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Singles, Men

Date12 – 14 February 2002
LocationSalt Lake Ice Center, Salt Lake City, Utah
Participants28 from 20 countries
FormatSkaters were ranked on Ordinal Placement, based on judges' points, with final placement for each section determined by Majority Placements. The tiebreaker for the Short Program was the Required Elements score, while the tiebreaker for the Free Skating was the Technical Merit score. Thus, if a skater was ranked first by a majority of the judges, that skater was placed first overall for that section. Ties were broken by a Subsequent Majority rule, i.e., if the skaters were ranked for the same position by the same number of judges, Majority Placement for the next higher position for each skater determined who was ranked higher. Final placement was determined by factored placements. The tiebreakers were then 1) Number of Majority Placements, 2) Total Ordinals of Majority, 3) Total Ordinals. The placement for the the Short Program was factored by 0.5 (33.3%), and the placement for Free Skating was factored by 1.0 (66.7%). The sums of the factored placements were then used to determine final placement, with the Free Skating being the tiebreaker.

The co-favorites were the two Russians, Yevgeny Plyushchenko and Aleksey Yagudin. Together they had finished 1-2 at every major competition since 1998. Yagudin had a slight edge in titles, winning the Europeans in 1998-99 and 2002, and the Worlds in 1998-2000. It was expected to be a close battle, but it was basically over after the short program. Yagudin won the short, while Plyushchenko fell on his first jump, a quad, and placed fourth. Japan’s Takeshi Honda was second in the short, but was given no chance to overtake Yagudin. Yagudin also won the free skating, with Plyushchenko placing second to move up to the silver medal. The bronze was won by America’s Timothy Goebel who landed a quadruple Salchow in the short program, the first time that jump had been completed at the Olympics, and then landed three quads in the free skating.

1Aleksey YagudinRUS1.50.51.0Gold
2Yevgeny PlyushchenkoRUS4.02.02.0Silver
3Timothy GoebelUSA4.51.53.0Bronze
4Takeshi HondaJPN5.01.04.0
5Sasha AbtRUS7.52.55.0
6Todd EldredgeUSA10.54.56.0
7Michael WeissUSA11.04.07.0
8Elvis StojkoCAN11.53.58.0
9Li ChengjiangCHN12.03.09.0
10Anthony LiuAUS15.05.010.0
11Frédéric DambierFRA16.55.511.0
12Kevin Van der PerrenBEL19.56.513.0
13Ivan DinevBUL20.06.014.0
14Brian JoubertFRA20.58.512.0
15Stéphane LambielSUI24.08.016.0
16Zhang MinCHN24.59.515.0
17Vakht'ang MurvanidzeGEO26.09.017.0
18Dmytro DmytrenkoUKR28.510.518.0
19Roman SkornyakovUZB29.010.019.0
20Li YunfeiCHN30.07.023.0
21Sergey DavydovBLR31.57.524.0
22Yosuke TakeuchiJPN32.012.020.0
23Gheorghe ChiperROU32.511.521.0
24Sergey RylovAZE33.011.022.0
25 r1/2Zoltán TóthHUN12.512.5
26 r1/2Angelo DolfiniITA13.013.0
27 r1/2Margus HernitsEST13.513.5
28 r1/2Lee Kyu-HyunKOR14.014.0
DNSEmanuel SandhuCAN

Short Program (12 February 2002 — 17:15)

Judge #1Wendy LangtonAUS
Judge #2Merja KosonenFIN
Judge #3Janet AllenUSA
Judge #4Nicolae BelluROU
Judge #5Yury KliushnikovUKR
Judge #6Volker WaldeckGER
Judge #7Aleksandr PenchevBUL
Judge #8Mieko FujimoriJPN
Judge #9Yevgeniya BogdanovaAZE
1Aleksey YagudinRUS1.0544869×1+9/9104.8Q
2Takeshi HondaJPN2.0524585×2+10/23101.8Q
3Timothy GoebelUSA3.0504506×3+14/27101.2Q
4Yevgeny PlyushchenkoRUS4.0484289×5+38/38100.7Q
5Sasha AbtRUS5.0464145×5+20/4599.8Q
6Li ChengjiangCHN6.0444027×6+36/5198.7Q
7Elvis StojkoCAN7.0423675×7+33/6897.1Q
8Michael WeissUSA8.0403525×8+37/7696.1Q
9Todd EldredgeUSA9.0383345×9+42/8594.8Q
10Anthony LiuAUS10.0363285×10+41/8894.3Q
11Frédéric DambierFRA11.0342995×11+51/10292.8Q
12Ivan DinevBUL12.0322666×13+68/11990.6Q
13Kevin Van der PerrenBEL13.0302846×13+66/11091.5Q
14Li YunfeiCHN14.0282386×14+82/13389.1Q
15Sergey DavydovBLR15.0262365×15+68/13488.7Q
16Stéphane LambielSUI16.0242075×16+73/14886.7Q
17Brian JoubertFRA17.0222126×17+91/14687.2Q
18Vakht'ang MurvanidzeGEO18.0201505×19+90/17783.1Q
19Zhang MinCHN19.0181545×20+88/17583.9Q
20Roman SkornyakovUZB20.0161305×21+93/18682.6Q
21Dmytro DmytrenkoUKR21.0141285×21+93/18882.7Q
22Sergey RylovAZE22.0121045×22+101/20081.0Q
23Gheorghe ChiperROU23.010977×23+151/20380.1Q
24Yosuke TakeuchiJPN24.08947×24+153/20580.3Q
25Zoltán TóthHUN25.06815×25+106/21179.5
26Angelo DolfiniITA26.04735×24+112/21579.1
27Margus HernitsEST27.02329×27+236/23676.6
28Lee Kyu-HyunKOR28.0009×28+252/25268.0

Free Skating (14 February 2002 — 17:45)

Judge #1Wendy LangtonAUS
Judge #2Merja KosonenFIN
Judge #3Janet AllenUSA
Judge #4Nicolae BelluROU
Judge #5Yury KliushnikovUKR
Judge #6Volker WaldeckGER
Judge #7Aleksandr PenchevBUL
Judge #8Mieko FujimoriJPN
Judge #9Yevgeniya BogdanovaAZE
1Aleksey YagudinRUS1.0464149×1+9/9106.6
2Yevgeny PlyushchenkoRUS2.0443969×2+18/18104.5
3Timothy GoebelUSA3.0423727×3+21/30102.5
4Takeshi HondaJPN4.0403588×4+31/37101.5
5Sasha AbtRUS5.0383206×6+30/5599.9
6Todd EldredgeUSA6.0363225×6+26/5599.7
7Michael WeissUSA7.0343165×6+27/5899.4
8Elvis StojkoCAN8.0323046×7+40/6498.7
9Li ChengjiangCHN9.0302586×9+54/8795.7
10Anthony LiuAUS10.0282276×11+60/10293.5
11Frédéric DambierFRA11.0262205×11+53/10492.9
12Brian JoubertFRA12.0232106×13+66/11092.5
13Kevin Van der PerrenBEL13.0232095×12+54/10892.9
14Ivan DinevBUL14.0201965×11+51/11392.1
15Zhang MinCHN15.0181685×14+63/12990.9
16Stéphane LambielSUI16.0161506×16+82/13589.1
17Vakht'ang MurvanidzeGEO17.0141228×18+129/14886.6
18Dmytro DmytrenkoUKR18.0121145×17+74/15185.9
19Roman SkornyakovUZB19.0101025×18+78/15585.6
20Yosuke TakeuchiJPN20.08706×20+109/17283.1
21Gheorghe ChiperROU21.06625×20+88/17481.9
22Sergey RylovAZE22.04205×22+98/19274.1
23Li YunfeiCHN23.02247×23+144/19275.8
24Sergey DavydovBLR24.00145×23+100/19674.0