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Épée, Individual, Men

Date16 September 2000 — 9:30
LocationSydney Exhibition Centre, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Sydney, New South Wales / Sydney Exhibition Centre, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Sydney, New South Wales
Participants42 from 22 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament.

At three previous Olympics Pavel Kolobkov has always won a medal although never a gold. His chances appeared to be good when he was made top seed at Sydney but few would have predicted the ease with which he would finally take the elusive Olympic title. Only once, in the quarter-final against Iván Trevejo of Cuba, did he ever look likely to be defeated. A hint of controversy hovered over the silver medallist Hugues Obry of France. In the semi-final against Switzerland’s Marcel Fischer he was awarded two penalty points when Fischer was alleged to have run into Obry. An angry Fischer accused the Frenchman of exaggerating the incident for his own benefit. Fischer suffered further heartbreak with a 15-14 defeat to Lee Sang-Gi in the bronze medal match.

12Pavel KolobkovRUSGold
221Hugues ObryFRASilver
320Lee Sang-GiKORBronze
418Marcel FischerSUI
53Péter VánkySWE
610Iván TrevejoCUB
712Éric SreckiFRA
824Zhao GangCHN
91Arnd SchmittGER
107Alfredo RotaITA
118Attila FeketeHUN
1217Lee Sang-YeopKOR
1319Paolo MilanoliITA
1430Mauricio RivasCOL
1537Gerry AdamsAUS
1638Oleksandr HorbachukUKR
174Kaido KaabermaEST
185Jörg FiedlerGER
196Iván KovácsHUN
209Oliver KayserAUT
2111Jean-François Di MartinoFRA
2213Marc-Konstantin SteifensandGER
2314Angelo MazzoniITA
2415Vitali ZakharauBLR
2516Yang Noe-SeongKOR
2622Christoph MarikAUT
2725Michael SwitakAUT
2826Laurie ShongCAN
2932Tamir BloomUSA
3033Meelis LoitEST
3135Uladzimir PchenikinBLR
3241Aleksandr PoddubnyKGZ
3323Andrus KajakEST
3427Carlos PedrosoCUB
3528Nelson LoyolaCUB
3629Jonathan PeñaPUR
3731Wang WeixinCHN
3834Andrei MurashkoBLR
3936Nick HeffernanAUS
4039Sergey ShabalinKAZ
4140David NathanAUS
4242Muhannad Saif El-DinEGY

Round One

Date16 September 2000
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round two.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #116 SepPavel Kolobkov (2)RUSbye
Bout #216 SepPiste BlueMeelis Loit (33)EST15 – 7Wang Weixin (31)CHN
Bout #316 SepLee Sang-Yeop (17)KORbye
Bout #416 SepVitali Zakharau (15)BLRbye
Bout #516 SepIván Trevejo (10)CUBbye
Bout #616 SepPiste BlueAleksandr Poddubny (41)KGZ15 – 13Andrus Kajak (23)EST
Bout #716 SepPiste BlueMichael Switak (25)AUT14 – 13Sergey Shabalin (39)KAZ
Bout #816 SepAlfredo Rota (7)ITAbye
Bout #916 SepJörg Fiedler (5)GERbye
Bout #1016 SepPiste GreenOleksandr Horbachuk (38)UKR15 – 14Nelson Loyola (28)CUB
Bout #1116 SepChristoph Marik (22)AUTbye
Bout #1216 SepÉric Srecki (12)FRAbye
Bout #1316 SepMarc-Konstantin Steifensand (13)GERbye
Bout #1416 SepLee Sang-Gi (20)KORbye
Bout #1516 SepPiste GreenMauricio Rivas (30)COL15 – 10Nick Heffernan (36)AUS
Bout #1616 SepKaido Kaaberma (4)ESTbye
Bout #1716 SepPéter Vánky (3)SWEbye
Bout #1816 SepPiste RedUladzimir Pchenikin (35)BLR15 – 11Jonathan Peña (29)PUR
Bout #1916 SepPaolo Milanoli (19)ITAbye
Bout #2016 SepAngelo Mazzoni (14)ITAbye
Bout #2116 SepJean-François Di Martino (11)FRAbye
Bout #2216 SepHugues Obry (21)FRAbye
Bout #2316 SepPiste RedGerry Adams (37)AUS15 – 13Carlos Pedroso (27)CUB
Bout #2416 SepIván Kovács (6)HUNbye
Bout #2516 SepAttila Fekete (8)HUNbye
Bout #2616 SepPiste YellowLaurie Shong (26)CAN15 – 8David Nathan (40)AUS
Bout #2716 SepPiste YellowZhao Gang (24)CHN15 – 12Muhannad Saif El-Din (42)EGY
Bout #2816 SepOliver Kayser (9)AUTbye
Bout #2916 SepYang Noe-Seong (16)KORbye
Bout #3016 SepMarcel Fischer (18)SUIbye
Bout #3116 SepPiste YellowTamir Bloom (32)USA8 – 4Andrei Murashko (34)BLR
Bout #3216 SepArnd Schmitt (1)GERbye

Round Two

Date16 September 2000
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round three.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #116 SepPiste BluePavel Kolobkov (2)RUS15 – 9Meelis Loit (33)EST
Bout #216 SepPiste BlueLee Sang-Yeop (17)KOR15 – 14Vitali Zakharau (15)BLR
Bout #316 SepPiste BlueIván Trevejo (10)CUB15 – 10Aleksandr Poddubny (41)KGZ
Bout #416 SepPiste BlueAlfredo Rota (7)ITA15 – 11Michael Switak (25)AUT
Bout #516 SepPiste GreenOleksandr Horbachuk (38)UKR9 – 8Jörg Fiedler (5)GER
Bout #616 SepPiste GreenÉric Srecki (12)FRA15 – 10Christoph Marik (22)AUT
Bout #716 SepPiste GreenLee Sang-Gi (20)KOR15 – 8Marc-Konstantin Steifensand (13)GER
Bout #816 SepPiste GreenMauricio Rivas (30)COL15 – 13Kaido Kaaberma (4)EST
Bout #916 SepPiste RedPéter Vánky (3)SWE15 – 9Uladzimir Pchenikin (35)BLR
Bout #1016 SepPiste RedPaolo Milanoli (19)ITA15 – 13Angelo Mazzoni (14)ITA
Bout #1116 SepPiste RedHugues Obry (21)FRA15 – 12Jean-François Di Martino (11)FRA
Bout #1216 SepPiste RedGerry Adams (37)AUS15 – 14Iván Kovács (6)HUN
Bout #1316 SepPiste YellowAttila Fekete (8)HUN14 – 13Laurie Shong (26)CAN
Bout #1416 SepPiste YellowZhao Gang (24)CHN15 – 12Oliver Kayser (9)AUT
Bout #1516 SepPiste YellowMarcel Fischer (18)SUI13 – 12Yang Noe-Seong (16)KOR
Bout #1616 SepPiste YellowArnd Schmitt (1)GER15 – 12Tamir Bloom (32)USA

Round Three

Date16 September 2000
FormatWinner of each match advanced to quarter-finals.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #116 SepPiste BluePavel Kolobkov (2)RUS15 – 8Lee Sang-Yeop (17)KOR
Bout #216 SepPiste BlueIván Trevejo (10)CUB15 – 12Alfredo Rota (7)ITA
Bout #316 SepPiste GreenÉric Srecki (12)FRA15 – 11Oleksandr Horbachuk (38)UKR
Bout #416 SepPiste GreenLee Sang-Gi (20)KOR15 – 13Mauricio Rivas (30)COL
Bout #516 SepPiste RedPéter Vánky (3)SWE15 – 6Paolo Milanoli (19)ITA
Bout #616 SepPiste RedHugues Obry (21)FRA15 – 5Gerry Adams (37)AUS
Bout #716 SepPiste YellowZhao Gang (24)CHN9 – 8Attila Fekete (8)HUN
Bout #816 SepPiste YellowMarcel Fischer (18)SUI15 – 10Arnd Schmitt (1)GER


Date16 September 2000
FormatWinner of each match advanced to semi-finals.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #116 SepPiste BluePavel Kolobkov (2)RUS15 – 14Iván Trevejo (10)CUB
Bout #216 SepPiste GreenLee Sang-Gi (20)KOR15 – 14Éric Srecki (12)FRA
Bout #316 SepPiste RedHugues Obry (21)FRA15 – 12Péter Vánky (3)SWE
Bout #416 SepPiste YellowMarcel Fischer (18)SUI15 – 10Zhao Gang (24)CHN


Date16 September 2000
FormatWinner of each match advanced to final.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #116 SepPiste FinalPavel Kolobkov (2)RUS13 – 9Lee Sang-Gi (20)KOR
Bout #216 SepPiste FinalHugues Obry (21)FRA15 – 13Marcel Fischer (18)SUI

Final Round

Date16 September 2000
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout 1/216 SepPiste FinalPavel Kolobkov (2)RUS15 – 12Hugues Obry (21)FRA
Bout 3/416 SepPiste FinalLee Sang-Gi (20)KOR15 – 14Marcel Fischer (18)SUI