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Heavyweight, Freestyle (>87 kilograms), Men

Date3 – 4 August 1936
LocationDeutschlandhalle, Berlin
Participants11 from 11 countries
FormatElimination by bad points. Win by fall = 0 points; win by decision = 1 point; loss by 2-1 decision = 2 points; loss by 3-0 decision = 3 points; loss by fall = 3 points. Three judges gave decisions, thus all decisions were either 2-1 or 3-0. Five bad points eliminated a wrestler.

Estonian Kristjan Palusalu had only previously competed in one international event, the 1933 European Greco-Roman Championships, in which he placed fourth. He had already won five Estonian titles in freestyle and four in Greco-Roman by the time of the 1936 Olympics. In Berlin he made history by winning the heavyweight class in both freestyle and Greco-Roman, the only time this has ever happened, making him the absolute champion wrestler of the year. In 1937 he won the European title in Greco-Roman before retiring in 1938 due to a shoulder injury. In 1991 Palusalu was voted the greatest Estonian athlete of all-time. Palusalu won his gold medal in this class with a final round unanimous decision over Finland’s Hjalmar Nyström, who won bronze. The silver went to Czechoslovak Josef Klapuch, who had been runner-up at the 1934 European Championships in this class, in which Nyström finished third.

PosCompetitor(s)NOCREBad Points
1Kristjan PalusaluESTGold
2Josef KlapuchTCHSilver
3Hjalmar NyströmFINBronze
4Nils ÅkerlindhSWE
5Robert HerlandFRA
6Willy BürkiSUI
ACGeorg GehringGEREliminated r3/55
ACGeorge ChigaCANEliminated r3/56
ACMehmet ÇobanTUREliminated r3/57
ACLéon CharlierBELEliminated r2/56
ACRoy DunnUSAEliminated r2/56

Round One (3 August 1936 — 10:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
=1Kristjan PalusaluEST0
=1Hjalmar NyströmFIN0
=1Robert HerlandFRA0
=1Nils ÅkerlindhSWE0
=5Willy BürkiSUI1
=5Mehmet ÇobanTUR1
7Georg GehringGER2
=8Léon CharlierBEL3
=8George ChigaCAN3
=8Josef KlapuchTCH3
=8Roy DunnUSA3

Match #1 Kristjan PalusaluEST
fall (10:50)
Josef KlapuchTCH
Match #2 Mehmet ÇobanTUR
decision (3-0)
Léon CharlierBEL
Match #3 Willy BürkiSUI
decision (2-1)
Georg GehringGER
Match #4 Nils ÅkerlindhSWE
fall (13:30)
Roy DunnUSA
Match #5 Hjalmar NyströmFIN
fall (10:11)
George ChigaCAN
Match #6 Robert HerlandFRA bye

Round Two (4 August 1936 — 11:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
1Kristjan PalusaluEST0
=2Willy BürkiSUI1
=2Nils ÅkerlindhSWE1
=4Hjalmar NyströmFIN2
=4Georg GehringGER2
=6George ChigaCAN3
=6Robert HerlandFRA3
=6Josef KlapuchTCH3
9Mehmet ÇobanTUR4
=10Léon CharlierBEL6eliminated
=10Roy DunnUSA6eliminated

Match #1 Kristjan PalusaluEST
fall (6:45)
Robert HerlandFRA
Match #2 Josef KlapuchTCH
fall (7:40)
Léon CharlierBEL
Match #3 Georg GehringGER
fall (3:03)
Mehmet ÇobanTUR
Match #4 Willy BürkiSUI
fall (0:49)
Roy DunnUSA
Match #5 Nils ÅkerlindhSWE
decision (2-1)
Hjalmar NyströmFIN
Match #6 George ChigaCAN bye

Round Three (4 August 1936 — 19:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
=1Kristjan PalusaluEST1
=1Nils ÅkerlindhSWE1
3Hjalmar NyströmFIN2
4Robert HerlandFRA3
=5Willy BürkiSUI4
=5Josef KlapuchTCH4
7Georg GehringGER5eliminated
8George ChigaCAN6eliminated
9Mehmet ÇobanTUR7eliminated

Match #1 Robert HerlandFRA
fall (3:45)
George ChigaCAN
Match #2 Kristjan PalusaluEST
decision (3-0)
Mehmet ÇobanTUR
Match #3 Josef KlapuchTCH
decision (3-0)
Georg GehringGER
Match #4 Nils ÅkerlindhSWE
fall (9:49)
Willy BürkiSUI
Match #5 Hjalmar NyströmFIN bye

Round Four (4 August 1936 — 20:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBad Points
1Kristjan PalusaluEST1
2Hjalmar NyströmFIN2
=3Nils ÅkerlindhSWE4
=3Josef KlapuchTCH4
5Robert HerlandFRA6eliminated
6Willy BürkiSUI7eliminated

Match #1 Hjalmar NyströmFIN
fall (11:05)
Robert HerlandFRA
Match #2 Kristjan PalusaluEST
fall (6:15)
Willy BürkiSUI
Match #3 Josef KlapuchTCH
fall (2:02)
Nils ÅkerlindhSWE

Final Round (4 August 1936 — 21:00)

Match #1 Kristjan PalusaluEST
decision (3-0)
Hjalmar NyströmFIN
Match #2 Josef KlapuchTCH bye