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Welterweight, Freestyle (≤72 kilograms), Men

Date30 July – 1 August 1928
LocationKrachtsportgebouw, Amsterdam
Participants11 from 11 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament with separate single-elimination tournaments for second- and third-place. Second-place tournament conducted among those losing to the winner. Third-place tournament conducted among those losing to the winner or runner-up.

No international freestyle events had been contested since the 1924 Olympics so it was difficult to choose a favorite. Only one of the 11 entrants had previously won an Olympic medal and that was Finland’s Arvo Haavisto, who won bronze as a lightweight in 1924. Haavisto won three straight matches to coast to the gold medal, defeating American Lloyd Appleton in the final match. Appleton would get through the second-place tournament to win the silver medal, while the bronze went to Canadian Maurice Letchford.

1Arvo HaavistoFINGold
2Lloyd AppletonUSASilver
3Maurice LetchfordCANBronze
4Jean JourlinFRA
=5Harry MorrisAUS
=5Bob CookGBR
=7Alfred PraksEST
=7Hyacinthe RoosenBEL
=7Fritz KäsermannSUI
=10Theofilos TomazosGRE
=10Johannes JacobsenDEN

Round One (30 July 1928)

Match #1 Lloyd AppletonUSA Bob CookGBR
Match #2 Alfred PraksEST Theofilos TomazosGRE
Match #3 Hyacinthe RoosenBEL Johannes JacobsenDEN
Match #4 Maurice LetchfordCAN bye
Match #5 Fritz KäsermannSUI bye
Match #6 Jean JourlinFRA bye
Match #7 Harry MorrisAUS bye
Match #8 Arvo HaavistoFIN bye

Quarter-Finals (30 July 1928)

Match #1 Lloyd AppletonUSA Alfred PraksEST
Match #2 Maurice LetchfordCAN Hyacinthe RoosenBEL
Match #3 Jean JourlinFRA Fritz KäsermannSUI
Match #4 Arvo HaavistoFIN Harry MorrisAUS

Semi-Finals (31 July 1928)

Match #1 Lloyd AppletonUSA Maurice LetchfordCAN
Match #2 Arvo HaavistoFIN Jean JourlinFRA

Final Round (1 August 1928)

Match #1 Arvo HaavistoFIN Lloyd AppletonUSA

2nd-Place Tournament (1 August 1928)

Match #1 Lloyd AppletonUSA Jean JourlinFRA
Match #2 Lloyd AppletonUSA Harry MorrisAUS

3rd-Place Tournament (1 August 1928)

Match #1 Maurice LetchfordCAN Bob CookGBR
Match #2 Jean JourlinFRA Harry MorrisAUS
Match #3 Maurice LetchfordCAN Jean JourlinFRA