tenniskungen"Mr. G." (Gustav V. King of Sweden, Tennisplayer)
AC664Tore StrindbergSWEGirlGirl
AC666Maud, Countess von Rosen-EngbergSWEEquestrianEquestrian
AC1024Edwin Everett CodmanUSABobby Jones and Glenna Collett (Book-ends)Bobby Jones and Glenna Collett (Book-ends) / One a woman, the other a male golferBobby Jones and Glenna Collett (Book-ends)
AC1025Leonard CraskeUSAPortrait Statuette, Marabel Y. Vinson, American ChampionPortrait Statuette, Marabel Y. Vinson, American ChampionPortrait Statuette, Marabel Y. Vinson, American Champion
AC1027Hunt DiederichUSAThe Race HorseThe Race HorseThe Race Horse
AC1028Hunt DiederichUSADianaDianaDiana
AC1033Laura Gardin FraserUSAEd CrumpEd CrumpEd Crump
AC1034Laura Gardin FraserUSAU. S. Polo Association TrophyU. S. Polo Association TrophyU. S. Polo Association Trophy
AC1039George KratinaUSACrewmanCrewmanCrewman
AC1045Walker HancockUSARoman BoxerRoman BoxerRoman Boxer
AC1049Kathleen IngelsUSADiscus ThrowerDiscus ThrowerDiscus Thrower
AC1050Kathleen IngelsUSAYoung DianaYoung DianaYoung Diana
AC1051Frank JirouchUSAThe Shot PutterThe Shot PutterThe Shot Putter
AC1052Frank JirouchUSAThe Hammer ThrowerThe Hammer ThrowerThe Hammer Thrower
AC1061Elizabeth MasonUSA"Ap-Ap" (Indian Football)"Ap-Ap" (Indian Football)"Ap-Ap" (Indian Football)
AC1062Elizabeth MasonUSA"Nakana" (Indian Rabbit Stick)"Nakana" (Indian Rabbit Stick)"Nakana" (Indian Rabbit Stick)
AC1063Elizabeth MasonUSA"Hochuwish""Hochuwish""Hochuwish"
AC1064Elizabeth MasonUSA"Hochuwish""Hochuwish""Hochuwish"
AC1072Philip SearsUSAPumanangwet (He Who Shoots the Stars)Pumanang(q)wet (He Who Shoots the Stars)Pumanangwet (He Who Shoots the Stars)
AC1073Amory SimonsUSAHand Stand of Eric EmsonHand Stand of Eric EmsonHand Stand of Eric Emson
AC1074Karl SkoogUSAOver the BarOver the BarOver the Bar
AC1075Grace TalbotUSAHuntress MaidHuntress MaidHuntress Maid
AC1078Hughlette WheelerUSAThe Tail ShotThe Tail ShotThe Tail Shot
AC1079Hughlette WheelerUSAFollowing the BallFollowing the BallFollowing the Ball
AC1081Mahonri Mackintosh YoungUSAThe WinnerThe Winner / Da WinnahThe Winner
AC1085Mahonri Mackintosh YoungUSAJoe GansJoe GansJoe Gans
AC1086Mahonri Mackintosh YoungUSABob FitzsimmonsBob FitzsimmonsBob Fitzsimmons
AC1089William ZorachUSAFootball PlayerFootball Player (Lineman)Football Player
AC311Gaston d'IlliersFRAPolo PlayerJoueur de poloPolo Playerhors concours
AC321Pierre ToulgouatFRARunnerCoureurRunnerhors concours
AC322Pierre ToulgouatFRAFootball TackleAttaque de footballFootball Tacklehors concours
AC323Pierre ToulgouatFRAHurdlerCoureur de haiesHurdlerhors concours
AC324Pierre ToulgouatFRASkaterPatineurSkaterhors concours
AC686Romano EspinozaPERChasqui RunnerChasqui Runnerhors concours
AC687Romano EspinozaPERIndian HunterIndian Hunterhors concours
AC1023Edwin Everett CodmanUSAGlenna CollettGlenna CollettGlenna Colletthors concours
AC1030Abastenia St. Leger EberleUSAWinged FeetWinged FeetWinged Feethors concours
AC1036Harriet FrishmuthUSASpeedSpeedSpeedhors concours
AC1037Harriet FrishmuthUSAStarStarStarhors concours
AC1053Charles KeckUSALa-crosse PlayerLa-crosse PlayerLa-crosse Playerhors concours
AC1057Hermon Atkins MacNeilUSAIndian RunnerSnake Dance / The Returning of the Snakes / The Moqui – Prayer for RainIndian Runner (Lent by The Art Institute of Chicago)hors concours
AC1059Paul ManshipUSAIndian RunnerIndian Runnerhors concours
AC1060Paul ManshipUSAAtalantaAtalantaAtalantahors concours
AC1065Edward McCartanUSADianaDiana (Diana with a hound)Dianahors concours
AC1066Charles NiehausUSACaestusCaestusCaestushors concours
AC1067Charles NiehausUSAStrigilThe Scraper (Athlete Using a Strigil)Strigilhors concours
AC1068Brenda PutnamUSAJavelin ThrowerJavelin ThrowerJavelin Throwerhors concours
AC1069Brenda PutnamUSAAthleteAthleteAthletehors concours
AC1070Brenda PutnamUSAGirl with Palm (Trophy)Girl with Palm (Trophy)Girl with Palm (Trophy)hors concours
AC1082Mahonri Mackintosh YoungUSAA Right to the JawA Right to the JawA Right to the Jawhors concours
AC1083Mahonri Mackintosh YoungUSAGroggyGroggyGroggyhors concours
AC1087Mahonri Mackintosh YoungUSABantamsBantams / Two BantamsBantamshors concours
AC1088Mahonri Mackintosh YoungUSAOn the ButtonOn the ButtonOn the Buttonhors concours