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Middleweight, Greco-Roman (≤73 kilograms), Men

Date20 – 25 July 1908 — 10:00-, , 10:00 (25 July)
LocationWhite City Stadium, London
Participants21 from 9 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament.

The top eight wrestlers in this class all hailed from Scandanavia. The 4th-place finisher, Jóhannes Jósefsson of Iceland, which is considered a part of Scandanavia, technically represented Denmark at the Olympics, as Iceland was still a Danish province. He forfeited the 3rd-place match due to a broken arm which he had sustained in the semi-finals.

The final between the two Swedes, Frithiof Mårtensson and Mauritz Andersson, was also postponed overnight because of an injury sustained by Mårtensson in the semis. But he overcame that injury to win two successive bouts in the final against his countryman, the first on points and the second by a fall in 6:25. Mårtensson would also win the 1909 European championship at 75 kg.

1Frithiof MårtenssonSWEGold
2Mauritz AnderssonSWESilver
3Anders AndersenDENBronze
4Jóhannes JósefssonISL
=5Johannes EriksenDEN
=5Axel FrankSWE
=5Axel LarssonDEN
=5Jaap BelmerNED
=9Fred BeckGBR
=9Edgar BaconGBR
=9Miklós OroszHUN
=9Grigory DyominRUS
=9Gerald BradshawGBR
=9Aäron LelieNED
=9Jacobus LorenzNED
=9Jaroslav TýfaBOH
=17Stanley BaconGBR
=17Harry ChallstorpSWE
=17Josef BechyněBOH
=17Gerrit DuijmNED
=17Wilhelm GrundmannGER

Round One (20 July 1908)

Match #1 Mauritz AnderssonSWE
fall (5:04)
Stanley BaconGBR
Match #2 Fred BeckGBR
Harry ChallstorpSWE
Match #3 Johannes EriksenDEN bye
Match #4 Edgar BaconGBR bye
Match #5 Jóhannes JósefssonISL bye
Match #6 Miklós OroszHUN bye
Match #7 Axel FrankSWE bye
Match #8 Grigory DyominRUS bye
Match #9 Frithiof MårtenssonSWE
fall (8:54)
Josef BechyněBOH
Match #10 Gerald BradshawGBR bye
Match #11 Axel LarssonDEN
fall (18:59)
Gerrit DuijmNED
Match #12 Aäron LelieNED bye
Match #13 Anders AndersenDEN bye
Match #14 Jacobus LorenzNED bye
Match #15 Jaap BelmerNED
fall (3:54)
Wilhelm GrundmannGER
Match #16 Jaroslav TýfaBOH bye

Round Two (—)

Match #1 Mauritz AnderssonSWE
Fred BeckGBR
Match #2 Johannes EriksenDEN
fall (9:30)
Edgar BaconGBR
Match #3 Jóhannes JósefssonISL
fall (12:10)
Miklós OroszHUN
Match #4 Axel FrankSWE
Grigory DyominRUS
Match #5 Frithiof MårtenssonSWE
fall (7:57)
Gerald BradshawGBR
Match #6 Axel LarssonDEN
Aäron LelieNED
Match #7 Anders AndersenDEN
Jacobus LorenzNED
Match #8 Jaap BelmerNED
fall (6:00)
Jaroslav TýfaBOH

Quarter-Finals (—)

Match #1 Mauritz AnderssonSWE
fall (6:22)
Johannes EriksenDEN
Match #2 Jóhannes JósefssonISL
fall (2:30)
Axel FrankSWE
Match #3 Frithiof MårtenssonSWE
Axel LarssonDEN
Match #4 Anders AndersenDEN
fall (6:20)
Jaap BelmerNED

Semi-Finals (—)

Match #1 Mauritz AnderssonSWE
Jóhannes JósefssonISL
Match #2 Frithiof MårtenssonSWE
fall (24:20)
Anders AndersenDEN

Final Round (25 July 1908)

Match 1/2 Frithiof MårtenssonSWE
2-0 (decision/fall (6:25))
Mauritz AnderssonSWE
Match 3/4 Anders AndersenDEN walkover