Aberdeenshire, Great Britain

Place names (16)

?, Aberdeenshire (GBR)
Alford, Scotland (GBR)
Ballater, Scotland (GBR)
Balmoral Castle, Scotland (GBR)
Banchory, Scotland (GBR)
Durris, Scotland (GBR)
Echt, Scotland (GBR)
Fraserburgh, Scotland (GBR)
Huntly, Scotland (GBR)
Insch, Scotland (GBR)
Kincardine and Mearns, Scotland (GBR)
Lumsden, Scotland (GBR)
Marykirk, Scotland (GBR)
Peterhead, Scotland (GBR)
Stonehaven, Scotland (GBR)
Torphins, Scotland (GBR)

People born here (15)

Eddie Alexander GBR CTR Olympics 1988 10 August 1964 Huntly, Scotland (GBR)
John Cameron CAN ATH Olympics 1920 28 March 1886 Lumsden, Scotland (GBR)
James Cardno GBR BOB Olympics 1936 25 May 1912 Fraserburgh, Scotland (GBR)
Neil Cochran GBR SWM Olympics 1984—1988 12 April 1965 Torphins, Scotland (GBR)
Jeanette Kessler GBR ALP Olympics 1936 4 October 1908 Huntly, Scotland (GBR)
Wally Kinnear GBR ROW Olympics 1912 3 December 1880 Marykirk, Scotland (GBR)
Leslie Laing RSA SHO Olympics 1924 29 August 1873 Insch, Scotland (GBR)
Jack Murdoch CAN ATH Olympics 1924 25 September 1885 ?, Aberdeenshire (GBR)
Sarah Phillips GBR CRD Olympics 1996 3 July 1967 Stonehaven, Scotland (GBR)
Lawson Robertson USA ATH Olympics/1906 1904—1908 23 September 1883 Alford, Scotland (GBR)
Katie Sadleir NZL SWA Olympics 1984 14 August 1964 Torphins, Scotland (GBR)
James Soutter GBR ATH Olympics 1912 1 January 1885 Echt, Scotland (GBR)
Percy Spark GBR ATH Olympics 1924 4 June 1894 Durris, Scotland (GBR)
Alex Tilley GBR ALP Olympics 2018—2022 5 October 1993 Torphins, Scotland (GBR)
Andrew Young GBR CCS Olympics 2010—2022 21 February 1992 Huntly, Scotland (GBR)

People who died here (3)

Ian Bowhill GBR FSK Olympics 1928 1975 Banchory, Scotland (GBR)
Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom GBR Other 1976—2012 8 September 2022 Balmoral Castle, Scotland (GBR)
Keiller Greig GBR FSK Olympics 1908 1971 Ballater, Scotland (GBR)


Gordon Skiers, Alford (GBR) Alford, Scotland (GBR)
Huntly Nordic SC, Huntly (GBR) Huntly, Scotland (GBR)