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Combined, Men

Date13 February 2002
LocationSnowbasin Ski Resort, Huntsville, Utah
Participants47 from 19 countries
FormatOne downhill run and two slalom runs, total time determined placement.
DetailsGates: 35
Length: 2679 m
Start Altitude: 2787 m
Vertical Drop: 839 m

The best combined skier ever was likely Norway’s Kjetil André Aamodt. Aamodt had won the combined World Cup four times prior to the 2002 Winter Olympics and would win it again in 2001-02. Aamodt had also been World Champion in the combined in 1997, 1999, and 2001. For the first time at the Winter Olympics the combined event was held on one day, with the downhill in the morning and the slalom in the afternoon. Aamodt placed fourth in the downhill, which was led by American Bode Miller. On the first slalom run, Miller and Aamodt skied cautiously, tying for fifth place. With the second run remaining, Aamodt led, followed by his teammate Lasse Kjus, Austrian Benjamin Raich in third, and Miller back in fifth place. On the final slalom run, Miller attacked the course, with a time more than one second ahead of Raich, who was second on the run, and Aamodt, in fourth on the run, 2.16 seconds back. Aamodt still hung on for the gold medal, though barely, but Miller moved up to second place, with Raich getting the bronze.

17Kjetil André AamodtNOR3:17.561:38.79 (1)1:38.77 (4)Gold
215Bode MillerUSA3:17.841:41.23 (15)1:36.61 (1)Silver
316Benjamin RaichAUT3:18.261:41.05 (13)1:37.21 (3)Bronze
421Rainer SchönfelderAUT3:18.671:41.90 (23)1:36.77 (2)
510Lasse KjusNOR3:19.801:38.97 (2)1:40.83 (7)
69Paul AccolaSUI3:22.261:39.62 (4)1:42.64 (10)
714Patrick StaudacherITA3:22.471:39.23 (3)1:43.24 (11)
831Jean-Philippe RoyCAN3:22.681:43.31 (31)1:39.37 (6)
926Jernej KoblarSLO3:23.471:41.70 (19)1:41.77 (9)
1046Stanley HayerCZE3:24.441:45.30 (37)1:39.14 (5)
1144Kilian AlbrechtAUT3:24.951:43.32 (32)1:41.63 (8)
1228Borek ZakouřilCZE3:25.201:41.64 (18)1:43.56 (12)
1312Alessandro FattoriITA3:25.571:40.15 (8)1:45.42 (15)
1424Andrey FilichkinRUS3:28.141:43.04 (29)1:45.10 (13)
1535Ross GreenGBR3:29.111:43.30 (30)1:45.81 (16)
1643Stefan GeorgievBUL3:29.391:44.25 (34)1:45.14 (14)
173Darin McBeathCAN3:29.571:41.07 (14)1:48.50 (19)
1830Pavel ShestakovRUS3:30.181:41.45 (16)1:48.73 (22)
1913Jake FialaUSA3:30.431:41.85 (=21)1:48.58 (21)
2022Jan HolickýCZE3:31.151:42.85 (28)1:48.30 (17)
215Antoine DénériazFRA3:31.971:41.91 (24)1:50.06 (23)
2234Sergey KomarovRUS3:32.031:43.47 (33)1:48.56 (20)
2337Nicolás ArselARG3:36.581:48.12 (39)1:48.46 (18)
2442Ivan HeimschildSVK3:36.781:44.89 (36)1:51.89 (24)
2540Mykola SkriabinUKR3:41.061:44.80 (35)1:56.26 (25)
DNF36Ondřej BankCZE1:42.71 (26)– (DNF)
DNF6Michael WalchhoferAUT1:39.94 (5)– (DNF)
DNF4Didier DéfagoSUI1:40.04 (6)– (DNF)
DNF11Bruno KernenSUI1:40.07 (7)– (DNF)
DNF1Gregor ŠparovecSLO1:40.42 (9)– (DNF)
DNF20Gaëtan LlorachFRA1:40.56 (10)– (DNF)
DNF2Ed PodivinskyCAN1:40.59 (11)– (DNF)
DNF18Casey PuckettUSA1:41.80 (20)– (DNF)
DNF29Truls Ove KarlsenNOR1:41.85 (=21)– (DNF)
DNF23Andrej JermanSLO1:42.42 (25)– (DNF)
DNF47Alex HeathRSA1:47.27 (38)– (DNF)
DNF25Tahir BisićBIH1:48.68 (40)– (DNF)
DQ19AJ BearAUS1:41.02 (12)– (DQ)
DNF8Kurt SulzenbacherITA1:41.49 (17)– (DNS)
DNF32Maksim KedrinRUS1:42.81 (27)– (DNS)
DNF38Agustín GarcíaARG1:49.77 (41)– (DNF)
DQ41Patrick-Paul Schwarzacher-JoyceIRL[1:51.08] (DQ)
DQ33Mitja DragšičSLO[1:43.11] (DQ)
DQ17Cristian Simari BirknerARG[1:43.29] (DQ)
DQ27Craig BranchAUS[1:44.47] (DQ)
DQ39Michal RajčanSVK[1:45.48] (DQ)
DQ45Angel PumpalovBUL[1:45.99] (DQ)