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Comune della Città di Torino

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TypeCompeted in Olympic Games
Full nameComune della Città di Torino
Used name•Comune della Città di Torino
NOC(s) Italy


The Mussolini Stadium Complex in Torino, submitted by the city council of Torino in 1936 “hors concours”, was built in 1932-33. The first events taking place there were the Fascist Games of the year XI, the International Student Games, and the European Athletics Championships in 1934. To complete the facilities in time for these events, the city administration commissioned various companies with different lots. The stadium was built according to the designs of Dagoberto Ortensi, Enrico Bianchini, and Raffaello Fagnoni, who also submitted aspects of the same project under their names. The athletics stadium with the reinforced concrete structure of the bleachers and the marathon tower concealing the water tank of the complex were designed by the architect Brenno Del Giudice (1888–1957) in collaboration with the engineers Gustavo Colonnetti (1886-1968) and Aldo Vannacci. The indoor pool, whose Art Deco façade stands out from the rationalist interior, was designed by architect Contardo Bonicelli (1901-73) and engineer Antonio Villanova (?-1961).


Games Discipline (Sport) Event Status Team Pos Details
1936 Summer Olympics Art Competitions Architecture, Unknown Event, Open Olympic AC Representing Italy