Saar (SAA)


NOCNationales Olympisches Komitee des Saarlandes


Olympic Games 36


The National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Saar was formed on 12 January 1950. On 5 May 1952 at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) session in København, the Saar Protectorate was recognized as a separate NOC by the IOC and competed at the Helsinki Olympics, represented by 36 athletes but winning no medals. Also it would not have been possible for Saar to compete as a separate team at the 1956 Olympics after a referendum saw the Saar Protectorate vote against autonomy from Germany in the October 1955. Saar athletes were absorbed by the combined German teams and the Saar Olympic Committee was dissolved on 20 September 1956 and merged into the National Olympic Committee of Germany in February 1957. The Saar was reunited with the Federal Republic of Germany on 1 January 1957. Its best finishes in 1952 were equal eighth by Erich Schmidt in lightweight Greco-Roman wrestling, and ninth by Therese Zenz in women’s kayak singles canoeing. Zenz later went on to win three silver medals for (West) Germany.

Participations by edition

Edition As Competition Type Men Women Total
1952 Summer Olympics Saar Olympic Games 31 5 36 Results

Participations by discipline

Olympic Games

Discipline (Sport) Men Women Total
Artistic Gymnastics (Gymnastics) 6 0 6 Results
Athletics 2 4 6 Results
Boxing 3 0 3 Results
Canoe Marathon (Canoeing) 2 0 2 Results
Canoe Sprint (Canoeing) 2 1 3 Results
Fencing 5 0 5 Results
Rowing 7 0 7 Results
Shooting 2 0 2 Results
Swimming (Aquatics) 1 0 1 Results
Wrestling 3 0 3 Results