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Heavyweight, Freestyle (≤72 kilograms), Women

Date22 – 23 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Gymnastirio Ano Liosion, Ano Liossia
Participants12 from 12 countries
FormatRound-robin pools, winner of each pool advanced to semi-finals. Runners-up in each pool advanced to classification round for 5/6 places.

This was the only 2004 women’s wrestling event in which the favorite did not win. That role settled on Japan’s Kyoko Hamaguchi, who had won the 2002-03 World Championships. Her main contenders were expected to be China’s Wang Xu, runner-up at the 2002 Worlds, American Toccara Montgomery, runner-up at the 2003 Worlds, and Canadian Christine Nordhagen, World Champion in 2000 and three times a World Champion as a middleweight. Only Wang and Hamaguchi got through the pools to the knockout phase, where they were drawn against each other in the semi-final, with Wang winning, 6-4, in a controversial decision where the Japanese coaches thought two points awarded to Wang should have gone to Hamaguchi. Wang’s finals opponent was Russian Gyuzel Manyurova, who had recently won the 2004 European title, but she was no match for Wang, who won the gold medal, 7-2. Hamaguchi did come back to win the bronze medal, which she would repeat at Beijing in 2008. At only 18-years-old, Wang’s victory made her the youngest ever Olympic wrestling champion.

1Wang XuCHNGold
2Gyuzel ManyurovaRUSSilver
3Kyoko HamaguchiJPNBronze
4Svitlana SaienkoUKR
5Christine NordhagenCAN
6Anita SchätzleGER
7Toccara MontgomeryUSA611
8Maria Louiza VryoniGRE35
9Marina GastlAUT22
10Ochirbatyn BurmaaMGL13
11Katarzyna JuszczakITA12
12Stanka ZlatevaBUL05

Round One (22 August 2004)

Pool A (22 August 2004)

1Gyuzel ManyurovaRUS20712
2Anita SchätzleGER1135
3Marina GastlAUT0222

Match #1 Gyuzel ManyurovaRUS
fall (5-1) (1:20)
Anita SchätzleGER
Match #2 Gyuzel ManyurovaRUS
decision (7-1) (6:00)
Marina GastlAUT
Match #3 Anita SchätzleGER
decision (4-1) (6:00)
Marina GastlAUT

Pool B (22 August 2004)

1Svitlana SaienkoUKR20710
2Maria Louiza VryoniGRE1135
3Ochirbatyn BurmaaMGL0213

Match #1 Svitlana SaienkoUKR
fall (7-1) (4:09)
Maria Louiza VryoniGRE
Match #2 Svitlana SaienkoUKR
decision (3-0) (6:00)
Ochirbatyn BurmaaMGL
Match #3 Maria Louiza VryoniGRE
decision (4-3) (6:00)
Ochirbatyn BurmaaMGL

Pool C (22 August 2004)

1Wang XuCHN20610
2Christine NordhagenCAN1147
3Katarzyna JuszczakITA0212

Match #1 Wang XuCHN
decision (5-2) (6:00)
Christine NordhagenCAN
Match #2 Wang XuCHN
decision (5-0) (6:00)
Katarzyna JuszczakITA
Match #3 Christine NordhagenCAN
decision (5-2) (6:00)
Katarzyna JuszczakITA

Pool D (22 August 2004)

1Kyoko HamaguchiJPN20718
2Toccara MontgomeryUSA1158
3Stanka ZlatevaBUL0205

Match #1 Kyoko HamaguchiJPN
decision (8-4) (6:00)
Toccara MontgomeryUSA
Match #2 Kyoko HamaguchiJPN
grand superiority (10-0) (5:17)
Stanka ZlatevaBUL
Match #3 Toccara MontgomeryUSA
fall (4-5) (3:18)
Stanka ZlatevaBUL

Semi-Finals (23 August 2004)

Match #1 Wang XuCHN
decision (6-4) (6:00)
Kyoko HamaguchiJPN
Match #2 Gyuzel ManyurovaRUS
fall (11-0) (1:07)
Svitlana SaienkoUKR

Final Round (23 August 2004)

Match 1/2 Wang XuCHN
decision (7-2) (6:00)
Gyuzel ManyurovaRUS
Match 3/4 Kyoko HamaguchiJPN
decision (4-0) (6:00)
Svitlana SaienkoUKR
Match 5/6 Christine NordhagenCAN walkover

Classification Round for 5/6 (23 August 2004)

Match #1 Christine NordhagenCAN
decision (8-3) (6:00)
Toccara MontgomeryUSA
Match #2 Anita SchätzleGER
fall (3-0) (0:14)
Maria Louiza VryoniGRE