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Downhill, Women

Date 2 February 1948 — 14:31
LocationPiz Nair, St. Moritz
Participants37 from 11 countries
Course SetterUNK
DetailsGates: ?
Length: ?
Start Altitude: ?
Vertical Drop: ?

This was the first women’s Olympic downhill, held on the same day as the men’s event. The winner was Switzerland’s Hedy Schlunegger, who led Austria’s Trude Beiser by 8/10ths of a second. Beiser would win the 1950 World Championship downhill and returned in 1952 to win Olympic gold in the downhill. She would also win the combined gold medal in St. Moritz. Schlunegger settled in her hometown of Grindelwald and she and her husband managed a sporting goods store. Beiser would later become a ski trainer and opened a café in her hometown of Lech am Arlberg.

1Hedy SchluneggerSUI2:28.3Gold
2Trude BeiserAUT2:29.1Silver
3Resi HammererAUT2:30.2Bronze
4Celina SeghiITA2:31.1
5Lina MittnerSUI2:31.2
6Suzanne ThiollièreFRA2:31.4
=7Laila Schou NilsenNOR2:32.4
=7Françoise GignouxFRA2:32.4
9Rosmarie BleuerSUI2:33.3
10Lucienne Schmith-CouttetFRA2:35.2
11Antoinette MeyerSUI2:35.4
12Brynhild GrasmoenUSA2:36.0
13Gretchen FraserUSA2:37.1
=14Irène MolitorSUI2:37.2
=14Alexandra NekvapilováTCH2:37.2
16Annelore ZückertAUT2:38.4
17Anneliese Schuh-ProxaufAUT2:39.0
18May NilssonSWE2:39.1
19Erika MahringerAUT2:39.3
20Ruth-Marie StewartUSA2:42.0
21Fernande BayettoFRA2:43.1
22Becky CremerUSA2:44.2
23Borghild NiskinNOR2:44.4
24Olivia AusoniSUI2:45.1
25Božena MoserováTCH2:46.1
26Sophie NoglerAUT2:47.0
27Isobel RoeGBR2:47.3
28Paula KannUSA2:49.0
29Micheline DesmazièresFRA2:50.2
30Rosemarie SparrowGBR2:52.3
31Georgette Thiollière-MillerFRA2:52.4
32Renata CarrarettoITA2:59.1
33Sheena MackintoshGBR3:00.0
34Xanthe RyderGBR3:01.4
35Andrea MeadUSA3:03.1
36Anikó IglóiHUN3:07.1
37Rhona WurteleCAN3:26.1
DNSDagmar RomAUT
DNSMalu ReinwartováTCH