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Sculpturing, Unknown Event, Open1

Date30 July – 14 August 1932
LocationLos Angeles Museum of History, Science and Art, Los Angeles, California
Participants48 from 12 countries

For most of the sculpturing competitors, it is unknown whether they were entered in the Medals and Reliefs or the Statues event.

PosCat NrArtist(s)NOCTranslated TitleOriginal TitleTitle in Olympic Report or Catalogue
AC51René DaemenBELSpeedVitesseVitesse
AC52 DaemersBELCricketCricketCricket
AC55Richard DemeyerBELCupCoupeCoupe
AC69Betsy MuusBELGoal Keeper(Gardien)Goal Keeper
AC70Anna Van NuffelBELHockeyHockeyHockey
AC141Hanuš FolkmannTCHThe Shot PutterVrhač kouleThe Shot Putter
AC143Karel LidickýTCHGoalkeeperBrankářGoal-keeper
AC180Sigurd ForchhammerDENA Shot PutterA Shot Putter
AC183Gerhard HenningDENStudies in Sporting Figures (drawings) IStudies in Sporting Figures (drawings) I
AC184Gerhard HenningDENStudies in Sporting Figures (drawings) IIStudies in Sporting Figures (drawings) II
AC185Gerhard HenningDENStudies in Sporting Figures (drawings) IIIStudies in Sporting Figures (drawings) III
AC187Anne Marie Carl-NielsenDENRace WalkerKapgaenger"Race Walker" (silver)
AC188Anne Marie Carl-NielsenDENRunner (long distance)Langdistanceløber"Runner" (long distance)
AC189Anne Marie Carl-NielsenDENRunner (starting for 300 m race)300 meters start"Runner" (starting for 300 m. race)
AC190Anne Marie Carl-NielsenDENShot Putter (moment before putting)Kuglestøder I"Shot Putter" (moment before putting)
AC191Anne Marie Carl-NielsenDENShot Putter (moment of putting)Kuglestøder II"Shot Putter" (moment of putting)
AC192Anne Marie Carl-NielsenDENShot PutterKuglestøder III"Shot Putter"
AC193Anne Marie Carl-NielsenDENDisc Thrower (bringing the discus into the throwing position)Diskoskaster"Disc Thrower" (bringing his discus into throwing position)
AC194Anne Marie Carl-NielsenDENYoung Wrestler at Rest"Young Wrestler at Rest"
AC195Anne Marie Carl-NielsenDENWrestler Attacking IBryder / To brydere"Wrestler Attacking"
AC196Anne Marie Carl-NielsenDENWrestler Attacking IIBryder / To brydere"Wrestler Attacking"
AC197Anne Marie Carl-NielsenDENWoman Swimmer"Woman Swimmer"
AC198Anne Marie Carl-NielsenDENDancerRytmisk dans"Dancer"
AC314Louis MalespinaFRATrotterTrotteurTrotteur
AC317Henri Raphaël MoncassinFRAJoy of SportsLa Joie des SportsLa Joie des Sports
AC325Jean-Elie VézienFRAFemale Tennis playerJoueuse de tennisJoueuse de tennis
AC326Jean-Elie VézienFRATennis playerJoueur de tennis IJoueur de tennis I
AC327Jean-Elie VézienFRATennis playerJoueur de tennis IIJoueur de tennis II
AC328Jean-Elie VézienFRAGolf playerJoueur de golfJoueur de golf
AC383Herbert GarbeGERFemale swimmerSchwimmerinSchwimmerin
AC477Miltiades MannoHUNOld English Style (rowing)Old English Style (rowing)
AC478Miltiades MannoHUNThe Victor (rowing)The Victor (rowing)
AC479Miltiades MannoHUNThe Finish (rowing)The Finish (rowing)
AC481Miltiades MannoHUNStart of the SprinterRajtolóStart of the Sprinter
AC516Angelo BertolazziITAThe SprinterIl Centrometrista"II Centometrista"
AC518Terzo PolazzoITAThe HurdlerL'Ostacolista"L'Ostacolista"
AC553Kooyu FujiiJPNThe Golf"The Golf"
AC554Saburo HamadaJPNA Memorial of Olympic Athletic Meeting"A Memorial of Olympic Athletic Meeting"
AC557Yuhachi IkedaJPNThree Months"Three Month"
AC558Yuhachi IkedaJPNThe Horse Race at Kamo"The Horse Race at Kamo"
AC559Eiichi KawasakiJPNThe Dash (Running)"The Dash" (Running)
AC561Kyushichi MiyajimaJPNRugbyラグビー"Rugby"
AC562Naoya TakeiJPNA Leap (Rugby)"A Leap" (Rugby)
AC614Wojciech JastrzębowskiPOLCup (silver) ICup (silver)
AC615Wojciech JastrzębowskiPOLCup (silver) IICup (silver)
AC624Karol TchorekPOLCup (silver)Cup (silver)
AC654Gösta CarellSWEMilitary AthleticsMilitary Athletics
AC661Arvid KnöppelSWEPlatePlate
AC665Maud, Countess von Rosen-EngbergSWERide of the Water SpiritRide of the Water Spirit
AC667Maud, Countess von Rosen-EngbergSWEThe Hunter (Mascot in Silver)The Hunter (Mascot in Silver)
AC668Simon GateSWEVase: "Fishing"Vase: "Fishing"
AC669Edward HaldSWEBowl: "Skater"Bowl: "Skater"
AC670Vicke LindstrandSWEVase: "Pearl Fisher" (swimmer)PärlfiskareVase: "Pearl Fisher" (swimmer)
AC671Vicke LindstrandSWEPaper-weight: "Football Goalkeeper"Paper-weight: "Football Goalkeeper"
AC672Vicke LindstrandSWEVase: "Riders"Vase: "Riders"
AC1018Boris BlaiUSAHead of a YachtmanHead of a YachtmanHead of a Yachtman
AC1019Marian BrackenridgeUSATennis - Overhead SmashTennis - Overhead SmashTennis - Overhead Smash
AC1020Ella BuchananUSANet StarNet StarNet Star
AC1021Roger Noble BurnhamUSAVictoryVictoryVictory
AC1022Tolles ChamberlinUSAThe BatherThe BatherThe Bather
AC1029Graham DouglasUSAThe Pause Before ActionThe Pause Before ActionThe Pause Before Action
AC1031Beatrice FentonUSAThe Forward PassThe Forward PassThe Forward Pass
AC1032Beatrice FentonUSAAll Set to GoAll Set to GoAll Set to Go
AC1038Merrell GageUSAThe Shot PutThe Shot PutThe Shot Put
AC1040George KratinaUSABoxerBoxerBoxer
AC1042Carl HallsthammarUSAThe Swat KingThe Swat KingThe Swat King
AC1043Carl HallsthammarUSASafeSafeSafe
AC1044Carl HallsthammarUSAFootballFootballFootball
AC1047Jessie HerronUSAAtalantaAtalantaAtalanta
AC1048Frank IngelsUSAThe Young BoatmanThe Young BoatmanThe Young Boatman
AC1055Henry LionUSADiscobolusDiscobolusDiscobolus
AC1076Dudley TalcottUSASix Day Bike RacerSix Day Bike RacerSix Day Bike Racer
AC1080Warren WheelockUSAPugilistPugilistPugilist
HC702Hans SwanseeSUIFencerFencer
HC1071Philip SearsUSACaddyCaddyCaddie